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Mar 162011

Often times you discovered this error when you opened the door to you Sub Zero Refrigerator and noticed the flashing clean condenser light, and now you may need service.  Sub Zero Refrigerators have built in sensors that help preserve food.  These same sensors let the control know the compressor is running, however, the temperature inside the fresh food section of freezer hasn’t reached the desired temperature.

Fixing a Sub Zero Refrigerator flashing vacuum condenser light may require a CFC (Certified Sealed System–in other words freon) Technician to make the repair.  More often than not the condenser just needs to be cleaned.  Depending on the age and model of your Sub Zero Refrigerator, the condenser is access from the top or the bottom. On side by side Sub Zero Refrigerators the grill on the top of the refrigerator needs to be removed to gain access to the condenser coils.  Remove the screws on the bottom of the grill if your model has one.  If not, just pull the top forward.   The springs on the back of the grill hook into a metal clip. Take the grill off, and set it aside.

Now on the right hand side you will see the condenser.  This is the square looking thing that has a lot of metal fins near a fan. These metal fins are what needs to be cleaned.  You can use a condenser coil brush that can purchased from a local hardware store.  Rub the fins with the coil brush while holding a vacuum up by the condenser.  This will help keep the mess from the dust down to a minimal level.

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  1. Thank you for the info. I’ll be purchasing a coil brush tomorrow! Hopefully, it’ll do the trick.

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