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Mar 242011

Fisher Paykel dishwashers encounter the F2 error code often.  This error code is saying that the wash rotor has failed and isn’t moving anymore.  Fisher Paykel dishwashers use a rotor that is powered by a stator motor.  Several things can happen that cause the F2 error code to appear on the dishwasher LCD screen such as a locked rotor, a jammed rotor, or a chipped rotor.  Fisher Paykel makes it easy to remove and clean or replace the rotor.  If you don’t know how to remove the rotor the link below is a video that explains how.

Fisher Paykel Dishwasher Rotor Repair Video

If you still have questions about your fisher paykel dishwasher, use the contact us tab or post your question in the fisher paykel dishwasher repair forum.

Fisher Paykel Dishwasher Repair Forum

  6 Responses to “Fisher Paykel Dishwasher F2 Error Code Dishwasher Repair Help”

  1. They should recall all of these poorly made machines! We paid top dollar for ours and have had it worked on twice under warranty and twice since then, i still have only one of the two washers working, i dont see ever buying anything with this brand name on it, again. unless they recall or start fixing the stuff they sell

    • Thanks for commenting friend. You are not the first person that has said something along these lines to me. They have improved the double dish drawer several times now. Fisher Paykel has some kinks to work out no doubt. I hear you though, there should be some kind of appliance lemon law, right?

  2. You could say that about most fp products. We had a washing machine that was just hideous, apparently they don’t seal their circuit boards.
    Our fp has it’s elements frozen up which need a service every 2-3 years.
    I begged my wife nor to get the dishdrawer, but we did……
    It leaks, why, but need
    S a dry out every 6 months. We have the f2 code. Innovative design, but probably one of the most poorly built products anywhere on earth. If you do buy fp, make sure you include the extended warranty, because it will fall apart.

  3. I have just replaced the rotor and am still getting the F2 error. Any ideas?

  4. We just purchased a home with the Fisher Paykel DD603 model and both drawers have F2 codes. The top drawer started to fill and then the code came on. The bottom drawer didn’t even start to fill and get the same F2. We pulled the rotors and they appear to be worn terribly.
    Just wondering if anyone has had the same problems.

    • i just replaced the motor rotor and it is still giving me a F@ code and does nothing else.
      my top drawer dishwasher did the F2 code and I took the rotor from the bottom drawer and put it in the top drawer and it now works great but the bottom wont work with the new rotor

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