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Mar 052011

www.appliancerepairlesson.com This is an instructional video intended to help you access the inside of your Fisher & Paykel dryer. Replace the ignitor, reset the heater canister fuse, access the control boards.

  8 Responses to “Fisher & Paykel Dryer Access and Repair Video”

  1. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO unhappy with the Fisher & Paykel brand of washer and dryer. We have had numerous repairs of both machines. Obviously this company wants to make their money on their expensive product AND on the repairs and parts. I will NEVER buy from Fisher & Paykel again!!!! I am especially upset because I am a person who likes to see of I can repair/replace the part mysel fbefore calling a repair person but of the websites that I have looked up so far I have noticed that where the Fisher & Paykel repair help was once offered as an option the sites are unable to display them now. OBVIOUSLY Fisher & Paykel has made these sites take down their info. Not A Happy Consumer!!!!

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment and I’m sorry to hear you have had so many problems. Fisher Paykel has had some issues with several of there appliances. You are not the only one that is not happy with there fisher paykel washer and dryer.

  2. Hi after watching the video I set the trip button and the dryer works..But now after running the dryer it trips again I cleaned all the dryer vents I think all of them, the vent in the back and the bucket and under the bucket. So what do you think we should try next

  3. Hiya
    Our dryer has stopped working. Also prior to this, the drying time is alot faster than it actually is. We cannot afford to replace it or have a professional to fix it. Please please help.

    Fisher and paykel dryer
    Model AD39
    PRODUCT 92213-A

    Regards Hana Howe

  4. OUr dryer stopped heating. So,I followed the video on how to access the heater and reset button. After hitting the fuse button ( little red button) , I re-assembled the dryer, plugged it back in and now the control panel doesn’t even light up. When I plugged it back in it made a electronical chiming as well.

  5. My dishwasher won’t adjust it is stuck on rinse.
    Can I move the bottom drawer to the top?

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