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Jan 142011

Cleaning your built in oven whether single or double could possible cause a no heat condition. Most ovens have a built in fuse that in case the range gets to hot it trips stopping voltage from making it to the elements. Replacing your ovens safety thermostat is a simple process with the correct tools.

Ovens that are built in will need to be removed to test and replace the fuse. An oven dolly will help aid in the oven removal. With the oven on the dolly you will be able to maneuver the 600 pound beast. Having used an oven dolly only as of recent I can appreciate a tool of it magnitude.

The oven safety fuse is on the back of the unit behind the access panel, with power disconnected remove the back panel to access the fuse, when inside you will see the oven fuse on the top part of the cavity. It is held in with two philips screws, two wires connect to the male terminal ends.

Testing the fuse is simple with a multimeter or volt meter it’s the same thing, the oven fuse to keep it simple should have continuity, if the fuse is open replace it. Only use factory approved oven repair parts. Reputable appliance parts houses locally may stock the oven fuse. In higher elevations this problem is more common, often times ovens will trip the fuse during nearly every oven clean cycle.

Manufactures have had several different fixes for high altitude used oven, one was to try and control the speed of the fan with the control board, air is thinner at high altitudes thus creating less drag on the fan motor not enough air is moved to properly cool the unit. The only real option to really help aid in the air movement is to cut a small hole in the top of the cabinet, laying mesh screen down to prevent things from falling down. This will help the oven vent some of the hot air that is built up around it, personally I have cut several of these out for customers who had the once a year oven thermostat service call. Some of the higher end companies like Dacor and Thermador, even Elextrosucks have a resettable type oven safety fuse, hum there must be an issue.. In the case of the resettable oven fuse, once you access it there will be a small button on the top depress until reset and test.

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