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Jan 162011

Are you looking for your dryers thermal fuse? Have you researched your dryer related problem and found out the fuse is bad? If so great your on your way to saving the day and a few dollars along the way.

You can have an appliance repair technician to your home for just under $100 dollars, fixing for $10 makes more sense to me.

This fuse is located on the back of most Whirlpool and Maytag style dryers. In the picture above the fuse has two blue wires that attach to it. Removing the one screw and sliding the thermal fuse will release it from the dryer housing.

Testing with a volt meter will ensure proper diagnostics, several other factors will cause a dryer to not start, having basic electrical skills is a must when making live voltage tests.

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  2 Responses to “Dryer Wont Start (Thermal Fuse)”

  1. My Whirlpool dryer will not start, the local appliance repair man was out ans said the thermal fuse was bad. He wanted $200 dollars to replace the fuse. Are you kidding me I ordered the part online for $3 dollars. Thanks for making this article live, I appreciate all the work you put into you blog and posts.

  2. My thermal fuse tripped several weeks ago to. We had the repair man out he fixed the dryer for under $100 dollars. The vent in the wall needed to be cleaned so the fuse did not trip again.

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