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Mar 142011

Dacor ovens all have one very common issue. Dacor uses door hinges that are to weak for the heavy door. Over time the hinges wear out and the oven door will not seal. Often this is visually noticeable. One of the oven doors will protrude further than the other.

To test a Dacor oven door hinges, you can place a piece of paper between the door and seal. Pull back on the paper if tension is felt the hinges are good.If you need to replace the hinges, we can explain and walk you through your oven repair.

Start by removing the door. The oven hinges will need to be locked out in order to remove the door. Below is a link to a video that you can watch. This video explains how to remove the oven door and separate to clean the glass and replace the hinges.

Oven Door Repair Video Link Click Here

With the door removed and separated the hinges can be replaced. The hinges will need to be locked to install the oven door back into the correct position. A pair of channel locks will often be enough to squeeze the door hinge into locking position.

Dacor has many authorized distributors online. If you would like to purchase Dacor oven door hinges you can do so by clicking on the link below. If this article has helped you use the comment form below. We appreciate feed back good and bad.

Dacor oven & Appliance Parts Click Here


  3 Responses to “How To Fix Dacor Range oven Door Hinge Oven Door Not Shutting”

  1. Hello. I am attempting to replace the hinges on a Dacor wall oven for a friend. It seemed a relatively easy job until I saw that the lock pins had been twisted and distorted so they would not engage the arms. It seems I cannot remove the door by any other means ! Is there another way of removing old hinges. I believe the locks were damaged by an over zealous relative when the door was out of alignment. The door has been replaced once already and I .totally agree the original hinges are not substantial enough for the door weight. Dacor should have addressed this issue under a warranty or at best not changed $ 120.00
    For new hinges
    Thanks for any help or comments. John McGrady.

    • John, I’m just getting back into town. Sorry for such a late response. If you still need a hand, come over to the forum and I will assist you.


  2. Great info. Where do I get the hinges for a Dacor oven. I tried the link provided and did not see any

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