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Jan 202011

Bosch Dishwasher not draining. This video shows you how to repair your Dishwasher when it’s not working because of a
no drain issue


If you have more questions about your Bosch Dishwasher draining problem, use the comment form below. I will try my best to assist you with your dishwasher not draining troubleshooting.



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  1. found only light debris in the area of the impeller.Cleaned out and replaced parts no success.Suggest some other problem since water is not draining and bottom half of washer is wet but not the racks
    Sound contiues at low decible rate

  2. at 1:00 there is a reference to a #15 what screw? Its a beautiful video but i cant understand the kind of tool you are saying i need.


  3. Fantastic guide – I just fixed my dishwasher that wasn’t draining properly. The impeller had jammed. All fine now. THANK YOU!

    • You are very welcome friend. Glad we could be of assistance. Bookmark us in case you have another appliance repair problem. We can help you fix any appliance in your home. Thanks for taking the time to comment, we appreciate it.

  4. Thank you very much for this video. This was the fix for my Bosch dishwasher, which wasn’t draining at all. I followed your video and sure enough, there was crud on the impeller and when I pulled the back flow preventer, it fixed my problems.

    • You are very welcome friend. This is a very common issue on Bosch dishwashers. So glad we were able to assist you!

  5. […] Follow this video on how to get to the impeller and the backflow preventer and your problems should be fixed. Worked for me. Bosch Dishwasher Not Draining Repair Help Online : ApplianceRepairLesson.com […]

  6. Thanks very much for the excellent video explanation. Was able to follow the instructions and saved myself having to call out an expensive repair man.

  7. Hi
    Thanks for the video link and the info.
    On my SMU2042UC/14 dishwasher, I couldnt get power to the Pump When the control sequence set out power from the control timer. It turned out that the wirring harness that carries the wires from the controls to the components under teh machine like the pump are protected with a flat rubber sleeve and the flexing broke the pump wire inside the sleeve. A one year fix was to re place the individual wire but it wasnt flexible enough thus it broke again eventually.

    Thankyou for the general common repair info.


    • Hi,

      You are very welcome friend. Glad we were able to help you get your Bosch dishwasher fixed. Good luck and thanks for the comment!

  8. Hi, thanks very much for the video link – it is much appreciated. My issue is similar to the majority of the ones described here, but I wonder if something else might be wrong with my Thermador DWHD64CS/22. My wife loaded the dishwasher today and started it. She said it ran for a long time but didn’t sound like it was doing anything except draining. When I came home, I opened the door and the detergent hadn’t been released, and there was no water at the bottom of the tub. I turned it off and then on again with the door open, and it made the same draining noise even though the door was open. I followed the instructions in the video and found that the fine filter had been breached and some debris was allowed to get past it, including a small bone fragment that was stopped by the small plastic grates before it could get to the impeller. After removing the cover over the impeller, I found that it spun when powered on. I removed the backflow valve, but didn’t notice any issues there. It just seems like it dries to drain endlessly. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi,

      Yes, you are more then welcome friend! Sounds like your DW is in flood mode. There is a flood switch in the bottom of the dishwasher that is probably activated. Pull the kick plate off of pull the unit out. In the bottom see if there is water activating the switch. if so, dry the water and run and watch for a leak. If no water is present, make sure the puck is not chewed up and pushed up..

  9. I couldn’t be happier! We were one day away from vacation when the dishwasher stopped draining. Decided to remove as much water as possible and deal with it when we got back. When we got home I looked at a couple of website suggestions and tried yours first. I followed your simple, perfect directions, and there it was, a piece of chipped coffee cup stuck in the impeller. Thanks so much. Now I’m searching for a quick easy fix for the ice maker on my refrigerator.

  10. Thank you!!! A popcorn seed was my problem.

  11. I followed the repair and cleared the impeller last week and it drained fine! But it happened again today. I’ll clear it again but welcome any other suggestions. Dishwasher is not leaking and I don’t have an air gap on my faucet. The plastic control panel cover pulled off but machine still works although recently a bit noisier than usual. Too expensive to replace the cover pieces as all the plastic tabs have broken off. I’m learning alot as a stay at home mom about these repairs! Thanks for the video!

  12. Thanks for the video, I have used it several times and it has worked brilliantly, but my bosh has stopped draining again. On looking my impeller is not spinning freely and also my backflow plug has snapped and the small round rubber end has disappeared (I assume that this is what is jamming the impeller). Any ideas how I can fix this?
    Thanks so much

  13. Hello, thank you for your video. I have cleaned the impeller and drain hose…still have a small amount of water remaining at the end of cycle but much less…covering about half way up the impeller. Is any amount of undrained water normal?

  14. Great video – followed but still a problem with an older Bosch dishwasher Type S9J51B or E-Nr. SGV53E23GB/93. It has been working well then all of a sudden ‘No lights’ and water left in bottem of washer. Your clean and check of the pump area all done. Also fuses in mains plug and wall switch checked all ok. Where should I look/check next? I only check electical things with all power off and disconnected for safety.

    Thanks for any clues,


  15. Brillliant video thanks – strange noise followed by draining problem. Turned out to be plastic bottle seal jamming impeller – would have never fixed without video – many thanks

    • Awesome! Glad you found the video helpful. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it.


  16. Hello. I have a Bosch SHX43C05US/38 that runs unusually long, louder than usual, doesn’t completely drain at end (about 1-1.5″ water remains) and the drain pump runs when the door is open during a cycle.

    I have tried a lot of the suggested fixes:
    drain hose is clear, not kinked, installed properly
    filters are all clean
    impeller not obstructed/broke
    backflow prevention removed several times, no debris

    Any other possible causes?


  17. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your great video. I have a Bosch dishwasher that doesn’t drain properly so there is standing water at the bottom. This happens inconsistently. All the filters are clean, and I have checked the impeller (spelling?) and turned it one way and then the other direction and nothing seems to be blocking it. Is the impeller supposed to spin freely? Mine turns more like a turn style when I move it one direction or the other. I also checked the black rubber back flow preventer and it looks fine too. I typically run the dishwasher on Quick Wash with Opti Miser setting without the audible signal when the cycle is done. I noticed that the time varies for the same setting. For example, last night I ran a cycle on Quick Wash/Opti Miser and the time was 47 minutes. There was water in the bottom at the end of the cycle, so I turned the dishwasher off, bailed the water out, checked the impeller and back flow preventer (all fine) and turned the dishwasher back on and set it to Quick Wash/Opti Miser and the cycle time was 31 minutes, which is unusually short. It’s typically ranges between 42 – 55 minutes. I had a clogged kitchen sink which a plumber repaired but since some water backed up into the dishwasher, I ran the dishwasher empty for two cycles. The first cycle drained fine with no standing water. The second cycle had standing water. I ran a third empty cycle and no standing water. Great. So I ran a fourth cycle with dishes and standing water again. I ran a fifth cycle, standing water. Sixth cycle, standing water again.

    I know a slow kitchen drain can lead to issues with the dishwasher, however, the standing water dishwasher problem has occurred when the kitchen drain is working fine. I checked the flexible hose running from the dishwasher to the pipe under the kitchen sink and nothing is blocking it.

    I’m afraid to try a longer cycle (e.g. Regular) because I don’t want the water to overflow out from the dishwasher if it doesn’t drain properly. The bottom basin appears pretty full on a Quick Wash/Opti Miser setting.

    On the last (sixth) Quick Wash/Opti Miser cycle, the dishwasher said it would be 52 minutes long. I set a timer and it lasted past the 52 minutes by about 3 minutes; about 55 minutes. And then after a few minutes, I heard the dishwasher make a little more noise before the cycle completely ended. How accurate is the set dishwasher cycle time?

    Sorry for all the details, but the water draining issue has been ongoing for several months. It’s intermittent so it usually happens once or twice and then it’s fine for a while. Each time it happens, I check the impeller and back flow preventer and there’s never been an issue with either part.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide!

    • Hi, I would love to help you fix this issue. I’m working on offering a service where we can talk. Is that something you would be interested in? I would appreciate any feedback. It’s easier to talk then type it all out. Several visitors have asked for a phone call option..

      I’ve been away at the coast and just got home last night or I would have responded sooner.


  18. Have a Bosch dishwasher. When cycle is complete, bin is dry but during the day, water fills in the bottom of dishwasher. Put in a new check valve and tried to spin the impeller. Water still seeps in during the day. No overflow of water. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • Hi, the water valve is what normally causes this issue, The diaphragm usually fails inside the solenoid. Not always but normally. Back flow could also cause this..

  19. I was about to replace my 5 year old Bosch dishwasher. It would not drain and would go straight to the clean signal with attempted use. After cleaning the filter and checking the hoses without improvements, I almost gave up. Then I saw your video on the pump propeller. I removed the cover and found a piece of broken ceramic that would not let the propeller turn. I removed it and all is well! Thank you so much!!!!

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