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Mar 202011

Viking gas ovens use an igniter.

The oven igniter on Viking rages fail often and create a no heat or slow heat condition. Viking uses a flat oven igniter. The best way to test a Viking oven igniter is by using an amp meter. The meter should be placed on one of the igniter wires while in preheat mode. The meter should read 3.2 this is normal amp draw.

Replacing the igniter on a Viking gas oven is simple. Start by removing the racks followed by the rack holders on the side. The bottom base pan of Viking oven lifts out of position once the side racks are removed. Viking oven ignters are held down to the burner tube with two screws. It best to use a small amount of lubrication on these screws to avoid them from stripping out.

Viking sends the ignitier with ends that need to be spliced. Use a wire cutter/stripper to cut the old wires and peel back the insulation. Use ceramic wire nuts when connecting the new igniter wires to the old wires.

Reinstall the igniter and base pan before checking for proper operation. When the igniter draws 3.2 amps the gas valve will open and the gas will lite. Viking has built this safety feature into all of their ovens.

Viking oven repair is simple, we know Viking appliances well. If you have a Viking oven question, you can speak with a Viking technician in our forum. A factory trained Viking technician will answer your question, simply click on the link below to be connected.

Viking Oven Repair Forum

If you don’t want to use forum support, comment below and we will try our best to assist.

  4 Responses to “Viking Gas Range Not Heating”

  1. I have a 30 inch Viking range and the 4 top burners are working fine but the oven is not. When I turn it to bake and set the temp. It will ignite for only a few seconds and then stop sparking and no gas? The broiler is also working fine. Do you know what could be wrong? Please let me know I would love to buy the part from you and replace myself.


    Karl Cook

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      What is the model number? Does it have electronic spark in oven or does it use a bake igniter? Do you see a red glow from the bottom when set to bake or does it spark?


  2. Have a Viking model # vgrc485-4gqdss. I see the red glow but does not heat up? What would be the part to replace. Both oven are the same way.

  3. Our gas Viking oven will ignite and will not keep running. We think we need a new gas valve. Could it be anything else? Thoughts?

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