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Mar 172011

The Whirlpool top mount refrigerator is one of the most common residential refrigerators in America today.  Whirlpool also makes most of the Kenmore brand top mount refrigerator freezer units.  On top mount refrigerator freezers, the freezer section cools the refrigerator section.  When the evaporator fan motor fails behind the back wall inside the freezer, the refrigerator section will warm up.  Replacing the evaporator fan motor is a simple process on top mount refrigerators.  Testing the refrigerators evaporator fan motor is simple with the correct tools.  The fan motor needs 110v to turn on and cool the refrigerator. If power (120 volts) is present between the two fan motor terminals the motor needs to be replaced.

Accessing a Whirlpool or Kenmore top mount refrigerators fan motor is simple.  Start by removing the ice maker.  There are three screws which mount the ice maker to the side wall in the freezer section. Remove the three screws going into the side wall, and the ice maker will lift up and off.  The wire harness will need to be disconnected from the ice maker.  Next, the two 1/4 inch screws on the top of the rear panel need to be removed. Now the back panel will pull out at this point, giving you access to the evaporator fan motor.

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