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Jan 132011

If your front load washer sounds like a jet taking off in the laundry room, then the rear bearing on your front load washer is bad!! If you have noticed black smudge marks on articles of clothing leading up to this noise this is a sure sign, oil from the bearing has leaked into the washers drum.

The rear bearing is part of an assembly. The bearing is pressed into the middle section of the rear tub, there are three parts of the tub inner basket front tub and the rear tub.

Majority of rear bearing jobs require that you replace the inner tub, the inner basket shaft gets stuck in the bearing. You can try to tap the shaft out with a rubber mallet and piece of wood, some break free most do not!

This job out of warranty can cost around $800 dollars. There are no special tools necessary to do this job its very time consuming.

On average it take me around 2 hours solo, with two techs we have done them in under one hour. I have heard of homeowners giving up part way through and calling a repair company out. Not only will this cost you more but the poor guy that has to put it back together will not be happy either. If you are going to do this job think it over clearly and commit you can do it!

Depending on your model number, washer repair manuals can be bought for as cheap as $10 bucks. Looking through one or having one handy when repairing your washer will walk you through the appliance repair.

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