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Feb 212011

Sub Zero Refrigerators have several common repair jobs made on them, one of which is water in the bottom of the refrigerator side on freezer on bottom models. When water pools in the fresh food side of a Sub Zero refrigerator the source is usually from the drain pan.

Even though Sub Zero refrigerators are dual system units, meaning separate compressors and evaporators, they still go through a defrost cycle. When the compressor pumps the freon to the refrigerator’s evaporator a light frost pattern will form.  This frost is actually absorbing heat inside the refrigerator pushing it through the refrigeration system and finally dissipates at the condenser coil. Ever heard someone tell you keep your condenser coils clean?  The above reason is why, the heat cannot dissipate.  If the coils have layers of dirt and dust the heat can’t transfer.

To prevent the evaporator from becoming so thick with ice the refrigeration system can’t work, the evaporator fan won’t be able to circulate the air, the refrigerator must go into a defrost cycle. During this part of the cycle the frost is melted and runs down into the defrost drain catch, then into the drain line down to the drain pan located underneath on Sub Zero Refrigerators.

Sub Zero uses silicone to seal the drain catch to the backside of the refrigerator, over time this silicone will break down and water will bypass through. When this happens you will see water in the bottom side of the refrigerator, pulling the crisper drawers and glass top forward will reveal the defrost drain catch.  With access to the drain catch visually inspect the silicone bead on the back edge, more than likely the silicone will be missing or loose, pour a little bit of water in the catch to see exactly where the water is leaking from.

To fix this issue is relatively easy, first you will want to remove the old silicone from the catch. In order to do so take a small putty knife or thin bladed knife and remove the silicone, once removed clean the area that the new silicone bead will be applied to.

Using food grade silicone apply a small bead along the edge of the defrost drain catch, let the silicone dry. Once dry pour water into the pan to ensure a tight seal. Fixing a water issue in a Sub Zero refrigerator floor is simple with the correct tools and guidance, if you require further assistance repairing you Sub Zero or Wolf products you can post your question in our DIY repair forum at any time, an authorized repair technician will assist you with your appliance repair question.

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  1. My sub zero 550 is about 19 years old, it runs a lot, I keep the coils clean, the water problem has happened before. I may not try to fix it myself, although it sounds simple, can you recommend a repair person in my area? I am in Benicia, Solano county.

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