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Mar 302011

The Whirlpool Cabrio washer is a common residential washer in North America.   The Cabrio washer has several common failures even though the washer is quite new to the market.  Often times the lid lock assembly is required to be replaced because the lid will not lock function properly and secure the lid shut.  Whirlpool uses small clips to hold down the top panel under the lid on most washers.   A putty knife works best to release these clips.  To gain access under the top panel, place the putty knife where the top between the top and front panels in the reveal.   Approximately three or four inches from the left and right corners you will feel the metal clip.  Push in with the putty knife and the top will lift up so that you can access inside the washer for replacing the lid latch or other washer components.

Looking for Whirlpool Cabrio parts?  Enter your washer model number into the search box and order your part today.   Need help installing a Whirlpool appliance part?  You can post your question in our Whirlpool repair forums by clicking on the link below.

Whirlpool Washer Repair Forum



  4 Responses to “How To Open Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Top Washer Repair Help”

  1. think I have a bearing going out not sure which one or how to access it

  2. I can’t get the top to release. Any suggestions?

    • Hello, the easiest way is to unplug the machine then remove the screws on the back by the hinges. Slide the top forward then put the screws back in the hinge so the top can pivot back and up. That’s what works for us.


  3. My springs will not pop loose so I can get top off, any suggestions please

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