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Feb 222011

Asko washers have one common problem just like all other front load washing machines, Asko uses a small AC drain pump on their washers, this pump will often become clogged with foreign debris creating a no drain, no spin issue.

Set the washer to a drain/spin cycle.  In the first few seconds a hum should emit from the drain pump.  Hearing the slight hum indicates the drain motor is getting power and more than likely clogged. Bailing the water from the washer before removing the filter is necessary, if water is in the washer and the filter is pulled out the water will rush out of the filter access panel.

Depending on the model of your Asko washer there may be a small hose located behind the drain pump, if this is the case using this hose to drain the water may be easier than bailing with a cup from the inside.

When the water is out of the washer remove the filter head by twisting and pulling out, once out clean the debris from the inside and reassemble. Often on an Asko washer infant socks will make it between the inner and outer tub ending up in the drain pump creating a no spin no drain issue.

The pressure switch located on the top of the washer will not let the washer go into spin with water in the tub, cleaning the drain pump out will normally fix this issue on Asko washers.

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  7 Responses to “Asko Washer No Spin Asko Washer No Drain Repair Help”

  1. Asko washer 10505 drains but doesn’t spin. I think something is caught. Where do I start unscrewing to find it? Inside? The plastic things that help the clothes spin? Thx!

  2. Can I access pump by taking out the screw on the inlet filter. Machine won’t drain. Cleaned out the drain hose. Not much there

    • Hi, the pump on these units are located on the bottom of the unit. The bottom 12 inches or so comes off giving you access to the pump motor. Unplug the machine first before you attempt any repair.

  3. ive got asko washing machine w6342 quattro 1400rpm ,
    not working correctly when I put in small load works fine but when I put in a bigger but still not too big
    just doesn’t drain , opened it up today and inside the pump was a ball ( like a floater) at the bottom,
    should it be there??

  4. Thank you! With your help I have managed to change the motor, changed the water hose, changed the water pump. All which would have cost me hundreds of dollars!! I really appreciate that you are out there helping! This time the machine did not spin. I had already checked the filter, but took it out again and found a 5 cent piece… that was it. Now it is spinning as usual!

  5. Thank you! Followed your advice and found $7.45 in change, a screw, bobby pin and other muck! Also emptied about 500ml of water. Seems to be spinning perfectly!

  6. My Asko 10505 suddenly won’t spin. It washed the first load for the day OK, but now won’t cooperate. I checked the filter and there is nothing jammed there (I found coins there in the past). I hear a motor sound on the spin cycle – something is making a noise but nothing happens.

    Any suggestions?

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