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Jan 142011

Pressing the actuator to dispense ice or water will activate a switch behind the dispenser pad. When the switch is activated voltage is applied to the user set option, Ice or water.

If the auger motor blade is stripped, the refrigerator’s auger motor will turn, it sounds like ice should come forward but it never makes it down, out of the front of the refrigerator.

Take the ice bin out of the refrigerator with the light switch depressed, pressing the ice actuator button on the front of the refrigerator, the auger motor should start to turn. If the auger blade is stripped it will not rotate with pressure applied . If you can spin the blade by hand then you have found the problem.

Replacing the blade involves removing the auger motor housing, once the housing is off use a flat head screw driver to prevent the motor from rotating, this will enable you to spin the blade of the auger motor shaft.

Keep in mind when removing the blade most auger motor are reverse threaded, meaning the threads are opposite of what they would normally be. By making the threads reverse it stops the blade from walking off the shaft.  With the motor pinned with the screwdriver, twist the auger blade onto the shaft once tight use a wrench to finish the process

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