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Mar 242011

Kenmore washing machines are very dependable washing machines.  However, they will encounter a problem or two along the way which is usually unexpected.  These problems can occur sometimes months and often years after the initial purchase.  The most common issue is a clogged drain pump filter which will result in the error code F02 or F21.  Cleaning the drain pump will often fix this issue, in some cases the pump will need to be replaced to solve the F02 or F21 error code.

Kenmore HE front load washing machines also have another very common issue. Kenmore washing machines have a electronic control board that can tell when a component has failed.  Another error code that is fairly common on Kenmore front load washers is the error code FH. This indicates there is a fill issue.  There are several things to check when this error code is present. The first is the fill hoses.  Flood safe hoses will cause the error code FH because front load washers call for too much water too quickly.  The flood safe hoses are a great concept but do not work on front load washers. The second thing to inspect would be the water valve screens. The screens become clogged with sediment not allowing water to enter the machine.

Kenmore HE washers also have a feature that will lock the interface control board. When this happens, the lights on the control panel will flash but the washer will not start. On the control panel, look for the ‘End Of Cycle” button. This button is what “Locks” and “Unlocks” the user interface. Depress for three seconds to switch between the two.  If the control lock light stays on and will not shut off, replace the user interface control board to fix the washer.

Kenmore washing machines are very simple to repair yourself. We here at ApplianceRepairLesson.com know Kenmore top load and front load washers well.  If you require further assistance, use the forum tab below to speak to an appliance technician today.

Kenmore Washer Repair Forum

  5 Responses to “Kenmore Washing Machine Troubleshooting Washer Repair Help”

  1. Kenmore front loader model 417 will not engage motor during agitation or spin cycles. I’ve repaired a similar problem in the past by replacing door lock mechanism but the only problem before was no high speed spin cycle. I have AC to the motor and continuity at the thermal cut out test point. I’ve replaced door lock and timer. What should I try next?

  2. i have a kemore direct drive frontload washer that will get stuck at 9 minutes on the red cyles. these are the delicate cycles if i stop it and go into the blue cycles it works fine. my model number is 501-40002 which is a canadian model but i can not seem to get any help. i am not getting any error codes

  3. I purchase kenmore front load washer sept 2014….Jan 2015washer lid light wouldn’t go off and machine wouldn’t drain r spin, Sears sent out a sub contractor Big kountry who came out, drained water and left, remind you my washer was still under warranty, therefore he didnot replace any parts….Now here we r in Aug 2016, same problem BUT this time its a fee???? Why for the same problem frm when it was under warranty. ..Sear’s im 1 in several other’s unhappy customer

  4. I have a Kenmore washing machine model no. 501-40002. It makes a load airplane type noise on the spin cycle.Is it a cheap or expensive repair?

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