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Jan 152011

Most times the dishwashers touch pad will be found at fault. Replacing the touch pad is done by removing the screws around the housing and on some models the door liner.

A trick to try before you purchase a new touch pad for your dishwasher, this has worked numerous times for me. Gain access to the ribbon cable, using an eraser try to clean the end of the ribbon cable. Often this will fix the touch pad issue.

There Is a touch pad tool that you can buy, this tool plugs into the ribbon cable allowing the ends of a volt meter to test the contacts. By testing the contacts you will need to press the button on top while the meters contacts are on the tool.

This will aid in dishwasher touch pad not responding diagnosis. The factory way to fix a dishwasher control not responding is to replace the touch pad assembly. Using a eraser to clean the touch pad contacts has been known to fix this issue, this is not a factory fix and you should not expect it to work for long, replacing the touch pad is the normally the repair solution.

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  1. I have a 6 year old Maytag QuietSeries 200 (MDBF750AWQ). When it was 2 years old I had to replace the door latch. When I did so the touchpad quit working. I replaced the touchpad and had only partial display and button function.

    I replaced the handle again last week and, lo and behold, the touchpad was totally dead again. Upon reading your article here, I cleaned off the ribbon cable connector end with an eraser for a couple of minutes, reinserted and locked the connector at the circuit board. Partial function was restored and the display worked 100%. I repeated the process and all of the buttons and display returned to full function. It probably has some corrosion on the contacts when I picked it up at the parts store four years ago.

    You have saved me $169 on the best priced online replacement. My wife thinks I’m a genius on St. Valentine’s Day. Thank you.

    • These threads were very helpful. Our dishwasher stopped working, and I removed the inside cover, cleaned the cable with a pencil eraser, and it worked as good as new. Thanks for posting these comments, it helped us immensely.

  2. It’s not the ribbon cable on mine it was the contacts getting wet under the membrane. You can peel it back (without even removing it) to expose the on and pause button contacts. You will see a milky tarnish on them from obvious water exposure. This panel is poorly engineered and the manufacture and the repair persons only know to replace it. The panel was only a couple months old and was the 4th one in less than a year. They left it behind so I decided to figure it out if they weren’t.

  3. Can you tell me where I’d find the ribbon cable this is less than a two year old dishawasher and we just bought the house the owners left us all the appliances one week I heard something pop but it kept going than it wouldn’t work at all i reset circuit breakers and it worked than stopped again and it went a full cycle fine dishes came out great than it stopped working again and now it works but all light stay on I can’t select anything the only button that switches is the delay button could that be the cable too and how do I find It

    • Hi,

      The ribbon cable is on the inside of the dishwasher by the computer board. The ribbon cable actually plugs into the board. Take the control panel off and you will see the cable.

  4. Just a short note to let the readers know that I discovered that the door switch on my Kenmore Elite Dishwasher was the reason why the start button was flashing. Part # FSP 8269209 $19.35plus shipping RepairClinic however, a little electoral spray did the trick for mine.

  5. Hi, where can we by the touchpad for Maytag quietseries 200. All I can find is the whole control panel !



    • Jennie, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Unfortunately on these units you have to order the control panel to get the touch pad assembly.


  6. I just read and tried this on my dishwasher controller and it worked.

    I heated the buttons (on button) that wasn’t coming on on with a portable hair dryer. While heating , wearing a glove I rubbed the button and within seconds the button came on and worked.

    Be careful not to melt the plastics.

    Save me a lot of money.

    Try it…

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