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Mar 052011

This article explains how to access and replace the wash rotor on a Fisher Paykel single or two drawer dishwasher. A Fisher Paykel dishwasher has less moving parts than a standard Whirlpool or Kenmore dishwasher. This in turn means less chance for a part failure. Fisher Paykel dishwashers are becoming more and more popular in America. The double drawer dishwasher has seen a dramatic improvement from its predecessor the dd602. The DD603 and DD605 Fisher Paykel dishwasher use different rotors, replacing the wash rotor on one of these dishwashers is simpler than you may think.

If the dishwasher sounds louder than normal during the wash cycle or when it first starts up the wash rotor is more than likely the problem.

Often glass is what destroyed the rotors smooth finish, often taking a piece of sandpaper to the rotor or a small file will be enough to fix the noise issue. If something blocks the rotor from moving at all, you will encounter an F2 on your F&P dishwasher. F2 just means that your rotor is stuck and can’t move. If you need to remove the rotor from the dishwasher to check the link below provides a video that explains how to access the dishwashers wash rotor and also how to test the lids actuators.


Removing the rack on bottom plate will expose the dishwashers rotor, simple twist the rotor counter clockwise and pull up the rotor will lift out for replacement .  If you require further assistance repairing your Fisher Paykel appliances feel free to post your question in our DIY repair forum.

  13 Responses to “Fisher & Paykel Double Dishdrawer Rotor Replacement Help”

  1. The DD603 and DD605 have different rotors and they are not interchangeable

  2. ROD,

    Thanks for your Fisher Paykel dishdrawer comment. Yes, the DD603 & DD605 F&P dishdrawer rotors are different. Fisher Paykel realized that the rotors were failing prematurely and also too easily. The DD605 rotor is basically the same dishwasher rotor but has a more resistant undercoating on the bottom of the dish drawer rotor. This basically means that the rotor can take more abuse from the dish drawer owner. The majority of double dish drawer rotors that I have replaced were due to a dish being broken inside. The glass or porcelain from a plate or what ever chews up the bottom side of the rotor and causes the dishwasher to make all kinds of noise. I know this dishwasher and all the ones just like it very well. If you have a Fisher Paykel repair question, post it in our forum Appliance Refrigerator Repair
    or you can ask it here using the comment box below. Either we would like to hear your question. Factory Trained & Authorized appliance repair technicians!

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  3. Hi there,
    I have a dd603 and love it. I have a prob that I’m trying to sort out. I ami getting the old f1 on top drawer and have checked all the usual suspects. There is absolutely no water visible anywhere. Ive just run a full rinse cycle and it started flashing f1 right at the end of the cycle just after it finished. No hose cracks or leaks of any type. Actuators are brand new so I’m at a loss..?????
    Love this site btw. Any help appreciated.

    • Joel,

      The only thing that would cause this is the mains filter board. This is the board in the bottom under the plastic housing. When water touches the board it shorts two contacts and the F1 comes up. When the contacts short out, it means water is in the bottom of the machine. If you are sure there is no water below the bottom drawer the control would need to be replaced.

  4. I have a FP dishdrawer that’s about 4 years old. It does sound a bit louder now, but the problem I’m experiencing is that the last cycle it ran, it didn’t work properly. Not getting any error codes displaying, but the machine does not fill with water. I filled up the bottom with a water by hand and the rotor seems to remove it, but doesn’t fill when called during the wash cycle. Our water is filtered before it gets to the dishdrawer, so I’m thinking some part must be failing.

    • Hi,

      You would need to remove the bottom drawer and either ohm or make a voltage check at the valve. The loud noise is going to be the rotor for sure. Very common issue on Fisher Paykel dish drawers friend.

  5. Hi have a hi pitch squeal noise when comes to pump water out it does drain though. F/P single draw think d603.

    • Hi, it sounds like the rotor is bad. Remove the rotor and have a look at the bottom of it. Is the bottom chewed up looking? Very common on these units.

  6. My F/P started flashing an f2 error 7 years ago and hasn’t been used since. Would like to get it up and running again, tried to remove the rotor and it will not lift up. Is there something else holding it on? It’s a DS605

  7. wow don so easy thanks

  8. The rotor in my fisher paykel bottom dish drawer is stuck.. I tried to turn it counter clockwise and the top part broke off leaving the metal stem showing…I CAN NOT get the base of the rotor out…Help

  9. Not sure if this forum is still used or not but our dishdraw makes a loud noise as soon as you push “on” would this likely still be the rotors?? Aaron.

  10. Hey my DD603 was very noisey so I pulled the rotor out and the bottom impeller was slightly damaged on 2 of the prongs, I pulled off the bits of broken plastic and put it back in and now it’s much quieter. Will this work ok for a while or is it best to replace the rotor sooner rather than later? Cheers.

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