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Feb 172011

The LG washer what a great washing machine. These units have been around for a couple years now are they proven?

Let me tell you a secret these washer have more than just one common repair! We repair LG washers day in and day out. The local big box hardware store stocks them and they are everywhere.

Repairing an LG washer can be simple with the proper guidance. If you require further appliance repair help, post your question in our DIY repair forum and a trained technician will answer you inquiry.

My Lg washer Wont spin and is not draining. If I told you how common this service call is in the appliance repair filed today, you more than likely would not believe me. Fixing an LG washer whether with the proper guidance is crucial. Without it further damage could occur.

Your Lg washer just finished it’s cycle you walk into the laundry room open the door and clothes are soaking wet and water is still inside the washer. You set the washer to drain/spin and at the end of that cycle same thing. This means one of two things usually, the drain motor is clogged, or the washer drain motor is faulty.

How Do I diagnose my LG washers drain pump you ask? Let me explain to you How To:

Set the washer to a drain/spin. On LG washers this is done by pressing the spin button after the washer is first turned on. Pressing the spin button on the front of an Lg washer should program the washers main control to a 14 min drain spin cycle. When the 14 min cycle is displayed press start. This will automatically send voltage to the drain pump and a slight hum or buzz should be heard. If this is the case good. The drain pump is probably clogged and you can repair it yourself.

If you where to pull the drain pumps filter out with the washer full of water, all of the water would rush out through the pump. Bailing the water first is a must. Lg has placed a small drain pump relief hose in the access panel, wonder why? Either bail the water out or get a bucket and drain the washer from the pump relief hose. To access this hose remove the front cover on the washer lower front panel, a small screw driver may be necessary to get to the hose and filter.

With the drain pumps access panel removed the hose and filter head will be visible. After you have either bailed or used the provided drain hose to remove the water the filter will need to be removed. To do so twist the filter head counterclockwise and pull the filter out. What you see might surprise you! Unfortunately, I’m not surprised any more! Money, undergarments, under-wires,  you name it I’ve seen it in a washers drain pump.

I hope this article has helped raise your appliance repair skills or at least brought you up to par on what and where an LG washers drain pump is and How To clean it.

If you do require further appliance repair help, our DIY repair forums where made specifically for you! You can also use the comment form below to ask your LG washer repair question.


  73 Responses to “LG Washer Drain/Spin Washer Repair Troubleshooting DIY Repair Help”

  1. Thanks Matthew, after a morning of washing machine frustration I read your tutorial. In 5 minutes I found my husbands handkerchief blocking the pump and had it all put back together. You’re a gem

    • Hi, Karen, thanks for taking the time to say thanks:) Glad the tutorial was able to help you fix your LG washing machine!

      Thanks again for taking the time to leave a comment.

    • Where is the filter at on top load washer? I just put a new pump on mine today and still won’t drain. Thanks adam

  2. Hi Matthew what if it doesn’t work after being cleaned. Do I have to change the motor? Where could I find one? Can I do it myself? I am a desperate mother of four children drowning in dirty laundry. Help!!

  3. Thanks for thre tutorial. We had the exact symptoms that you described. I tried to use the drain hose and water did come out when I pulled the plug but it stopped after a 30seconds. I thoyght it was empty so I pulled the filter and bamout came a flood. Luckily I had a small bucket to catch most of it. Lesson learned lol. Pulled out the filter and it was plugged. Thank You very much , great help.

  4. My machine is LG (fuzzy logic 10 kg T1003TEFT1)top loading and after drain the spinner doesn’t start only central rotor fluctuates. Please help me to fix this issue.thanks

  5. I have a front loading LG washer that sounded like a jet engine for a while, now it won’t spi. I’m unable to afford repair on it or buy a new on; I’ve only had it 3 years. Any suggestions?

  6. Thanks a lot. This helped exactly how you described.

  7. I cleared all the lines I changed the drain pump and still nothing comes out ..what did I do wrong

  8. U R AWESOME! My drain hose in the front didn’t work so I just pulled the filter and threw towels down so guess what it was a freaking pop cycle stick chunks of rubber some money Ect NASTY!!! So now its finally spinning haha at last Thanks so much for posting this!!

  9. Similar symptoms. Won’t drain… just spins slowly and eventually lands at OE Error code.

    Model WT5151HV. I’ve checked all the lines, pulled the pup and put to 120v. Everything works as it should. I even bypassed the power to the pump on the maching and hooked directly to 120V during the drain cycle, and it shot water out, performing exactly as it should.

    Is there a drain relay that tells the pump when to switch on? Control board issue?

  10. My Lg tromm front loader washes and drains fine through the first cycle but wont go into the spin cycle or drain once on spin cycle. I checked the filter and there was only a quarter. The hose was full of sand. I cleaned that out until it began to run clear water. The washer still will not spin or drain. Any suggestions??

    • Hi, this usually indicates a worn out drain pump. After the first cycle when the pump should be running is the pump running? Can you hear it humming. You would need to check the pump to see if it’s getting power. Either the pump or control board cause this issue. 99% of the time the auxiliary drain motor is the culprit.


  11. I have an LG twin tub top load wasing machine that stopped spinning. Can someone please give me or show where i can get a step by step instruction on how to fix this please? Spinning stopped after something cracked when my laundry woman lifted / opened the top lid of the spinner.. since then, rge spinner stopped and yet you can hear the spinner motor running.

  12. I have an lg fuzzy logic t1003teft1. Water immediately dumps after start filling. No blockages. Do i have to replace the dump motor or is there another solution?

  13. Hi – I just drained the water and cleaned the pump, then ran another rinse/spin cycle. Rinsed fine but when time to spin it just makes a buzzing sound and doesn’t spin. Any ideas? Thank you!

  14. Hi I have the same symptoms well my lg washer does and I already did the draining but still my washer won’t spin any suggestions?

  15. Hi

    My LG fuzzylogic 10 kg machine is having a problem. After washing and then going to rinse, it doesnt complete the rinse operation, rather it stops approx 3 min before that and then starts taking water. The timer stops and nothing happens. I have to maanully stop it and then press the Spin button.

  16. Thanks Matthew, helped me a lot and it works perfectly.

  17. Hi, my fuzzylogic 4kg wf-402 to loader is getting stuck on the wash cycle endlessly. I had to pause it and switch it to the spin cycle for it to finish the wash. Any thoughts?

  18. Hi I tired everything and it will not spin. Can someone help me please?

  19. my washing marching is fully automatic washing and drying,unfortunate is no more drying please help me out.thanks….

  20. hi there,
    my lg top loader wont drain.
    if i take apart the water pump and put it back together it will drain one or two times.
    then will get stuck on the drain cycle again.
    faulty pump?

  21. I have an lg wavefront washer and it’s not draining, getting OE code. I replaced drain pump, still getting OE code. If I just run spin cycle it will drain no issue? How do I fix?

    • Hi, that’s very odd. That would indicate a restriction in the line somewhere or the control is bad. Check for a floating restriction.


  22. Hi, I have a LG Fuzzy Logic 13.0 kg t1308TEFT0

    The bottom of the machine ( the part that turns the washing ) has come loose, battling to get it back in.. Any suggestions

  23. How do you get sand out of the hose

    • Hi Pat, have you tried a turkey baster? Apply pressure directly into the hose & slowly work the sand out. Either that or take the entire machine apart to get the hose off the side of the pump.

      Let us know what worked out.


  24. Hi I have lg fuzzy logic 6.5kg wf t6065cp

    Heavy sounds comes during spinning process. Any suggestion.

  25. Jay. My lg front loader washer won’t start and the reading panel stops working.
    I tried to do some diagnosis but can’t get it to function at all.
    Any idea up there.
    Much appreciate


  26. My washer is a LG Tromm and washes but does not drain and spin. If the washer is not drained all the way, does that stop washer from spinning? Trying to figure out if it is the drain pump or the motor to spin? If the washer turns the tub to wash does that indicated the spin motor is ok and the drain pump is bad or a blockage?

  27. Hi i have a topload LG washer. There are times that after spinning cycle, it will reset the timer to rinse again. and it goes over and over again. what is the problem?

  28. I have purchased a LG T72CMG22P top load washing machine, during wash & rince cycle completion and during spin the turbo drum is not balancing automatically and makes contact with the body along with huge noise, we are forced to stop the machine, please give a solution to dynamic balancing/auto balancing.

  29. Hi, i have a Fuzzy Logic 8.2 kg.the spinner doesn’t wanna work.afta 2 sec it stopped and indicates with a dE sign.any suggestions please

  30. after using the washer and it finished a load, it wont even turn on… the fuse box on the house was not thrown…

    Is there a fuse on the actual washer?

    Thank you,


  31. Hi there. I have a fuzzy logic 13 kg and it seems when I was clothes or linin it’s not keeping them white. Or it’s not washing my clothes properly. Could this be due to the machine or not. Thanks

  32. My LG does not drain en my LG has rinse+spin there is no drain now i am stuck don’t know what to do

  33. I have an LG WM3001HWA front load washer. The detergent/bleach/fabric softner drawer leaks. I think that a drain is plugged. Everything else is working fine. How do I clean this out. I can follow the water from the drawer on the upper left side cown to the floor.

  34. I have a LG waveforce. In wash agitate cycle there is a grinding noise.

  35. It makes same sounds in rinse mode. Model #WT5001CW

  36. Hi,
    My LG Fuzzy Logic 8.5kg top loading have problem when spin drum by hand it gives scraping noise and while washing operation it gives sometimes noise
    noise can feel on top external area of washing drum seems some rubber objects touching
    kindly advise

  37. Hi I have a lg front load washer & dryer water keep over fill in dispenser & geting on to door switch
    and is now tripin main switch what could be the problem ?

  38. That did the trick. Thank you! My boys will get a lecture about leaving stuff in their pockets!

  39. hey I was wondering where I could get a new motor for the spinner

  40. Hi
    I have an LG intello washer 7kg.
    I did 2 washes that worked fine. Later in the day I tried to do another wash. The water comes in and drains fine but the machine is not agitating or spinning. What can I do?

  41. Thank you!!!!! I follow your instructions and found a screw in the filter! You made my day! Now it’s spinning and draining like new.

  42. I have a 6.5kg LG fuzzy logic which is a top loader washer. It does not wash or rather it agitates very very weakly therefore it does not wash BUT it rinses and spins well. What is the way out?

  43. why is it so hard to open the door of my front loader each time? The child lock is not on it getting the door open after a wash is very different.

  44. Hi
    I have lg tromm even after cleaning filter pump its does not spin. I tried to spin at 1000n 800rpm it does not spin but 400 it spins can you pleasr help

  45. Sir I have LG front loader washer and dryer it’s draining pump won’t stop even on the washing MOD.
    Plz help me out and after 5 minutes it shows the IE code.
    It takes water and drain pump throwing out at the same time when I was start for washing.
    Thanks in advance.

  46. Hi there
    For the last few days my LG Fussy Logic keeps turning off. No error code. Turns off at any time, washing, rinsing or spinning.

  47. Hi we have Lg Fuzzy logic WF-T1330TP
    it gives a error PE what must I do?

  48. Good day
    I have an LG Top loader (15kg), when the clothes are washing the drum is not turning, but it spins very well. The pulsator also came loose.
    I await your response.
    Thank you

  49. Hi there machine is showing PE what can that be…. It does want to do anything

  50. Hey Guys
    I have an LG direct drive inverter top loader, wont drain fault code, OE, cleaned filters, checked for blockages, can drain tank by laying drain hose on the floor, removed pump tested ok any ideas?

  51. Good day, I have a LG toploader 13 kg. You can hear the machine wash but the drum stand still. It spin but does not wash and my clothes have stains on it.

  52. Hi
    can you pls advise how to access the filter pump on the LG Fuzzy Logic top loader machine, model WF-T653A, as there is no front panel to remove. Thanks

  53. Hallo
    My lg top loader spinner motor dont want to .work..there is no socks around the spinner…Please help. Thank you 🙂

  54. I have a fuzzy logic 14 kg top loader WFT14C65EF , continues filling the water when I press the wash or rinse after it will drain and start filling the water again , spin is ok only the wash and rinse not working, what should I do?

  55. Hi, I have a front load washer / dryer combo LG machine and it leaks on the back when the drain cycle is on. Unfortunately is out of warranty. LG says it is not the drum. I have cleaned all the soap and accessible filters. Do you know what else it could be ?

  56. My LG FUZZY 8.5kg
    Is my washing properly.
    The barrel makes the nose as if it was
    Swishing side to side but when I open lid it’s not moving so
    It’s literally filling up everything sitting and then drains and refills drains and spins


  57. Hi, I have a 8.2kg topload LG. My problem is that the thing that turns the washing keeps coming lose, the screw is not stripped I tighned it but a couple of bundels it is loose again. can you please assist.

  58. hi my fuzzy logic wft857 is jamming up and wont spin making a funny noise after the water level is a correct height thanks john

  59. Hi i have a LG fuzzy logic top loader t1003teft1..the spin cycle works but it doesn’t wan’t want to wash..can you please tell me whats the problem

  60. Hello, I have a 2013 LG WT1101CW. I replaced the drain pump a couple days ago because the water wouldn’t spin out. I figured out how to test the old one right before I installed the new one. It worked but the new one sounded stronger so I left it in. Testing the spin cycle empty was perfect, running it with a load was the exact same problem. I noticed that the tub looked like it was much lower and leaned back when it was full of water. I took the clothes out and ran the spin cycle and it worked perfectly. So I’m wondering about the suspension rods. Do they matter in this? I pictured that the drain hose could be crimped if the tub sat low enough but looking at it that seems unlikely. I can’t find this addressed anywhere on line. Thanks.

  61. Hi my name is Jaco. I have a lg front loader 7.5 kg. It doesn’t want to start in the wash or spin cycle. In spin it starts then stop and making a humming sound. In wash it fills but doesn’t was. What can I do. Please help.

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