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Jan 142011

Maytag Gemini double ovens often will encounter a sensor error code, this is due to one of several conditions. Sensor is defective, shorted sensor harness, loose improper or oven sensor connection.

Finding the sensor wire cut or broken at the entrance of the oven’s back panel is not uncommon. The wire can become brittle exposing the wire, when this happens you could encounter an intermittent oven sensor error code. Tracking the problem down can be time consuming with the proper tools you can verify proper operation of the components.

To gain access to the senor, remove the racks and it is  located on the back panel. The senor is mounted to the  rear panel with screws, remove the screws and pull the senor out this will enable you to unplug the senor wire harness.

With the  sensor in hand you can test using a volt meter, at room temperature the sensor should read 1080 ohms. If the sensor test fine with the ohm reading try applying pressure to the sensor wires will taking the reading. Often times the oven sensors tiny wires crack where they enter the rear of the unit. Applying light pressure in several direction could influence the actual sensor reading. If your unit has an intermittent sensor error code this is the likely fault. Replacing the sensor should clear up the error code.

If you have replaced the sensor and the error code is still displaying in the ovens control panel the control board could possible be bad.

Some boards will have a communication error code and not either be able to send, receive, or interpenetrate the information correctly resulting in a false error code. Having a volt meter will aid in proper diagnosis.

Disconnect power before servicing any appliance.

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