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How To Replace Jenn-Air oven, range, touch pad. Jenn-Air is a Whirlpool family appliance, these ovens are across the USA and beyond. These ranges have several “common Issues” the touch pad being the most common. One of the numbers or option buttons may not respond to after being depressed, if this is the case the touch pad has more than likely failed.  Type in your model number into the field below to find the touch control panel that you will need to order for your particular model.  The model number should be located on a sticker around the frame of the oven.  The sticker can be seen if you open the oven door or remove the drawer (or panel) below the oven door and look at the frame under the oven with a flashlight.

This easy-to-use search will help you find appliance parts quickly.
Begin by entering your appliance model number.

Example: LSQ8243HQ0

Where can I find the model number?
The model tag is usually in a visible location, on the front of

the appliance (not on the back).


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To remove a Jenn-Air ovens touch pad the process will start with the two screws on the side of the panel. Pull the oven forward about three inches, just enough to access the screws located on the side of the touch pad panel.After removing the side screws the four 1/4 inch located on the bottom side of the panel will need to be removed. Once the two side and four underside screws are removed the four hidden screws will need to be removed.

Take each individual burner knob off, next remove each ring that the knob slides into, each one should have two screws. Once the knob rings are removed access to the four hidden screws is now revealed. These hidden screws mount the panel to the manifold, this ensures the control panel is sucked tightly preventing any give when the buttons are depressed.

With all of the above screws removed the panel should rotate bottom side out and come off. Once the panel is off the ovens main ERC will need to be removed. Located on the top side of the control board are four more screws, the touch pad ribbon can also be un clipped at this point.

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