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Feb 172011

Sub Zero refrigerators in most cases are a dual evaporator and compressor refrigerator. This means if one side can be cooling fine while the other is warming up. When a refrigerators condenser fan motor fails it can create a no cool situation in both the freezer and the refrigerator side.

To diagnose the refrigerator and verify that the fan motor has failed requires little to no effort. On Sub Zero Refrigerators that have a grill on top remove the grill, if the grill is on bottom remove it as well. The grill on top will have three screws coming in from the bottom possibly as well as one or two spring claps holding it from the inside. If your Sub Zero has a grill on the bottom, removing the four screws in each corner will release the grill.

Now the the grill is off in either location look inside behind the grill, the fan motor will be in the middle, if the compressor is running and the fan isn’t it’s bad. To verify this, remove the two wires that connect to the fan motor, with a volt meter verify that 110v is present, if so replace the fan motor.

Most often a refrigerators condenser fan motor fails or stalls, it’s not unheard of for the main control to cause this issue, the volt meter check may be beneficial to you in the long run. On certain appliance parts if the part has been installed the appliance parts house will not return the appliance part. On our site we have provided a link to the cheapest appliance parts online. If you require further clarification, you can post your repair related question in our forum, below I have attached a link to our DIY Appliance repair help forum.

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Sub Zero And Wolf products we know well, if you have a Sub Zero or Wolf appliance repair question one of our experts can gladly help you repair it with a trip from a service technician. We repair high end appliance every day, if it’s one thing we know it’s how to fix high end appliances. Sub Zero and Wolf are just a few Viking Dacor Thermador DCS Fisher Paykel. We know our stuff come test us out.

  15 Responses to “Sub Zero Refrigerator Condensor Fan Motor Refrigerator Repair Help”

  1. Our Sub Zero Refrigerator has had three fan motors replaced the local sub zero man doesn’t have an honest answer do you?

  2. Sub Zero Side-by-Side Refrigerator Freezer with top mount condenser cover, etc.
    I have tried for two days to free the hooks from the springs; my hands and arms are bruised. Is there a special tool? Vacuuming just through the vents is not sufficient; the condenser/grill cover needs to be removed.

    • Hi,

      On Sub Zeros the grill has two springs. The springs are clipped into the hard metal clip attache to the grill. The springs slide out of the metal clip no special tool. Some Technicians will crimp the hook closed so check for that. Good luck with you Sub Zero Refrigerator repair friend!

  3. subzero 632 builtin condensor fan motor does not seem to turn on by itself just the lightest flick by my finger and it starts to turn. Is this an indication that the motor is bad or could it just be dirty? It obviously has power and seems to want to turn on just needs a little help. any ideas?

    • Hello,

      This means that the fan motor has a stall spot. This is actually a very common issue on these Sub Zero refrigerators. Order and replace the fan motor to fix the refrigerator friend!

  4. Hi again,
    an additional note. found both freezer and refirdg door gaskets had holes in them at the exact location where the door switches make contact. I am waiting for gaskets to arrive to replace. This is causing a load of other issues tape over holes almost fixes problem for now. I am not sure if fan motor issue has anything to do with the gasket holes and doors not sealing properly.


    • You have two different issues for sure. Replace both the door seals if they have holes in them and also replace the fan motor to fix your Sub Zero refrigerator.

  5. I have a subzero freezer fan motor that needs repaired. The freezer makes notices unless I open freezer ,then it stops. Is this motor that’s been ordered by the subzero rep,repair service something I can fix myself .?, the part costs as much as the service.

    • Hi, I have replaced literally hundreds of these fan motors. If you need some help, stop by the forum and I will assist you.


  6. I have a subzero 632 ref. I removed the icemaker 5 years ago. It stopped making ice, i don’t need ice anyway. About one year ago, I noticed that the fan is not stopping at all. I am not sure if it should be that way. It still gets cold on both sides normally. But it says ‘vacuum condenser’ which I did, the fan still is running all the time. I only have very few stuff in my ref. My previous settings were 0/35 degrees. Three months ago, I changed it to 5/45 degrees, but it is still the same. Everything else is OK. I hear the condenser still comes on once in a while. ‘ Vacuum condenser’ has been flashing all the time. Thank you.

  7. Can I replace the condenser fan motor via the front opening? Or, do I have to pull the unit away from the cabinetry and remove the top shroud to gain access? subzero 511

    • Hi, Sub Zero refrigerators can stay in place when change the condenser fan motor. Unlike some other built in units that need to be removed to make the repair. Good luck with your sub zero repair.


  8. My sub zero fan stops, then temp in freezer goes up in teens and twenties, I have to give push to to the fan blade then it starts running again, then the temp in freezer promptly comes down to – 5 in few hours, the fan runs Ok for few days, then it stops, so I have to repeat the same cycle. What is the problem and what to do?

  9. How do I remove the condenser fan and motor in the bottom of a 1991 501R. It seems very difficult to get to the back screws. The fan is not fixed on the motor and is banging around. Thanks for the help.

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