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Feb 242011

Wolf double ovens often encounter a no heat condition after a self clean oven cycle. If this is your situation and you require further assistance after this article post your question in our DIY repair forum.

DIY Repair Forum

Wolf ovens have a resettable thermostat, this thermostat on double and single oven models is located on the back. Yes the oven will need to be pulled forward to reset the thermostat, a repair technician will charge $200 to make this repair in your home. You can accomplish this repair for free doing it yourself.

Disconnect power to the unit, usually done by flipping the breaker off at the breaker box. When the power is disconnected remove the screws around the trim that holds the oven to the cabinetry. An oven dolly is used to hold the oven when sliding it out  from it space, if you don’t have one it will require two people to lift the oven from it’s home.

With the oven pulled out from the wall the back panel will need to be removed, a drill will speed this process up since there are more than a handful of screws holding the back panel on. With the screws removed the back panel will lift up and out of position. The thermostat will be located on the back, two wires connect to the ends and a red button is situated in the middle.

Depress the red button until it clicks, once it clicks you have reset the thermostat. Install the oven back into its home and test for proper function.

These articles and our repair forum are in place to help aid you in repairing your own appliance and ultimately help save you money in the end. If we can assist you in any other way you can use the contact us page located on the right hand side of this page.

  3 Responses to “Wolf Double Oven No Heat After Self Clean Oven Repair Help”

  1. Bottom Wolf oven not working after a self clean cycle on the top oven. We have the back off but there seems to be only one reset button which isn’t tripped. What should we do?

  2. Worked perfectly. Thanks.

  3. Dito, Back to normal Thanks

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