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Feb 172011

Asko washer and dryers are a more complex unit than the average American washer or dryer. Asko has been around for some time now, if you are looking for a compact, energy efficient, front load washer Asko appliances may be something to look at. Repairing these appliances can be a little tricky, because compact is key on these appliances, being able to work in tight areas is a must.

Did you just walk into your laundry room to get the dry clothes out of your dryer only to find the clothes are still wet? Dang it, I hate it when that happens!

Asko dryers have what is know in the appliance repair industry as a resettable thermostat. This reset is located on the back of the dryer.

If this is the problem this article just saved you $100, that’s how much a Factory Authorized repair company would charge you to come out and tell you that the fuse is tripped, most still charge you to reset the fuse. How much,  two of the appliance repair companies that I have personally worked for charge $40 minimum labor. So if this article has saved your day consider that you just saved $140 by reading this article. There are countless other articles on this site that aim to do the same thing, if you have article suggestions or need further explanation Contact Us.

Asko places this small resettable fuse on the back side near the middle of the dryer back panel. Look for a small circular black rubber grommet, push in on it until it clicks. Once the fuse is reset turn the dryer on and run it for 30 seconds or so, open the door and reach in you should not have a working and heating Asko dryer.

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  1. I just wanted to tell you this article helped me fix my moms dryer. Keep on writing I appreciate it.

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