Jan 212011

This video explains how to manually unlock a Bosch Washer and clean the drain.

  6 Responses to “Washer Not Draining Repair Bosch Maual Door Release”

  1. FIXED IT!!

    Thank You!!

  2. Thanks so much. We watched your video and fixed our washer ourselves is less than an hour. We found a small sock stuck in the drain! No telling how much we saved in repair costs.
    The next time an appliance has problems, we are coming right to your site first.
  3. Hi, thanks for the kind words. Glad we could be of assistance to you:)
  4. This video saved the day. Thanks.
  5. Your instructions along with a video was much more than I expected! It all worked perfectly. A small sock along with a lot of water was in the opening and we drained. Thank you so very much and we will indeed contact you again with some items during Spring clean-up at our home. THANKS!

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