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Jan 142011

On some Frigidaire / Kenmore ovens the glass top burner may turn on with manual activation. Noticing a burner on with the infinite switch in the off position on these unit means you need an updated control kit, with this the air flow seal kit should also be replaced at the same time.

Check with the manufacture as this issue may be under a manufacture recall. To replace the control and seal kit the unit will need to be pulled out and the rear access panel will need to be removed.

With the rear access panel and burner knobs removed the locking nut behind the knob can be removed and the locking nut can be removed, allowing the burner control to come out through the back. Unplug the burner switch from the main control on the back, then reconnect the new burner switch. The air flow seal kit comes with picture instruction on how and where to install.

Replacing the control with the manufacture most updated burner control will solve the burner coming on by itself.

Sliding the unit out using oven floor protection is recommended, sliding the oven out without some kind of floor protection may cause floor damage. With floor protection placed below the range it allows the range to be moved easier, pivoting the oven on slider is effortless, you may need to do so if the oven is built in tight, not allowing enough space to crawl behind to make the repair.

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