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Mar 242011

Disconnect power before attempting any appliance repair!

Fisher Paykel washer have one very common error code. This error code is 37. The display lights on fisher paykel washer will illuminate, each one represent a different numerical value.  Fisher Paykel uses an auxiliary drain pump to pump the washer water out. Often times debris will become lodged inside the drain pump causing the error code 37.

Most times you can fix your fisher paykel washer error code 7 without parts. Start by tipping the washer back, the drain motor is in the front right corner. Remove the wires to pump and depress the tab on the side of the pump. Once the drain pump is twisted pasted the lock position it will drop down. Note when the pump is removed all water inside the washer will come out. Bail as much water as possible before drain pump removal, a pile of towels may also be handy. When the impeller on the drain pump doesn’t move the control senses this and will give the error code. Often times a small sock or undergarments will make it past the inner tub and down to the pump. Finding clothes stuck in the pump would indicate either overloading or not using a garment bag.

Fisher Paykel washer repair is simple, we know these units well and can assist you with any repair or review question you have. You can also speak with a Fisher Paykel appliance technician in our repair forums in the link below.

Fisher Paykel Washer Repair Forum

  17 Responses to “Fisher Paykel Washer GWL10 GWL11 Error Code 37 Fisher Paykel Washer Repair Tips”

  1. I have a fisher Paykel intuitive ecosmart giving error code 37. The machine pumps most of the water out and says it is in spin cycle but it never spins. can hear it tying to slowly start to spin and eventually gives the fault code 37, also has an electrical burning smell. I think from the main motor. I removed the pump, found a couple of small bobby pins. Cleaned and re-installed butstill the same problem.

    • Hello, sounds like you have a faulty pump. It’s a known issue on these units. The pump shorts and and will also take the main board with it if the new fuse kit is not installed on the washer.

      • I have the exact same problem on our GW711, burning smell then error 37, I just replaced the motor control module successfully.
        Cant find a fuse box, is one available for this model ?

        • Hi, thank you for taking the time to comment.

          Not sure what your referring to as the fuse box? When you replace the pump it comes with in line fuse that you wire in so the pump doesn’t take the board out again.

  2. The short in the motor is probably caused by corrosion on the drum which spins inside the magnet causing the short circuit within the electric motor. Removal of the drum mechanism is straight forward and can be sanded back to corrosion free and reinstalled, the smokey smell is caused by the short circuit and as stated a fused installed inline with the motor will prevent further electrical problems with other parts of the machine

  3. Hi our Front load washing machine constantly says error 37… We have cleaned the filter and did find debris but since then there has not been any debris… I have also noticed that the rubber around the front of the machine looks like it has twisted, it is very thick rubber and I have no idea how this may have happened, I was wondering if this has any consequence as to why we are having troubles with the machine spinning and emptying…. As even when the spin load has finished the garments are still soaking wet….or it spins so much that you have to hold the machine to stop it from going to the other side of the laundry….our machine was installed by an installer from Harvey Norman only 12 months ago

  4. I am having same issue…….about how much is a new pump or should I just shop for a new washer? Same thing won’t spin out and I smell burning!

  5. Hi…I’m following the instructions but can’t find the tab on the side of the pump that l should depress. What colour is it ?

  6. I’m having trouble locating the diverter valve on the fisher & paykel smart drive L08 washer. Diagnosis code is 37. Found a video online showing how to check the diverter on another model. I have washer on front. Can’t find anything that looks like what I saw in the video with two hoses. I just see one hose.

  7. Had a look at a neighbours F&P with the same error 37 code.
    Turned out to be a hair pin/clip that stopped the pump from turning.
    Luckily I could get it out from the front via the Filter Access after removing the filter “basket”.
    Had to turn off the power, turn off the water taps, open the door & bail out as much water as possible from the drum. Then tilt the machine backwards, unscrew the filter access plug just a bit to place a low container under it ( a cat litter tray is a great size ) and then tilt the machine slowly forward to allow the water to drain out whilst controlling the water flow by screwing the filter access plug in and out.
    Once the water was all emptied, remove the filter access plug & filter basket and look into the pump. Remove any visible blockage and check if you can easily turn the pump impeller by finger pressure. If the impeller won’t turn and you can’t see anything, then the blockage will need clearing by removing the pump from under the machine.
    Note: the normal rubber drain hose that you pull out to empty the machine before removing the filter did NOT allow me to drain the machine in this case.
    Since doing this the machine has worked normally.

  8. I have same code 37 problem and same smell… I found another Selni pump which i replaced after completely disassembly with new grease on bearings and clean, but problem continues… Removed all pipes to check for blockage too…
    Still no joy… The original pump measured 32ohms and one i replaced had 62ohms…
    Any advice please?

  9. Thank you for this advice. Washing machine is running fine again.

  10. Hi, I have an error code 37 and I still have a load in the washer water is coming up half way on the front loader. How do I fix this please?

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