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Feb 252011

www.ApplianceRepairLesson.com This video explains how to repair a Fisher and Paykel dish drawer. F&P dishwashers have common issue with F1 and F2 errors as well as leaking. Following the directions in this video should help you repair your appliance.

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  1. very helpfull and educating, thanks

  2. Thanks — suspect problem was that loading was too high as sw looked OK . Will reassemble and tryout.

    Regards Charles

  3. Can’t get any flow thru drain hose — is there any valve/device between drawer pump and drain hose end
    seems to be blocked – is this likely -slight damage to pump bottom impellor.

    • Hi,

      The rotor needs to be replaced for sure if it has damage. I would start by replacing the worn F&P rotor to see if that will fix the issue.

  4. ok…. did the diagnostic procedure and low and behold the lid ‘re-aligned’ and came down and up level… (it was lower in the back when we started the process)…

    Am now running a ‘rinse’ cycle to see if it goes back up ok…

    ok.. rinse cycle finished and all appears well… have book marked the video incase we actually need to replace the actuators…. but I’m suspecting we just threw them for a loop w/ the amount of dishes for all the company we had…..

    now… how do I confirm that the $30 deposit should be released to you??????

    Thank you much… nb

    • Is there a video for how to replace the actuators, or do you order the parts from F&P and then follow enclosed instructions../?????

      Thank you

      • The actuators do not come with instructions. If you end up needing them post back and I will assist you.

        • Hi there I have the dd603 and are trying to replace the lid actuator motors. I cant see how to remove the existing to install the new ones. do you have a how to video, or can you help please?
          P.S. Love ya work so far!!!

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment friend. Glad we were able to get you dish drawer back up and running!

  5. Applied the recommendation re drying out the pan under bottom drawer and then used hair dryer to complete drying…….worked 1st time, Thanks from Co. Laois in Ireland.

    • Hello, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment:) Glad we were able to help you get your fisher paykel dishdrawer back up and running!!

  6. AAAARRGH ! Our model looks totally different from the side so we can’t even find out how to get the drawer off. We have the circular thing on each side that your video says releases the drawer front (they don’t), but no tab to press so we can get the drawer off. Nothing I can see at all.

    Please help.

    • Hello, I would like to help you fix your fisher Paykel dish drawer. If you come over to the forum, I would be able to walk through a few steps to help you diagnose and repair your dishdrawer by yourself doing so could save you hundreds of dollars.

  7. My husband and I just purchased a Fisher & Paykel DD603M dishdrawer. Upon trying to run the dishwasher, the F2 error code popped up. So we watched the video, removed the rotors and examined them. They are both very free moving and there is no blockage that we can find. Is there something else that could be causing the F2 error code?? Is there something else we should be looking for??


    • Hello, I hope the warranty technician was able to come out and solve this issue for you guys. I just got back into town or I would have responded a long time ago.

  8. Hi, I had F1 flashing so I followed your video and dried out tray, loaded dishwasher got about 8 mins through cycle and started flashing F5, is now flashing on both drawers, surely it would be unlikely actuators in both drawers need replacing (did diagnostic on both drawers), have turned off at wall for 24hrs with no luck, please help!!!

    • Hello, was there water in the bottom when you started getting the second error code? Come over to the forum we can walk through a few things.


  9. I cleaned my Fisher Paykal dishwisher as I have many times,but this time F2 shows on both drawers. I used a wet vac to remove debis after removing rotor and then placed units back together , What have I done to cause this problem?

    • Hi, this is a locked or failed rotor error code. It sounds like you simply didn’t get the rotor locked back into place. Double check that the rotor is locked into the bottom correctly. If the hall sensor does not see the rotor moving the F2 error code will be displayed on the lcd badge on the front.

      • Just as you said,I simply didn’t get the rotor locked in correctly.Thank you very much:)

        • Ya that makes sense. Glad you were able to fix your Fisher Paykel dishwasher without a service call! You’re very welcome friend:)

  10. thanks for the video, should be more of them,is it the major problem that causes rotor to become rs
    when obstuctions drop through basket and stop water prop from turning .

    • No problem glad you were able to find it.

      The most common issue that causes the rotors to fail is not using the dishwasher. If the dishwasher sits, the water below the metal screen evaporates ans the rotor dries out.

      If things fall down and stop the wash arm from turning, it’ll cause the same issue though.


  11. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Great tips – our bottom dish drawer inexplicably started sticking over this last week and we thought we were up for a call-out fee + labour + parts to get it running again. While my partner has been out tonight – this VERY girly girl has actually managed to pull out the drawer (thanks to your clever instructional video), work out what was wrong, and rectify!! Am most impressed. All appears to be business as usual now – and saving Yours Truly from dishpan hands!!!

    • Hi, thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a nice comment:) Glad you were able to fix it yourself. Good work.


  12. Hi. Have an F4 error code on top drawer. Can I clear it or do I need a repair?

  13. The bottom drawer of my dishwasher comes out 2/3 of the way and then becomes difficult to pull out completely. Returning it to the closed position also meets with resistance. What’s happening here? I’ve sprayed the sliders with silicon spray but no positive results. Appreciate the help. The unit washes without any issues.

  14. Is there any trick to getting into the diagnostics mode? I’m having, what i think to be, an actuator problem but was only able to get into the diag. mode once. I didn’t get through the instunctions before it went out of it on time out. Now, all I can get on both drawers is the delay wash timer. No matter how I try to push Start/Lock buttons simultaneously, it always goes to delay timer….again on both drawers.

    Thanks, your forum is really fantastic.

    Joe from NJ

  15. The bottom drawer will start up say on the fast cycle then stop on 8 min the stay there with the plate flashing.
    What is the problem?

  16. Who would be the repair tech in Abbotsford BC Canada.

  17. I had water on the bottom of the drawer, soaked this up with a towel. removed the blue rotor, out of the machine it rotates freely, when placed back in the machine it is very hard to turn. replaced everything and still have an F2 error message. Any advise?

  18. Watched the video when F1 showed up on both drawers and the washers wouldn’t stop cycling. I did exactly what you suggested and everything works beautifully now. Not quite sure what the problem was since there really was no water underneath but I dried it out anyway with the hair dryer and it did the trick. Ran a cycle afterwards to make sure it was fixed. Thanks for the help!

  19. Hi.. My Dishwasher showed F1 alarm. I pulled out the bottom drawer and found the water all over. Have dried it. I then tried to check if the actuators were alright but am confused. I have followed your instructions and pressed start & Lock key for few seconds. The diagnostics came and then I pressed Power and then 3 times start button, and then lock. After that the drawer didn’t move, they were locked. Now I am confused whether the drawer should move back & forth freely or what is the meaning of up & down movement or are the actuators faulty.. What do the actuators do actually?

  20. I have removed the rotor from the bottom D/W and tried to rotate it , it is VERY HARD to do , is this where the error code F2 may be coming from?
    If so where can I get a rotor is there a part # that you can supply?
    i appreciate any hall you can give me .
    Thank you

    • Hi, if the rotor is locked up, then yes that is what is causing the issue. If you have a model number, I could possibly get the rotor part number for you.


  21. My top fisher paykel dish drawer dd603ss does not drain properly. There is alway an inch or more water left in it. No error codes…

  22. Hi,

    I’m having trouble with my dishwasher, every now and again (anywhere between minutes and several hours), it beeps as though you’ve pressed one of the buttons. Normally this changes the cycle.

    Also occasionally it pauses itself when washing.

    I’ve cleaned the “buttons” inside the drawer but it didn’t make any differnece..

    Any ideas?


  23. The rotor assembly of my top drawer completely locked up and would not pull out, i had to force it out after trying with lots of effort using vice grips on the shaft it finally came out. It turns out the rotor magnets melted the plastic surround and got stuck. So it looks i need to replace the rotor and the entire pump assembly. Is this DIY?

    • I forgot to mention, the unit must have run dry for some reason causing the rotor to run without water and hence heated it enough to melt the surrounding plastic. Thats the only explanation i can think of.

  24. Hi. My top drawer decided to play up and no have no power so have only been using the bottoms, but now there is no power to either drawer. Rather than take it all apart is this a common issue that I can fix, as am a pretty good fix it chick, but if it’s doomed then I will just have to start looking for a new one ! No dish drawer next time though, so recommendations for a great dishwasher would also be appreciated if it’s not fixable. Thanks in advance for your help 🙂

  25. F2 error – Rotor melted the plastic housing. Fisher & Paykel dishdrawer DD603 model 88269. How do I remove upper drawer and replace this. Also, when trouble shooting, even though the bottom drawer is working I don’t think the rotor can be removed without breaking possible melting there too.

  26. Thanks for the video, we have two issues. 1) top drawer: sounds like a drain motor or the rotor is dragging and is very loud, but we do not get any error message. The washer works it just is loud. 2) bottom drawer: it will not start unless we push on drawer. Once we release the pressure the machine stops. We have to continue with the pressure until the machine finishes the cycle. Suggestions? I had to replace the hose retractor on the top drawer could this be the same issue? I’ll add this to the forum page as well.

  27. F1 code, turned power off but water continues to leak in pan

  28. Cleaned and dried pan compleat,y. , but water continues to leak on pan after turning on water supply.

  29. We have a Double drawer Fisher Paykel and some body added a 1/4 of clorex while we were gone. The Dishwasher is reading F1. Know it has a very load noice. Do you have any soultions. Help Help!!!

  30. How can I change the light in the control panel of my dish drawer?

  31. Hi do you know how i put a new hose on my dishwasher?
    i have bought a second hand one and when the previous owner has removed it they have cut the hose therefore i am unable to connect the hose into my plumbing without it leaking.

    • Hi, what is the dishwasher model number? Which hose did you purchase the drain hose? It’s leaking under the sink? I need a bit more info to help.


  32. Hi,
    On my FP dishdrawer 605 the upper lid does not close. I ran a diagnostic test and an error show F9 on Ld. Do both actuator lid motors go bad at the same time? Also when I run the bottom an F2 error shows on the upper drawer display, is that error for the same lid actuator problem?


  33. Hi, i have a fisher and paykel dish drawer model dd603, ive completly lost power to both drawers. Theyre both compltely un-responsive. Also the top drawer is hard to open. Im looking forward to reading youre input on this issue. Thanks

    • Hi, have you verified you have power to the DW? Sound like a power issue to me. A power issue, mains filter, or broken wire are really the only things that would cause this issue.


  34. I have a Fisher Paykel DD 603 purchased it used and it has rubber stripping down both sides of both drawers is this supposed to be there? Also keep getting an f1 error code any help would be appreciated thank you.

  35. I folks. I have a F & P double dishdraw DD60DDW5. The top draw drain hose has snapped and I am trying to replace it with a new hose. I am stumped by the middle white plastic clip holding the hoses together to the metal swing support. I would appreciate knowing how to undo this clip without breakage? Is it necessary to remove the bottom draw to do so? Are you supposed to unhook the metal arm from the clip before the clip can come apart?

  36. Matthew, I have no power to my top drawer of a F & P DD603I. Was told it might be a problem with the heater plate. That part number (527702) comes as a kit. Do you have any advice or suggestions on this?
    Thanks Robert

    PS: If you do respond, it would be easier if you used email. rkraak@sbcglobal.net Thanks again

  37. Hi,
    The lcd panel on my fisher paykel dish drawer is continuously cycling through all of the icons. The buttons are unresponsive – even the power button. The problem seems to clear itself with time, but comes back when the lower drawer is used. Some kind of moisture related issue?

    I’d like to remove the control board to inspect it and give it a clean, but I cant get to the link for your video. Must be having a senior moment, but cannot find the link. Could you possibly post the link so I can access it directly?

    Many thanks

  38. My fisher and Paykel dishwasher (DS603I) has no power on the buttons and screen

    Power is present at power point

    When is the first access point to the power supply and where else can I look ???

  39. Have double drawer model DD603. Have had no luck trying to repair top drawer. It does not complete a cycle for ever mode except Rinse. Have had Mr App.iance recommended by FP to look. He replaced motor rotors which did not solve problem. Bottom unit works fine. Can the bottom unit and top units be switched. We mostly use top one anyway. The broken one can be used if when the unit stops continuing to end of cycle I turn off and then finish in the rinse cycle manually.
    P,ease help!

  40. Mathew
    With the help of your comments have found that only one of the 2 top drawer actuators is operating causing only half the lid to close on the upper drawer.

    Was trying to locate any videos that explain precisely how to replace the actuator as a dyi project. If such a video exists would appreciate a link to it.

    If not is there much more to it then ordering what looks to be a small encased motor on the side not operating correctly.


  41. My Fisher pay keel double drawer dishwasher started to run. Very noisy. I seems to be worse during start up so I thought the pump or motor might be bad. It is generally noisier than before during all cycles but the start up and cycle changes are the worst
    Any ideas?
    Sounds almost like a grinding souns

    • Hello, the rotor is usually the culprit when these dish drawers make noise like this. Remove the rotor and check it for damage. The bottom of the rotor is usually chewed up.


  42. I have an older fisher paykel drawer dishwasher. The lid on the top drawer will not raise up. There is no error light. When I press the start and lock button it seems to start a timer.

    I cannot get the drawer back in and the video I watched did not show where the actuators were.

  43. Do your videos not work in N.Z, can see only adds?
    Im trying to reset flood

  44. Hi Matthew,
    The bottom drawer is not emptying the water. I think it may be the drainage hose because everything else seems fine. How do I get to the hose to see if it is kinked please?

  45. I have a F-P dual drawer dishwasher. I just got an F1 error code on the top drawer. I took the lower drawer out and found some water on the floor. I dried that up. I did the Actuator test, I didn’t see any movement, but the lower drawer get’s unmovable when doing the LD test. Is that what is meant? I’m still getting the F1 error though. I figured that I’d see if there was any clogs in the drain lines, but don’t have any diagram or image of where that is…Is there some diagram I can use to make sure that I’m not disconnecting the wrong hose. Thanks

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