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Mar 122011

How to fix a Whirlpool Duet & Duet sport error code F02.This is a simple DIY appliance repair.

The article below explains how to fix this error code without calling an appliance repair technician out to your home.

Disconnect Power Before Attempting Any Appliance Repair

Repairing the F02 error code can usually be done without ordering parts. Tools needed to repair your whirlpool Duet F02 error code are towels and a quarter inch socket.

Tip the washer back at a 45 degree angle. On the bottom panel there are three or four screws, with the screws removed the panel will slide down and off. With the lower access panel now removed you will have access to the washers drain pump clean out.

With the water already bailed from the washer you can twist the filter head counter-clockwise to remove. Twisting the filter head counter-clockwise will loosen filter so it can be pulled out.

With the filter out clean and install it back into washer.

Run a quick cycle to ensure the washer is back up and running and the F02 error has disappeared. If the error comes back, it may require you to clean the drain pump filter again.

If you require a new drain pump motor, you can purchase the part from the link below.

 Whirlpool Duet & Duet Sport Washer Drain Pump Part Link

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  54 Responses to “How To Fix Whirlpool Duet Error Code F02”

  1. Thank you! Thank you!!!
    Your instructions saved me a MINIMUM of an $80 service call. Your instructions were so easy to understand.

  2. Thank you SO much. My 14 yr old son and I did this. The culprit. …A sock!

  3. It worked! Socks of all things.

  4. This worked awesome for me!! Bobby pins that were sticking through the holes but not broken yet was the culprit for me! Thank you so much for the advice!

    • Hi, You’re most welcome. Glad you found the article helpful. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


  5. Just wanted to add to the list of Thank You’s! Apparently socks are the most common culprit! An errant baby sock was jamming up the works here, so glad I didn’t have to pay a repair man, as I am mom to four crazy boys… extra money doesn’t exist often! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

    • Hi, You’re most welcome. Happy to help. Thank you for taking the time to leave such an awesome comment. I appreciate it. Glad you and your family are back up and running. Good work.



  6. Have done all the above, even used a wet vac to attempt getting out any thing that might have been in the hose, it runs the entire cycle till the last drain and an f02 error then appears. Tells me that it is not the pump because it it getting through a cycle till end, have also checked the drain tube from washer to house… Laundry piled up… Exhausted from this washer and ready to be done! Help?!

    • Hi, sounds like the pump is overheating to me. That’s the most common issue on these particularly machine. The pump runs fine and towards the end of the cycle it’s overheated and does not run. You can verify that with a multimeter. If you’re extremely handy, you could test this.



  7. Great fix. Found 5 plastic bb’s and a guitar pick. No wonder the water couldn’t drain!
    Thank You

  8. Thanks for saving the cost of a repair or new pump. Baby sock, bobby pins, shirt tag and piles of lint. Works like a champ again! Thank you!!

    • You’re most welcome. Happy to help. Glad you found the F02 error code post useful. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


  9. Stupid socks…

    Bought this washer used a few months ago and had been occasionally having issues with it… Found two of the previous owner’s children’s socks in it…

  10. like it seems everyone else: a sock was the culprit.

  11. Thanks so much! Sock and tons of lint were the culprit. Must have been there for a long time as when I took it out the stench of mildew and what not was almost unbearable. Also, when the washer drains it is a MUCH quieter sound now.

  12. Thank you so much Matt!!! I was really in a pickle! My husband was gone (and not due home for days) when I found my machine beeping and flashing the F02 code. I quickly googled it and found your advice here. I had a lot of frustration getting the 3 screws out though! So FYI for those of you who have 7mm screws and not 1/4″. Very good to know! Once I got the panel off, and removed the filter head, I could find nothing blocked. I was just about to replace it when I realized that there was a small hose, coming in from the right side, into the larger hose that the filter head came off of. So I stuck my finger in it and sure enough, there was a very thin scrap of cloth, about 1 x 8″, balled up in there. Voila! I replaced everything and, hallelujah, it ran again! That was a lot of getting up and down off the floor for this tired old gal, but I’m so thrilled to have been able to take care of it and get the laundry finished w/o having to call anyone! 😀

    • AWESOME!! Glad you found the info useful! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such an awesome comment. Happy to help as many folks as I can the best I can.

      If I offered a phone call service is that something you would find useful in you were in a pickle again? Say maybe for $12-15 you could talk to an appliance technician within the hour? Any thoughts from a visitors standpoint on that?

      Thanks all,


      • Sounds good to me, if I had a question about something I did not understand would be nice.
        whole lot less than a service call would be. Thanks so much again.

  13. Thanks for this. Worked great. Total fix and easy. However, I have never cleaned out anything so disgusting in my life. That said, I’m a veterinarian and I’ve seen some pretty disgusting things.

    • You’re most welcome. Yes, the pumps can get pretty nasty. Glad you got the washing machine back up and running. Good work.


  14. Your instructions were perfect and my problem has been fixed. The only issue I ran into was the horrific water that was spilled and the terrible smell from the trap that lingered for hours. This was both “gag worthy” and unbelievably helpful. Truly, thanks for your help.

  15. This solved the problem!! Thank you. Coins, ballpoint pen parts, shirt collar stays and a battery caused the clog. Make sure you have hex screwdrivers before you start the process. a cinder block worked really well to prop and hold the machine.

  16. What an easy DIY project! I had three socks and a baby wash cloth in the filter. I ran my washer machine immediately afterwards and no problem. Thank you so much!

  17. Thank you. Saved me time and money tonight.

  18. Great trouble shooting guide. Easy peasy..thank you so much..save us a service call. Culprit…pennies, screws , buttons ect..omg the junk..who knew..Thank You

  19. Worked like a charm. Drain was plugged with a ankle sock, 1/2 a pencil, and miscellaneous gunk. Thanks.

  20. Thank you so much!! Happy we found this. 12 years of use with a family of 5 makes for a nasty clog. Working like new after this quick fix.

  21. Hello Matthew,

    Thank you very much. We followed your instructions and used our shop vac with the crevice tool (vac paper filter removed) at the drain pump cleanout and slowly turned the filter access cap. This kept the water from leaking to a minimum. It requires patience – but worth it!

    Happy New Year!!!

  22. Matthew,
    Firstly thank you for your easy to follow informative blog!
    I washed my bath rugs and the backing disintegrated in the washer. I did clear the drain as you instructed, it was full of the backing. Plugged it back in, ran the washer and it stopped midway, same code again, washer still isn’t draining, the drum doesn’t seem to be moving either, but it isn’t stuck, I can manually move it. Any advice?

  23. I did just like you said, except I did not tilt machine. I just squatted. Any way I used a t-20 hex screwdriver to take screws out. There was an ink pen, in pieces, a hearing aid battery, a rusted safety pin-broken, couple of toothpicks, and a whole lot of gunk holding it all together and some dirt caked in there. Nasty business. Put all back together and again and was working fine except kinda made a rattling noise and when it got to the rinse cycle again with the F02 error. So I repeated the procedure. However was smarter this time used; a towel and a pan to catch water. Was a little gritty but no clog, so I stuck my finger in the hose that goes to the pump to see if anything was in there and turned with my finger the little whatever plastic thing to see if anything in there. If there was I did not see it but may have loosened something caused all works like a charm now and no noise. Running it through another cycle just to be sure pump is not overheating like you mentioned to someone earlier. Thank you so much really appreciate it. Saved me so much, in money any anguish..lol

  24. Any advice if your washer and dryer are stacked? It says to tip it back but I will not be able to do that stacked…?

  25. Fantastic! Found lint, pens, crayons, coins, toy parts. Thanks! Rene

  26. Wow! Such an easy fix! Guitar pick, coins and lots of lint! Thank you!

  27. Hello, I’ve been getting this error and we cleaned the drain filter (no change) and we bought a new pump motor. Any other suggestions?

  28. Wow! Thank you a million times!!!
    There were 3 pairs of thong underwear stuck in mine!
    How in the heck does that happen?

    • You’re most welcome. It’s a common issue. You probably don’t want to hear this but it’s from overloading the machine..n The smaller items are pushed between the drums.


  29. Thank-you SO much. Super easy fix, but knowing what the code is and what you have to do is half the problem.

  30. Matt-instructions were clear and easy to follow! Thank you! Cleaned out the filter and found some small rocks and 3 shirt collar points. Not sure if these items damaged the impellers, but the pump isn’t draining and making a sound when we try a rinse/spin cycle now that the filter is clear. Perhaps the debris damaged the impellers. Can we just replace the impellers or do we need to replace the entire pump?

  31. Thank you so much! My Duet is 12 years old. I thought that was the end of it. Well, read and followed your instructions. We did not need to tilt the machine as it is on a pedestal. Filter had a piece of plastic and an insert of a female garment lodged in it and all the lint and grunge of 12 years. Now the washer washes as good as new.

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate your advice and the sharing of it.

  32. Ty so much for this simple step by step!! I’m a single mom that knows nothing about this stuff, but with your guidance it was easy !! Thanks again!!

  33. My whirlpool duet front loader started giving me a f02 error code 2 weeks ago. I clean out the drain trap and made sure the hoses are not krimp. I went ahead and replaced the drain pump, which was simple enough thinking this will solve my Delma.. that would be a BIG FAT NO am still getting the same error code. The error code come on when the machine goes from wash to drain. I hear the water stater to pump then it stops. I have no over suds water pressure is fine.However; when I put it to drain and spin it has not issues
    can you please give me any advice on possible issues to look for? I truly don’t want to call in a repair guy if I can do the work myself.

    Thank you,

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