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Mar 112011

F1:-2 may appear on your Gemini oven range for various reasons, but the meaning is always the same. The error means that the display relay control board thinks your temperature on your lower oven on your double oven range is running away and getting too hot. To fix the error F1-2, check the wire harness between your oven sensor mounted to the back wall inside your lower oven and your control board to make sure the wires are secure and the connections are good. Pull the oven out and remove the back panel on the oven to check the wires connections. If the connections and wires check good, disconnect the wire connection to the oven sensor and check the resistance of the sensor. The resistance should be 1100 ohm at standard room temperature. If the sensor is not good you need to replace it, and if the sensor checks within range replace the display control board.

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  1. In response to a similar problem with another oven, I replaced a series of parts, including the control unit and two temperature probes. Each part replacement was very simple and seemed to fix the problem, but inevitably the code would reappear, sometimes in hours or days, sometimes in a couple months. Other than the error code, the oven and stove top worked fine, so we were unwilling to toss it out and buy a new one. So, in desperation, I simply moved the oven away from the wall about 1-1/2″ to ensure that heat did not build up in the top of the stove where the control unit is located. We have not had a single F1 error in more than 6 months. I am convinced that this was the source of the continuing problem we experienced and that the transient malfunctioning of parts was due to heat buildup.

  2. Thanks for saying Hi friend. Yes, heat can and does affect the electronic controls on Maytag Gemini ovens. All electronic control are heat sensitive, allowing more air flow over the control by pulling the oven out is a great idea.
    Im glad you were able to fix your oven. If you have any more appliance problems, be sure to come back and visits us again!

  3. Why don’t these ovens add a cooling fan like a pizza oven ? Very little power and can be turned on by simple yes no thermostat .

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. Most of the Maytag Gemini ovens do have a small convection fan motor. The fan motor speeds up the cooking times and also gives a more even heat. If you wanted something like a pizza oven you would need a commercial like oven.

  4. when i try to put the oven on it goes out too and it keeps beeping i have to take the plug out so i cant even use the oven

  5. I had the same problem with my gemini double oven it would run for a while but would eventually shut down and display the f3-2 or the f1-2. I replaced the both the upper and lower temperature sensors with no luck the problem would repeat itself. I was about to order the main circuit board and control panel when I decided to remove it and look for any obvious damage on the circuit board when I found the problem. if you trace the wires that come from the lower temp sensor all the way to the main board they will terminate at a connector. This connection had broken solder joints on the back side. I spent 15 minutes resoldering the connection and this repaired the problem. i have read through many threads in the forums describing the same problem. i hope this helps it has saved me from buying a new stove or spending $400 on the mainboard.

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