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Apr 022011

Frigidaire ovens use a flat oven igniter to heat the oven.  The broil igniter is also a flat igniter, both should draw 3.2 amps to open the saftey valve.

Both  the bake and broil  igniter will fail at some point, replacing either is simple.  First you will need to order the part from a local appliance parts house or from us.  Simply enter you ovens model number into the search box.

To test the igniter an amp meter is needed.  With the oven set to bake and the amp meter around one wire, 3.2 should read out on the meter display.  Any less than 3.2 amps and the gas valve may not light or only light for several seconds.

To access the igniter remove the racks and lower oven pan.  Two screws or clips will hold the lower pan down.  With the bottom out of the oven the igniter will be accessible.  Two screws usually 5/16  hold the oven ignter to the burner tube.  A trick that works is to apply a drop of oil to screw before removing it.  This will help prevent the screws from striping out. The lower oven drawer needs to be removed in order to unplug the wires from the valve.  Only use Frigidaire OEM oven parts for your repair.  If you need help finding your Frigidaire oven parts, use the contact form and we will assist you.

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