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Mar 122011

How to fix a Samsung Washer nd washer error code. You can make this repair your self and in most cases without parts.

Let me explain what the nd on a Samsung washer control panel means exactly. The nd error code stands for No Drain. When this washer error code comes up the washer will not spin either.

To fix this issue you will need to slide the unit forward to access the pump if there is no access panel on the lower front. If the clean out access panel is on the lower front, bail the water from the washer and twist the filter head counter-clockwise. If the front panel does not have the access panel the washer will need to be slide forward. With the washer pulled out the back access panel can be removed. With the panel removed, the drain pump will be visible. Remove the two hoses on the pump followed by the two 7/16 bolts that mount the pump down. With the pump off, you can now remove the debris inside.

Put the washer back together and test for proper operation. If the error code comes back this means that the pump is clogged again or the pump has failed and would need to be replaced. If this is the case you can purchase the part from the link below. If you require further assistance use the forum tab on the top of this page or the contact us tab on the side.


Samsung Washer Drain Pump Part Link Click Here

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  1. Hi,

    This is very useful information and I really do appreciate getting this information. Just wanted to make a suggestion, if you may please put some pictures which show the area/part of the machine it will be very helpful for a novice like me.

    Thanks a ton again


  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are awesome, I am a massage therapist and have to have my washer. I am also mechanically challenged, I am so happy this worked. Again, thank you.

  3. Wow, thanks for the self help info. It was very simple to fix!

  4. Questions about this process. My pump is mounted by phillips head screws through the bottom of the washer. So I have to pull the dryer down (stacked units), slide out the washer and tilt it back 45 degrees and let it lean against the back wall. From here I can get the screws out to pull the pump. It is riveted to the bracket so the only access is from the screws below. Pity. Removing the bottom panel only will gain access to remove the hoses, but that’s it. If there was a removable screen on the water inlet side of the pump to stop coins and whatnot from entering the impeller housing, I could very easily perform the clean out without all the extra labor in R&R the dryer, R&R the pump, etc. It would be a 2 minute process.

    I’m sure Samsung, you and the rest of the appliance world knows this. Does this screen exist? Or perhaps a plastic piece shaped like a gunsight that would at least stop the coins from entering without disrupting water flow? I considered the possibility that there once was a screen on this and a service tech may have removed it because my friend, the original owner, had dogs and one can only imagine the short time it would take to clog up a screen in that line with dog hair.

    In the end, yes… I know I should remove everything from my pockets prior to washing them. However, despite my best efforts, a stray quarter gets in there from time to time. Something drastic has changed in the years past. I have been washing clothes for a good 35 years of my life now. I can’t even begin to estimate how many thousands of dollars I have removed from the dryer over this time. As a kid, I would do laundry for everyone in the house for a little allowance based purely on the prospect of finding quarters and the occasional $5 bill (big money for me circa 1980). Somewhere along the way (recently) I have run into coins in the pump on my Samsung products. Once on a front loader about 8 years ago and now on my current front loader, this occurs about every month or two. What in the world changed in the past few years that make these things so susceptible to coins entering the impeller housing on the drain pump? It certainly has never occurred so frequently as it does now. Regardless, there has to be a simpler way to remove debris without all the R&R.

  5. Thank you! Fortunately, I have a front access panel.

  6. Thanks so much! I was not familiar with this error code but was able to fix it. It turned out there was a baby sock stuck in the filter. This code showed up instead of the filter signal.

    • You’re very welcome:) I find smaller items like baby socks all the time. Good work fixing it yourself. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  7. Thank you so much for the information. Kind of gross what I cleaned out but definitely saved $$ calling appliance repair for a simple fix!!! Especially after Christmas when funds are low 🙂

    • Kim, thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m glad the article helped you fix your Samsung washer with the ND error code.

      I’ve pulled some really gross stuff out too! Yes, it’s always nice keeping a little extra coin in your pocket especially after Christmas!

  8. Thank you! I was getting the error code too and was so upset! I cleaned out the filter, which had money and a ton of debris in it, and now it working good! I was worried that the belt was bad or something because it wouldn’t spin!

    • Hi, glad the post was able to help you fix your Samsung washer! Yes, if the washer doesn’t drain, it wont spin!

      Good work fixing it yourself!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment:)

  9. These suggestions were very helpful and helped fix my problem. In case anybody is trying to find the drain pump, it is in the back on the right side when you are facing the washer from behind. I saw that my drain pump was in good condition, so instead of taking everything apart, I just hooked up my shop vac to the drain hose and sucked out any clogs. This worked!! One thing to remember is that when you disconnect your drain hose, all of the water from the tub will drain. Once it stops draining on it’s own, I hooked up the shop vac and that sucked out the clogs as well as the remaining water.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. Also, I appreciate you leaving some tips for the readers of the site:)

      Glad you were able to use the shop vac to clear the debris in the pump. Usually the debris is so packed into the motor/filter it wont come out.

      Again thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


  10. Hi. I also appreciate the information!. I took my pump out, cleaned it and the hoses, and still it wouldn’t drain. I removed the pump again, connected AC power directly to it. It seemed to work fine. I reinstalled it, and did a quick wash. It drained once, but only once. Now the tub is full of water again. Have you ever had the Control Panel go bad?
    My washer and dryer are stacked and in a very small laundry room. I was able to slide them out together to get to the pump, but won’t be so lucky if it is the control panel.
    Maybe the pump is intermittent. Just curious if you’ve ever seen anything else go wrong instead of the pump actually being clogged. -Scott

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Sounds like the pump is either intermittently working or is just on it’s way out. If the lines are clear and the pump is getting power, then the pump is bad. That would mean the control is good sending power to pump. The control boards on these units really don’t go bad to often.


      • Thank you for your reply! I was testing the pump with a separate cord to make sure it worked. Once I found out it did, I put my meter on the connector on the washer and tested for 120VAC. I was getting 18VAC all the time, and 28 VAC when the pump should have been on. I ordered the Control Unit and installed it, and the washer now works. I could see some burned components on the board through the epoxy they fill it up with. As usual, I got lucky and it was the more expensive, harder to get to (due to dryer being stacked on top) component! Lol! Oh well, at least it is fixed. Thanks again for the reply back though!
        -Scott Moore

        • You’re most welcome, friend!

          Good work checking and figuring out which component had failed. Yes, I hate it when I see the dryer stacked on top of the washer.

          Thanks for updating me.


          • I have had the same problem but can’t get a control board anywhere. They are on back order and I have been looking for 3 weeks. I won’t ever buy samsung again if this is how they are with parts.

          • I too have the ND code, checked all lines (no blockage), replaced pump (most common), but still get ND. The circuit board appears ok, as in no burned areas whatsoever! Is this the only thing left to replace or check? Desperately awaiting.

        • Scott, I have run into the same problem you have. I am curious as to where you ordered your control panel. My model, WF306LAW/XAA. Where did you find the part number for the control board. Thanks ahead for any help.

  11. I have the Samsung top loader unit, wa422 series, it was 14 months old when the pump stopped working and just out of warranty. I was forced to manually drain the water out of the back of it 2 times. I was a real pain. When I checked Samsung Support, we did all the troubleshooting, nothing resolved it. I called a local server company, they quoted $295 to fix it. I figured I’d do a little research. I purchased a new part online for $75, searching the part number on the unit, I installed it, it now works great. There was no cleanout trap on this unit which his probably why it went bad. Its a very common issue on this unit. I saved photos and may do a how to repair video on it. In talking later to a local appliance store, all manufactures have issues today, brand does not matter. If you are buying a more expensive unit, you need to hedge your bet with 5 year warranty if you are not a handy person. Lowes had a very attractive 5 year warranty plan that was reasonable. Other places our out to rip you off sometimes, be careful.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. If you do end up making the repair video, let me know. Maybe I can post it for other visitors.


    • Hi there, did you every post your video on your repair? I have the same model and am trying to find the cheapest route to fix it.
      Any and all help is appreciated.

      Thank you

  12. My Samsung washer recently started showing the nd code. I removed all drain hoses and the pump, cleaning them and reinstalling them. the washer ran for about 2 loads and the code returned. thinking I may have missed something I again removed the pump and hoses and cleaned and reinstalled them. Again the washer ran for 2-3 loads and the nd code returned. I double checked the drain hose placement (which was shoved about 18″ down the drain) and re-inserted it to the suggested 6 inches. The washer now works for 2-4 loads and then the nd will return. If I simply drain about 1/2 gallon of water from the unit using the filter drain hose the washer will work again for another 2-4 loads. I would appreciate any wisdom on which direction I should turn next, whether the pump, sensor, or control panel.
    thank you for your help.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time comment.

      Honestly, it could be the pump or the motor. The only way to tell is to check power to the pump. The most common issue is the drain motor.

      Look at comment #10 by Scott. He had a very similar issue and it ended up being the control board.

      Let me know


  13. I am getting a ND readout. I took the hoses off and cleaned out everything. There was no debri, I then pulled the water pump. I noticed water had been seeping out of the back of the pump and when I checked the propeller it is very loose. I can pull the propeller out about 3/16 of an inch. My question is is that normal? Thanks for all your help!!!!!!

  14. I have this problem with a Samsung WF337AAR/XAA it pumps most of water out but not all leaving clothes wet if I spin only two more times it will get enough out to put clothes in dryer can’t figure out what’s going on. I checked hoses and pump for blockage

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. It could be that the pump is cutting off or over heating before all the water is pumped out?

      I’ve seen things get stuck in the drain hose and not let the water out correctly. I’ve also seen small things like guitar picks float around down by the pump. Occasionally the smaller items will let the water drain and other times it will block it.

  15. To Scott Moore what control board did you change out the control panel that is around $75 or was it the main pcb for around 220. Want to get the right one because I am have the same issues. Where did you test the voltage and on what cycle?

  16. Hi Matthew, thanks for the tutorial!

    My wife and I bought this washer two years ago brand new. We have the top loading washer and there is no access panel in the front, and we haven’t had any problems to speak of, but here’s my question: We have a German Shepherd who’s also just now 2 years old, plus 2 cats made of mostly hair. My wife commented the other day that blankets, towels, etc were not coming out of the wash “hair free” as they had when we first purchased the machine. I guess I’m not paying that much attention, however, in two years there could be a lot of hair somewhere, no? We haven’t had any error messages come up, but if I can clean something preemptively that would be awesome.

    Thanks in advance!

  17. I have had my pump and computer board replaced still nd and having to drain it ..any thought what’s next? A & E can’t seem to fix it..thanks

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      I’m assuming this is a top load washer is that correct?

      If they’ve replaced the pump and board, the only thing left would be the main harness.


  18. Hi having same issue and I have cleaned filter in front access panel several times, will try cleaning pump, is it located in back? thanks for help

    • Hi, you have the ND error code after cleaning the filter clean out? It’s possible something is stuck in the impeller in the motor. The pump is located right behind the filter clean out.


  19. Me and my fiance just bought a used wf330anw samsung high efficiency front loader washer.. and it works but I hardly see any water in the washer when working..is that normal? I seen that some people are tweaking the water amount.. saying it doesnt clean good and should have more water. We just bought it today and we have a 1 month warranty
    And the no drain error came on.. we did the steps as u direct it seams to work again. Even though there was no debris.

  20. Actually it still gives me the nd error neat every load… bit ome I turn it off and out the settings to rince and spin its works most othe time

  21. My washer is also getting the no drain error. I’ve removed all the hoses and cleaned them out. I then removed the pump and there isn’t any debris stuck in the propellers. What would I use to attach to the motors to see if they are working prior to purchasing a new pump?

    • Ken, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Did you end up replacing the motor? I’ve used a pig tail to start these motors out of the machine. Do you have one and know how to use one?


  22. my SAMSUNG front load Silver Care, the water pump is making a lot of noise, but not pumping water thru. I have to pull the hose from the wall, put down floor level to drain it. cleaned out the pump and the attachments, still not wanting to drain, the hose was shoved pretty far into the wall, i jus moved it to about 6″ down, see if it helps. Any suggestions? our local repair place doesnt work on Samsungs, and the new pumpis pretty pricey

    • Karen, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Have you removed the drain pump from the bottom of the machine yet? Based on your description it sounds like something is stuck inside the drain pump. If something is stuck inside, the motor would make a strange noise and the machine wouldn’t drain.

      Make sure to unplug the washer before you try to remove the drain pump.

  23. I have been fighting mine for weeks and last night I did some tests that totally enlightened me.

    I believe there is a design flaw in the Samsung pumps and their ability to drive what is called “head pressure.” A water pump will be able to pump water to a certain height before it can no longer keep up from the “head pressure” in the drain hose.


    My drain hose is about 34″ high and I have all the same problems where it intermittently drains and throws “nd” codes. I have replaced the pump assembly on my front loader as well as the Power Board that has the pump relays, etc.

    1. There is a hose assembly from the basin tub to the pump. Removed inspected. No restrictions.
    2. There is a impeller pump that is part of the drain clean-out assembly. Old one was completely free and clear, new one is, well brand new and very clean and clear. New one works the same as the old one..
    3. There is a single hose from the pump through the chassis, up to the drain of the house. It has been removed, blown out, looked through. It is completely clean. When I reduce the height of the output hose into a bucket, the tub is drained extremely fast, maybe a 4 gallons per minute rate. If there was any obstruction, this would not be possible..

    So, I’ve been fighting this thing for weeks. Pump gets 120v, pump has no problem running. If I put a lot of water in the tub >3″, the momentum of the water takes it all out when the pump kicks on, probably due to the higher head pressure from the tub helping the pump.. The tough spot is when there is about 1″ of water in the tub, it struggles against the head pressure up the drain hose, some times completes it after several minutes of struggling, some times throws the nd code. In every case I’ve tried, lowering the head pressure by lowering the drain hose from 34″ to 20″ causes it to evacuate at a high rate.

    Now I am baffled why the nd codes just now started showing up a few months ago, have I always had this problem? Are the springs and shocks settling down reducing head pressure from the tub? I don’t know. But based on my tests filling up to 1″ and then doing spin only and seeing the instant results by changing the hose outlet height into a bucket, I am going to lower the drain on the house to about 18″ (where the manual says the hose needs to be for anti-siphon). I am convinced that the Samsung Pump Design is Not Sufficient for drains mounted >20″ up the wall. Maybe this isn’t a problem in South Korea, but I am having a big problem with it..


    • Jeff,

      Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed comment.

      The first thing I would check is the drain hose. How far down the stand pipe is it? It shouldn’t be more than a foot in.

      If that looks fine, I suspect the same thing you do, the stand pipe is to high for the pump to pump.. I’ve seen it before usually it’s in older homes where the washer and dryer are in the basement. The stand pipe is higher than normal in these cases.



      In my previous comment I stated that simply lowering the drain pipe fixed this problem for me. Well it didn’t. It still had the same sometimes throw a code, sometimes work just fine, symptoms.

      In prep for a new washer, I moved my washer into the garage. I had the ability to hook it up. I had just confirmed on the last three loads where it was previously, it threw the “nd” code every cycle even though I lowered the drain pipe to 23″. After I moved it to the garage and hooked it back up, it was leaning forward on the slope of the garage floor. It worked perfectly on three loads of laundry.

      The drain pipe is higher at 33″ in the garage and it had no problem so my previous argument was incorrect although moving the drain hose around during the time when the pump is running seems to help kick it into draining better at times..

      In doing this write up I thought I solved it and sloping it forward was the issue, the theory being that
      the pump is located in the front of the washer. If the washer is not leaning forward a bit, air bubbles get caught in the impeller area and prevent the pressure build up. Leaning the unit forward by extending the rear feet or contracting the front feet makes it so water drains forward to the pump properly flooding/priming it and air bubbles would travel from the pump.

      Unfortunately, that didn’t work either. And it just completed the spin cycle with completely drenched clothes on my 4th test, didn’t throw a code, but spun the close through a pool of water.

      Per the troubleshooting manual pamphlet on the washer:
      * Check for kinks on drain hose – Done
      * Check for restrictions in the drain hose – Done
      * Close the door and press the pause/start button – Done but this doesn’t help solve anything..
      * When it is freezing.. – It wasn’t freezing
      * Check if water level signal is correct – Replaced the sensor, and it was fine before.
      * Do Drain pump test – Done, worked some times, but pump spun every time.
      * Check for hose twist – Done, nope.
      * Check if pump reads 120V AC – Done, and no problems here.
      * Read winding resistance of pump motor 14.2 ohms+-7% – Done. Both pumps old and new were fine.
      * Check pump at CN3 pin 3 on PCB.. – Same as the last 120V check but still not a problem.

      Samsung wf338aaw intermittent “nd” problem still on the hunt.

      You mentioned that there might be a replacement pump kit option that has a new design? Could you share the service bulletin or the part numbers with me?

  24. Really great post, friend! I’ve seen this issue so many times in the field it’s unreal. Samsung has been having an issue with one of the wires breaking on the drain motor. They have a new kit out that fixes the placement of the pump and a new wire harness if the wire to the pump breaks. Very common. Thanks for another great post helping out all the DIY’ers.
    href=http://www.allaroundappliance.com>Appliance Repair Portland
    We service Samsung appliances every day. If you’re in the Portland area and can’t fix it yourself, give us a call we’d love to help you tackle your Appliance repair issues.

  25. I have washing machine model WA85WM which is showing code OE. Problem I am facing is, its not stoping water to overfill in the drum. Please suggest.

  26. I have the DC Error code.. help?

  27. I have the nd code and we have tried all of that. Is there anything else that could be wrong? The steps didn’t fix the problem, I still have the code. Do I need to buy a new pump?

  28. Hello:

    I have a Samsung Top Load Washer WA456DRHDWR/AA that will no longer drain or spin. The problem started when we put in a load and 5mins later there was water all over the floor. My husband noticed that the pipe underneath the washer was came apart, so he put it back in and wrapped the pipe with zip-ties to keep it together. He then started another load, and no more leaks, but error ND shows meaning No Drain and will no longer spin.
    I have tried to YouTube the fix but there is no fix for a Top Loader. We then called the service that Samsung recommended for us. The technician stated it could be well over $300.00 to fix. I love to save money as a frugal mom and would just rather do it myself.

    Can you please be of assistance?
    Thank you so much in advance

  29. I just replaced the drain pump on my front load samsung washer. The machine now will not run. I’m sure I put it back together correctly but now the door is locked and I get a temperature sensor problem code. No idea what to do. Help if you can. Thanks, George Buntzen

  30. Thank you for this information. I will go home and try this. I am also having alot trouble getting our clothes clean. Common everyday stains are not coming out even if I pre-treat them. Would appreciate any help!!! Sharon

  31. I have the top loader. The pump has no filter and can only be accessed trough the rear. It is very difficult to remove the pump and hoses, but I did get them out. I am paying to have a technician replace the pump which is bound up. Mostly because of the difficulty I had getting the pump in and out, and I could be missing a problem in the controls.
    I do hear the pump trying to move, and it was difficult to move the impeller when i took it out.
    I think I have hit the limit of my home repair stamina.
    Thanks for the information, gotta love the front lead with the accessible filter. Thant is something i will look at in future purchases. Steve

  32. Well,I think I may be lucky that I had a front panel…but I was getting ready to leave on vacation and needed to pack clean clothes…so when the washer threw a “nd” code at me, I was in a panic

    Your information so much better than the Samsung site…..I feel like a Renaissance woman

  33. Thank you so much…we thought for sure our washer was broke. You truly saved us 🙂 We were lucky and had a front drain. Just a quick thought if you have this issue after you drain your water first have a bucket or towels handy as we had water come out of the drain when we opened it.

  34. Code nd I replaced the pump to day, becouse of the code. The same code still comes up. Now what should I do?

    • Hi, sorry to hear about your Samsung ND error code problem. Is the drain line clear? Does the pump shut off before it’s done draining. I’ve seen this happen a couple times. The relay on the board stopped sending voltage to the pump and caused this same thing to happen.


  35. We have the same problem.

    The machine has been giving us the nd code recently. I believe we also got the d2 code, but I am not so sure.

    Anyway, there are only two ways I found that resolve this. First is to power cycle and start it up again several times. Thus seems to drain the machine. The other is to open the front filter panel and drain it manually.

    The water that comes out is only about a quart at most, but it still gets the basement slab all wet.

    From what I am reading here, this seems like a common pump problem. Could it be the sensor shutting off before it purges the washer? Why would it not try running the pump a second time?

    I have a similar problem with the matching drier’s moisture sensor and I am beginning to think that this is a general electronic shortfall and not a hardware problem.

    Why would it take 2 to 4 loads before it gave this error?

    • Hi, typically on these washers the pump is the culprit. The pump is known for overheating and causing this and several other issues. I would suspect a pump issue based on your complaint.

      Let us know


  36. I have the Nd code, pulled the pump out and there was nothing clogging. I ordered a new part and it still doesn’t want to work. Could this be a board problem. It’s Samsung

  37. I also have same problem as Summer. I have replaced pump checked lines for blockage every thing is clear. Pump does not turn on. rechecked pump it works fine when voltage is applied. The washer Ran fine thru 1 full load the on 2nd load no drain again. Do you think control panel next?

    • Hi, sounds like a pressure switch issue or control issue. Hard to say without being there to test myself.

      • Where would the pressure switch be located

        • Hi, what is the model number on the sticker on the front of the washing machine?


          • Mine is wf316las/xaa. I’m having exact issue. Pump won’t turn on even after replacement. So I’m looking at pressure switch or panel. I think my pressure switch is to right corner just want verification. Thank you.

  38. My mom and I searched and searched for how to fix our washer and on a last-ditch effort we found this site. It worked and we are washing clothes as I type! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Thank you so much! It worked !!

  40. Scott and Mathew, thank you for your comments. Had the same issue. The pump is new and still won’t pump water. Nothing clogged or stuck. Took out the control board and found a burnt out circuit. I hope this solves my problem after ordering a new board… Most informative, just wish I saw your comments before I purchased a new pump, thank you. Tina

    • Awesome.. Glad you found the site useful. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it.


  41. Worked like a charm – thanks so much!

  42. I have a Samsung Model WF 328AAW/XAA

    I got the ND code and removed the pump. I notice some play after disconnecting the motor from the pump and there was water inside the plastic part that probably shouldn’t have water. I ordered and replaced the pump assembly…..everything including the mount.

    Now I still get an ND code…….any help?

  43. Does it usually time a long amount of time for the water to stop coming out of the black pump? Seems like it’s been awhile.

  44. I must say, completely awesome info. I did exactly what you said, opened the pump and a tiny little compacted hairball fell out. just big enough to stop the propeller(impeller). turned it back on and it runs like a champ. you saved me an untold amount of money. that is very important because i am a working man supporting a family of six. my wife is disabled so my paycheck cant stand a repair bill. this repair took about 1.5 hrs of my time, but no money at all. did it after i got off from work this morning after 13 hrs work. I can now sleep rest assured. YOU ARE AWESOME FOR PROVIDING THIS SITE!!!

  45. I have a Samsung front-loader (Model WF337AAW/XAA, 8 years old) that would intermittently not drain the water prior to the spin cycle, generating the “nd” error code each time. The problem occurred more frequently over a period of a week or so, and finally the washer stopped draining altogether. I first checked the drain pump / lines for clogs, etc. but found nothing, and as noted, it was working intermittently. I used the schematic on the washer (visible after I removed the top panel) to find the connections on the main control board that send power to the drain pump, put a multi-meter on the connections and started the spin cycle, but it read 0 volts (should be 120V to the drain pump).

    Figuring it had to be “the board”, I luckily found someone with a used board, same part number, for cheap on eBay, so ordered and installed it. That board allowed my washer to drain (!!) prior to the spin cycle, but the eBay board had a different problem that wouldn’t allow the washer to spin up. No matter, now I knew my control board was definitely the problem, so took a closer look at it. Saw a row of 8 relays on the board, one of which is clearly labeled “drain pump”. A failed relay (which is just an electrically powered switch) would definitely explain the symptoms, but how to replace it? All the parts on the board are swimming in 1/4″ or so of hardened silicone sealant.

    At this point, most anyone would just get a new board, but no local shops where I live had one in stock, and the online prices were around $250 for the board. Besides, I hate waiting, I love fixing things, and I had a “spare” board with a whole row of relays, most of which were probably good. I just had to figure out how to get past that silicone goop.

    The main board and the display board are mounted in a plastic housing, back to back. And no WAY was that control board coming out of the housing; Samsung and silicone sealant had seen to that! Instead, I first removed the display board (held in place only by several plastic tabs), so now the housing (and of course, more silicone) was all that was in my way. After measuring and marking the approximate location of the row of relays on the back of the housing, I *carefully* Dremel-ed off a section of the housing, and pried it free from the silicone. Now I used a pencil-sized, pointed wooden dowel to cut through the silicone around the row of relays, front and back side, pulling the silicone off as I went, and finally used a small stiff plastic brush to remove as much of the remaining silicone as possible from the back side (soldered side) of the board.

    I used a 12V power source and multi-meter to test the drain pump relay. Sure enough, no circuit was created on the load side of the relay when 12V was applied to the coil side. I checked all the other relays, and they were working fine. I HAD FOUND IT!! Feeling very confident now, I repeated the board surgery on the spare board, so I could get at those relays also. I used a soldering gun and soldering wick to free one relay, and carefully removed it from the control board. Cleaned off the remaining silicone sealant, fluxed and soldered it back into my original board, replaced the display board, and re-installed into my Sammy front-loader. Powered it back up, and miracle of miracles! I have a washing machine that works perfectly again!

    So, not a repair for everyone (you’d need to have access to and be comfortable with a Dremel and soldering/de-soldering equipment), but it’s totally do-able. If your washer won’t drain, displays “nd” error code, and you’re sure it’s the board, this is an option. I Google’d the part number on the relays (F&T F3AA012E), and there were a couple of U.S.-based sources for purchasing them for less than $10/each.

    BTW, I posted this as a reply to #10 above, but after seeing how many other posters have similar issues to mine, I put it here as a separate post. I can supply pics of the board repair if there’s interest.

  46. \Thanks for the help it was very useful

  47. Thank you so much. Coin clog. Hardest part was moving the machine forward to access. I can see why the newer models have front access door. Would have been much easier. Thanks again

  48. Matt

    I seem to be having the same issue as some of the other posters. On my Samsing WF210ANW washer, I have changed the drain pump twice for the ND error. Both times, the impeller seemed locked in place. I am now on the third pump and again have the ND error. If I have read the posts correctly, then I must check the ground wire and the board for a short or incomplete circuit. I must also check the pressure switch but I don’t know where it is. Any other suggestions?

  49. Hey All, appreciate all the info and the youtube videos for “no drain” syndrome I was experiencing with the samsung WF330. Tore mine down and besides being a good idea to do it ever year to change rusty clamps, clean and remove-repair rusty spots, removed my pump and motor assembly and found that dirty water had found its way into the impeller armature and was keeping it from turning. Cleaned it all out, greased it with water proof silicon grease. Tested it, it ran and re-installed it. Now, folks these pumps just aren’t much and honestly they are cheaply made. Pay attention to how check valves, hose clamps and reassembly. Its a fairly simple task.

  50. ND ERROR code on Samsung front load. Removed pump cleaned all lines etc. seems fine. Hooked pump up outside washer and works fine. Put back in and doesn’t seem to be getting 120V to the pump in machine. What do I check now?

  51. sweet baby jesus… thank you so much a happy wife does indeed lead to a happy wife… super easy fix… god bless you Sr.

  52. Samsung front load washer, rear pump access, about 8-9 years old. Matt you are great for posting. Fixed the pump in less than an hour. Coins and debris in the impeller, had to take apart the impeller, only 4 screws on the pump so 9 screws altogether including pump anchor screws and back panel access plate screws. Put back together and works like intended. The hardest part was reconnecting the ac spade connectors to the pump, made for small South Korean hands maybe, I’m 6’4″ and 250 lbs so getting my hands and fingers in there and lining up the groves in the connector was tough. Also, I had to let the water drain out of the machine via the bottom of the washer plate, had plenty of holes to escape and luckily there is a floor drain right next to the machine. Otherwise it could have been messy. Thanks again Matt!!!!

    Mike H

  53. Hello,

    I have a Samsung washer with the pump in the back. I replaced the pump first before removing any debris as the water seemed to flow out very quickly. After 30 minutes I got the ND error again. so I took it out again and cleared any debris and found a quarter in the first black rubber drain hose. It ran for 30 minutes then gave me the same error after it was removed. Is there a hard reset I need to do or do I need to replace the new drain pump now? Could it be the circuit board?

  54. Hi, I have the Samsung front loader, have cleaned out the debris filter and low and behold there is elastic wound around the propeller unit 🙁

    It appears I need to remove the whole front bottom cover (have unscrewed the single Philips screw) but not sure how to loosen the rest of the frame?

    Any ideas?

  55. My Samsung washer won’t spin out and keeps say weight sensing … please help I’ve read a 100 page on this washer and still got no idea

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