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Mar 062011

Samsung Refrigerator Self Diagnostics, How To repair a Samsung refrigerator.

Samsung refrigerators can be tough to diagnose. Please allow one of our Samsung refrigerator experts answer your repair question. A question that is asked a lot is how do I put my Samsung refrigerator into diagnostics. I will show you how in this post.


The picture below explains how to put the refrigerator into diagnostics. When the refrigerator is put into diagnostics the display will flash certain segments to indicate which component has failed.

Hold freezer and fridge for 3 seconds after which the display will flicker if an error code is detected. Once you have determined which component has failed you can check our video or downloads for a tutorial on how to change the part needed. If we don’t have one you can ask your question in our Samsung refrigerator repair forums and a trained appliance repair technician will assist you with your refrigerator repair.

Use the search box or click on error codes to find more error codes for you appliance. We are here to help and have several channels available to help you repair your own appliance. They are in place to save you money and that’s it. If one of our repair articles have been helpful please leave a comment it is much appreciated.



  4 Responses to “Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes Samsung Refrigerator Repair Help From Pros”

  1. refrigerator displays error codes 40 and 21

    • Hi,

      What is the model number friend? Also did you enter diagnostics to get this code or how did you come up with it?

  2. I have a Samsung Refrigerator model# RS263TDBP and I have searched all over the net to figure out how to access our diagnostic system to see why our freezer may have stopped working. Could you please tell us what to push on our panel to see if an error code comes up.

    Thank You,
    Kimberly Gillmore

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      If you press the top left and top right buttons at the same time what happens? It should go into diagnostic mode?

      Let me know what happens?


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