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Feb 152011

If you are wondering how to remove your refrigerator door let me explain, this is a very simple process that is done every single day by appliance repair technicians in the filed repairing refrigerators. Because there are so many different makes and models of refrigerators out there, this article will pertain to the whirlpool family side by side refrigerators.

Both the freezer door and the refrigerator door can be removed using this method, note the freezer door may have a water line and wire harness that may need to be disconnected at the bottom, if you can get either water or ice out of the front of your refrigerator then this is the case.

On the top front corner of a refrigerator is a plastic cap, this cap is usually held down with one 5/16 screw it varies. Remove the small screw from the plastic hinge cover, once off the bolts that hold the door hinge in place will be visible. Normally the bolt heads are 3/8 very common size in the refrigerator repair field, when the bolts are removed from under the hinge cap the door will lift up and off the bottom door hinge, the lower hinge will have a cam and riser, this is two pieces of plastic with small ridges that aid in the door swing. Often the cam and riser will wear down and can make either a popping noise when the door is opened , or not shutting on its own is also a common complaint.

like stated before the freezer door will come off the same way, only thing to watch out for are the water line and wire harness, when lifting the freezer door up and off be sure not to kink the water line between the door and hinge, often when this happens the water line will crack from being pinched. Normally the water line inside a refrigerators freezer door are insulated into position, this means that the freezer door would need to be replaced in order to fix this issue.

Removing the refrigerators door may be necessary in order to get the refrigerator inside a door way or to make a repair.

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