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Feb 222011

www.ApplianceRepairLesson.com This video explains how to access a Whirlpool style microwave so that you can test the fuses to see if they are bad. This is for Maytag, Kitchen Aid, Jenn Air, Amana, Whirlpool and Kenmore microwave models.  If your control panel is completely blank and you have no display, this is the video you want to watch to determine which part is at fault so that you can repair your appliance.

  20 Responses to “Microwave No Power Repair”

  1. Thank you.
    I have power to the microwave, just no poer to the under cabinet lights so how do i replace that fuse

  2. the 20amp fuse was bad so i relaced it then it blew out as soon as i turned it on now where do i go

  3. Maytag MMV1153AAW, Microwave. Lights & Fan work, It won’t cook. No power there. Is it worth fixing? How & what would I have to do & which parts would it take. Thanks Kevin

    • Hi, there are a couple different parts that could cause this no heat issue. Come over to the forum and well see if we can help diagnose the microwave.


      • I have a GE Spacemaker XL 1800 with the same problem. Trying to decide if I need to replace the microwave or can fix it myself. Lights come on, able to set the clock after unplugging. However, when I try to cook, no fan, no sound at all.

  4. My 6 year old Jenn-Air over the stove microwave has all its power & lights but it won’t heat or turn on the turntable. I tried unplugging for 15 minutes but it didn’t help.

    • My 6 year old Jenn-Air under cabinet microwave has all its power & lights, I can program it too, but it won’t cook or turn the turntable on. I unplugged it for 15 minutes but it didn’t help.

  5. when i close the door on my kenmore over the range micro 721.85063010 i hear a motor running. the only way i can stop this is to open the door or pull the plug. the turn table does not turn when this happens.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Sounds like one of the door switches is shorted. When one of them shorts, this is what normally happens.


  6. Hi. We lost power to our house during a storm and everything came back on. We thought our magic chef over the range micro did too. A message come up that says touch clock pad to enter time of day in 3 different languages. The pad doesn’t work by touching it. No beep- cannot set time. Any ideas?

    • Hi, try unplugging it for one minute. That may reset the electronics. If that doesn’t work, the touchpad or control may need to be replaced.


  7. My Maytag has no power but has wall power. Fuses show 0.8 ohms and magnetron shows 9.0 ohms resistance. Thoughts on what else to check?

  8. I have a magic chef microwave oven ,model mcd990ars no power nothing works ,is there a fuse that I can replace?

  9. I have a microwave its a sharp model R-308NK that i tried to clean and now it wont work it comes on flashes 00:00 but when i press anything it makes no noise and does nothing but all the lights work

  10. I have a over the range whirlpool microwave. There is power coming out from receptacle to the control board. The problem is that there is no display on, or non of the key pads work?

  11. I have a 401.80093700 model Kenmore Elite over range microwave ( This is a Samsung made for Kenmore). fuses are good, lights and panels come on, table rotates, fan runs. Doesn’t heat.

  12. Hi. I have a Kenmore 665 range hood microwave. Got it from my sister when she remodeled. When I installed it, it seemed to power up fine, set clock etc, until I tried to use it. Seems that some of the buttons functions are mixed up. The fan button acts like the beverage button, the light button like the entree button, when you hold the start button, the fan runs. I hope you can help. I have a suspicion that it’s the control board.

  13. I have a 2013 Frigidaire gallery microwave that is dead. I have checked all fuses, magnetron, capacitor, and transformer. Tried different outlets and will still not power up and the display has no life. Am I going to have to purchase a new microwave. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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