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Mar 252011

Did you recently open your refrigerator door and notice the center divider and door seal are warm or hot to the touch?  This will happen on Kenmore refrigerators caused by one of two things. Kenmore uses a condenser fan motor on the rear by the compressor. The first thing to check is the actual condenser coils.  I know you have heard “clean your refrigerator condenser coils” before, and if not you should be cleaning them every 6 months at least.  If the refrigerator condenser coils are dirty, the freezer and or the refrigerator seals may become warm to the touch.  The second most common reason for this issue is the fan motor next to the compressor can stall. The condenser fan motor draws air across the compressor keeping is cool. When the fan stalls, the compressor becomes overly warm and the heat transfers into the refrigerator mullion. The mullion strip is also commonly referred to as the divider between the refrigerator and freezer.

A volt meter is needed to verify proper voltage is present in the event the fan motor has stalled.  Often, pushing the fan motor past the stall spot will start the motor. Depending on the make and model of your refrigerator, the voltage at the condenser fan motor may vary.  Some refrigerators use AC voltage and other refrigerators use DC voltage currents.  On most kenmore refrigerators the condenser motor voltage is 110 volts ac. If you require further assistance and would like to speak to an Appliance Technician post your question in our DIY repair forum.

Kenmore Refrigerator Repair forum

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