Apr 022011

Fisher Paykel uses a floating basket on their washers.  The basket is simple to remove and may be necessary if the drain motor needs cleaned.  Removing the inner basket on a Fisher Paykel washer is done by lifting the top and removing the two  rubber plugs on each corner.  Once each rubber piece is removed, remove the screw below and lift the top.  The Fisher Paykel Dryer comes apart the same way.

Saftely lean the top of the washer against the wall.  The splash ring needs to come off next, lift the splash ring tabs on the side and remove.  Take the agitator cap off, remove the small plastic nut that is inside the bottom of the washers agitator.  Lift the agitator up and place to the side.

The inner wash basket should now lift up and out of the machine. Fisher Paykel washer are simple to repair, if you require further assistance, post your question in our F&P Repair Forum.

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