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Apr 132011

Samsung refrigerators are very simple refrigerators to work on.

From a glance they seem a bit complicated and overwhelming even to an Appliance Repair Technician.

Samsung refrigerators have been in the field for several years now in the United States.

As with everything the first few production runs had some common issues when they were first introduced. They have since fixed most of those “common issues” and have a much more reliable product in the market place.

The newer Samsung refrigerators have fewer problems.  If you do run into a problem, here is how to self diagnose your Samsung Refrigerator yourself.

After holding the correct buttons in (see diagram below) a segment will display in the “88 88” area on the panel. Use the chart below to determine which error code your Samsung Refrigerator is displaying.

Still not sure what the error code means?

Comment below I’d be happy to help you fix your Samsung refrigerator yourself without having to call in a refrigerator technician.

You can also use the free DIY Appliance Repair Forum located at the top of this page or by simply clicking on the link below.

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  502 Responses to “Samsung Refrigerator Troubleshooting Self Diagnostics Refrigerator Repair”

  1. The deep freeze of my d/d refrigerator iced up so I removed the back panel & defrosted it. When I switched it on again the front temp indicator came on and then went blank. There is current to the fridge as the inside lights are working. The fridge itself does not appear to be running Can this be reset …if so how do I do this?

    Thank you

    • Hello, if you hold the button on the top left and top right at the same time that should put the unit into diagnostics. Let me know if that turns the display on. If not, come over to the forum and I will assist you.


      • my fridge is not working – 2 years old. I noticed the freezer was not working first.
        and then I also noticed that the display buttons for the temperature is not working.
        When I press the freezer button it shows -17, it stays for a second then switches to -2 and then all the display goes blank other than the ice and water buttons.

        When I press the fridge is shows 2 and then goes all the lights go blank.

        Very upset as I expected not to have any problems for quite a few years buying this fridge.

        I have also tried shutting down the power source for 10 minutes, but it doesn’t seem to change anything.

      • Hi

        I have a Samsung RSG5DUMH American style fridge freezer. The compressor and main PCB have been changed a year or so ago. Its a very odd problem, when the fridge is cool, ie 1 to 5 degree and the freezer seems to get hotter, ie instead of -21 it usually 3 to 5 degrees… the only way I can get both sides back to normal temperature is to turn the power off then back on, this resolves the problem for about 24 hours then then problem again… any ideas?

        many thanks

        • I am having the same issue except it’s with the fridge part (not freezer). I have had it cleaned inside and out by a tech and I replaced the fridge fan for it was getting noisy.

          In my case after plugging it back in, it cools the fridge ok for awhile, then at some point it starts pumping warm air in the fridge. Cycle the power and it goes back to working ok….

      • Refrigerator not cooling and freezer has seemingly stopped. Display constantly show “Of”
        Please advise. Thanks –

      • You are awesome. I had already called samsung and they were sending a service tech in a few days, when I found your site. Thank you so much.

        • Kristina, You’re most welcome. Happy to help. Thank you for the kind words I appreciate it. Glad Samsung is sending someone out to take care of your refrigerator problem.


      • A big thank you from N. California!! I checked my manual thoroughly and this solution was not provided. It worked!!

        OUR MODEL: Samsung RS263TD Refrigerator — side by side

        OUR PROBLEM: Fridge motor was loud and eventually stopped. We removed the inside fridge panel and defrosted – then reassembled. Plugged back in, fridge began to cool normally, lights functioned – the indicator light/control panel was NOT functioning – one bar/indicator light blinked continuously and the standard manual instructions would not reset.

        SOLUTION (thank you again, Admin!): Simultaneously press “LIGHTING” (top left) & “ENERGY SAVER” (top right) for approximately 3 seconds — it immediately reset the entire control panel. All is functioning fine!

    • Hi,

      Our fridge started w the freezer not going to proper temperature, and now the refrigerator is doing the same.


    • My Samsung bottom freezer keeps tripping my braker. I bought it used/. It worked right for 3 days. Now whenever the motor kicks on it trips a braker! Any help would be awesome!

  2. Circulation motor fan is running very loud. What can I do to stop it?

    • Hi, the most common issue with this Samsung refrigerator is the fan itself. Let me know if you need help getting inside to verify that the fan is what’s making the noise.


      • our model rm255barb fan started making noise inside the refrig and would stop when we open the refrig door.

        we do not have any frost or water inside the frig all ventilation is clear.

        What could the problem be?

        • Hi, thanks for the comment. It sounds like the fan is either going bad or there is ice behind the panel and you just cant see it. I suspect the latter of the two. If you need more help post in the forum and I will assist you.

          • I’m having the same issue, but I have condensation near the little vents.
            What does this mean?

          • Hi thanks for your help! I have ice build up as observed after opening the door of the mechanics in ice maker….. What to do?

      • Hi there

        Samsung Model RL67MCPW………Fan making a loud noise for about 30 to 45 mins. when fridge door is closed. Then the noise stops for a while. How do we rectify without invalidating the warranty?

        • Hi, This can only mean one thing.. The fan motor is hitting something. Most likely there is an ice build up behind the panel. Usually this happens when one of the defrost components fail. If the evaporator doesn’t defrost automatically, ice build up to the point the evaporator fan motor hits the ice creating the noise.

          If the unit is under warranty and you don’t want to void it, the only way would be to set up a service call, unfortunately. But based on your complaint it sounds like you have a defrost issue.

  3. The area below the deli bin is filled with water. What could this be and how do I fix it?

  4. I have a Samsung double door (similar to Samsung SRS580DHLS). On the freezer side (right hand) it is not making cold but the fridge (left hand) is still working fine…. What can be the problem and what can I do?

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment:) The most common issue on the Samsung refrigerators are the defrost heater failing. When the heater fails the evaporator builds up frost which turns to ice and then the fan can not pull air through the fins like it should.

      If you remove the crisper drawers, do you see frost/ice on the back panel?

      • Hi.

        Thank you for replying.
        I’ve checked it and yes there is ice on the back panel.
        What can I do to solve this problem?

        • Yes, you’re welcome.
          I figured there would be it’s common on this model.
          First you need to test the heater and make sure it’s bad. The back panel in the refrigerator needs to be removed to gain access.

          Come over to the forum and we can walk through a few more steps in detail.


          • How can I get to the form for the same issue?

          • My fridge coils r icing also and fridge is warm. My husband defrosted them twice n once again its warm. We need to permanently fix this problem. How do I get to for? Thank u!!!!

  5. I have a Sumsung model# RS2534WW . The problem is that I have no water coming out to my ice tray.
    I have water to the drink section.
    I tried setting the reset button, but nothing happens and the circuit board seems dead.
    I had all the relays changed and a new mother board changed.
    How can I resolve this problem?

  6. Our freezer is leaking water onto the floor. It’s 3 years old. Any suggestions?

  7. Refrigerator model rb21555h. The problem the fridge stops automatically to defrost at six hours but doesn’t not restart it self again.

    Thank you


    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      How do you get the refrigerator to start again? If you unplug it for a minute, does it restart and cool?

      Sounds like a main PCB issue to be sure let me know the answer to the above question.


      • This sounds like my problem. I have a RB195BSSB and it cools ok for awhile, not sure if it’s 6 hours or not, then it starts blowing hot air into the fridge. The only way to get it to cool again is to pull the plug and start it again.

        I had a samsung tech out to fix it three times, on the third time he said he replaced the main computer board, but the charge was only $50 so I’m suspicious it was not actually changed…..

        Anyone have a solution to this?

  8. Samsung Model RS261MDWp – Freezer fan is noisy. Shuts off when door is opened. I’m pretty handy and am curious if this is a relatively easy fix. Thanks.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. Sounds like ice is building up on the coils behind the back panel. You could have a heater, thermostat, or pcb issue.

      You would need to take the back panel out and see if the coils are heavily frosted over?

  9. There is a blue light blinking on the fridge side of the control panel. I am unable to use any of the controls. I have tried to unplug the unit and it did not reset? Any thoughts?

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Is the blue light a segment in the 88 88 display? If you put the unit into diagnostics, what code comes up?


      • I’m having this same problem on my model#Rs261MDRS I don’t know how to do diagnostic, I called samsung they were no help

      • I am having this problem too .the third light fridge temp is flashing .i have no diagnostic .how do I reset?

  10. My Samsung French Door, Dual Icemaker, white in color is collecting water & freezing in the bottom of freezer drawer. I have pulled the top drawer out and removed the ice (about an inch thick) once already. The ice is stopping the freezer door from closing, unless I push it closed. We purchased it in Sept 2011. Anything that I can do to fix this?

  11. My samsung fridge is freezing in the fridge part. The freezer is working fine but after about a few hours the tea and milk etc are frozen solid.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. I’d like to help you with your Samsung refrigerator troubleshooting.

      I would need the model number to better assist you.

      Is it only freezing on the top shelf in the refrigerator or the entire refrigerator section top to bottom?


      • Ours is doing the same thing, sometimes days at a time. Other times it takes a week or two to mess up again. We had an appliance guy change the thermisters, but that didn’t help. Samsung Model # RB215LASH. Would love to hear from you! We don’t know what to think.

        • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

          This is not a very common issue on these units.

          I would suspect either an air flow issue or control failure. Check the air flow located in the back. Make sure it’s not blocked and diverting the air incorrectly.

          If the thermistors have been replaced, it could be the control at fault. If the control does not read the thermistors correctly, it could let the compressor run to long and cause the freezing issue.


          • On the diagnostics chart above, it only shows lines on the second and fourth figure 8, does it make a difference if the blinking light is on the first or third figure 8?

          • I have the same model and the same exact problem.

      • My Samsung model #RB2055SL is freezing in the crisper. What should the temperature be set at for the frige and freezer. Hope you can help me. Thank you

  12. my samsung fridge is flashing a 27 E code on the control panel.The control panel is blank other than that code.the model number is RF4287HABP, the serial number is I-02143CZ700107R. This flashing started right after we had a split second power flicker at our home.Can you help on this issue?thks

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      The error code 27 E is a communication error. It’s pointing towards the LCD on front and Main PCB on rear. Make sure the connections on both boards are good and all the wires are seated correctly.

      You can try unplugging the refrigerator for several minutes to see if that will reset the controls?


  13. Our Samsung Fridge that is less than 2 yrs old has a smell that we can’t get rid of and it’s been going on since Christmas. We’ve taken everything out. We’ve cleaned it with bleach water & soap twice now. We’ve put newspaper in there, coffee grounds, baking soda & still can’t get rid of it. There are times it seems like it’s going away but then it always comes back. Now it seems like it’s getting worse.

    • Hi, have you checked the drain pan under the refrigerator? I’ve seen some pretty nasty stuff in their over the last ten years. I’ve also seen the fan motor give off a bad smell to. Usually it’s a rotten egg type of smell.


  14. We just purchased a new 28ft Samsung 3 door model with the control panel on the left upper door. For some reason today the displayed temp went to 0 on both sides. I reset it to the original temps and in about 5 seconds it goes back to 0. Any ideas?

  15. Hi, did the diagnostic and the #4 LED light on the fridge flashed. The refridgerator had been making a “working too hard” noise and now there is no noise so apparently according to #4 there is a fan issue. Now what? Oh, I also have had the problem with freezing under the deli drawer.

  16. I have a Samsung refridgerator model rb195acpn . the freezer is on the bottom .my issue is underneath the vegetable drawers water pools up and freezes.i also do not have a water conection hooked up so were is the water coming from.

  17. I have a Samsung fridge model rb195acpn . the freezers on the bottom .it has no water source but water pools up underneath the vegetable drawers in the fridge the freezes,were is the water coming from.

  18. Hi there I have a Samsung RL38 and afer having it for almost nine years my frisge is making a noise…not sure if the fan is iced up or is it motor itself giving problems…please help

  19. My display went dark but if I touch it still beeps like for weather, etc. Is there a bulb that I can replace?

  20. We have a 2013 Samsung side by side. Model # RS261MBRS. Everything functions well except that there is a loud intermittent noise when song the ice or water dispensers. It sounds like a machine gun firing. Does not happen every time, but does several times a day.

  21. My icemaker keeps making a loud clicking sound. How can I make it stop? I tried pressing the reset button but that didn’t help.

  22. Freezer and refrigerator not working. I replaced main mother bord and start up relay for compressor

  23. Sorry,I did not mention it was samsung refrigerator rs2630sh, also I replaced fan motor

  24. my control panel reads of for the fridge and freezer

  25. good morning matthew, our one year old samsung model rf263beaesr is making a vibrating or grinding noise in the back when dispensing water or filling the ice unit

  26. Samsung RF266ABP completely quit displays have been flashing 80 and 8U for months with no way to change anything now I’ve pushed and held the two buttons you indicated the control s and displays are back to normal with ability to change settings and everything but still not working any ideas ? Thanks

  27. Our Samsung model #RF267AAWP is making a very loud clicking sound and won’t make ice. The click is not consistent.

  28. Model RFG237. Our power was off for a moment, and the display shows “88 88” with the #3 segment blinking. The buttons do not respond, nor does the ice selector button. I unplugged the fridge for a few minutes and replugged with no change.

    Is this normal behavior for a R-DEF-SENSOR fault code?

    Your graphic indicates that the component must be checked for an error. Is there additional diagnostics, or was that fancy talk for “replace the part.”

    What is a R-DEF-SENSOR, and how do I replace it?


    • update! After an hour or so, the fridge display is normal, and it seems to be running properly.

      Do you think the fridge is OK?

  29. Hello I have a samsung refrigerator model # rs267lash my freezer does not get cold I pulled of the back panel and their is no ice build up so can you tell me why my freezer will not freeze

  30. Hi I purchase new Samsung refrigerator of 192 ltrs. it is new but it is giving water flow sound in deefreezer but it is new why I am getting this kind of noise I don’t know is it defective in freeze.. shall I replace for better because it is new . advise me asap

  31. We have a model #RF265AABP Samsung French Door with bottom freezer. The problem is the Ice Off light keeps flashing and chiming. We have tried to reset the refrigerator with no luck. Any suggestions?

  32. Side by side fridge freezer counter depth. Every 45 mins to an hr, there is a 3 signal alarm ringing. It is 3 longer rings, unlike the door open alarm.

  33. i bought a Samsung refrigerator five years ago it stopped getting cold I have called Samsung but no one has returned my call. getting frustrated and angry. I thought I was buying top of line.

    • Hi Phyllis. Did you ever find out what was going on with your fridge? I am also having that problem. The freezer is fine, but the fridge just stopped cooling.

  34. Our Samsung refrigerator with dual ice maker was purchased last June. The ice maker on the bottom in the freezer drawer has stopped making ice. Any suggestions on what to do or check?

    • Did you have any luck fixing your issue? My refrigerator is currently doing the same thing.

    • My bottom icemaker stopped working too. It was after I filled the freezer with stuff and it later had frost on them. Everything seems to be working perfect other than the bottom icemaker. Is there a switch that turns it on and off that I may have bumped?

      • Hi, make sure nothing is preventing the ice maker from rotating. If something is beside it or below it this could happen.



        • Nothing is beside it or below it and there is no ice in it to rotate into the bin. There is still some frost in there and on the ice maker housing, but the frost on the frozen foods is gone.

          • The door was left open. You’ll need to defrost the entire unit for it to work correctly again. Frost is behind the back panel on the evaporator where you can not see it. Defrost the unit with the doors open for 12hr and it will start cooling again.

            Anyone is most welcome to use the “ASK Matt” tab at the top of this page to speak on the phone with me.



          • Thank you Matt. This service is why I have, and always will own a Samsung.

          • You’re most welcome.

            Thank you

  35. I have a Samsung refridge and just had a power outage and now on the freezer side there is a single flashing light. I have unplugged it several times to reset but still doing the same thing.

  36. Freezer is getting cool but the bottom refrigerator unit is not cool at all, please advise what could be the problem

    • Hi, the most common issue is the defrost cut out. There is a small fuse located behind the back panel that can cause this issue. The defrost heater could also cause this issue.

  37. Hello,

    We have a Samsung fridge model RB 193 KASB. Yesterday and overnight the fridge section became extremely cold, freezing all of our food and liquids. Cold air is blowing continuously in the fridge section, despite us raising the temperature on the LED panel to 7 degrees C. The freezer section seems to be working normally.

    I unplugged the fridge, opened up the panel in the back bottom and cleaned off a ton of dust from the black coils there. After plugging it back in the fridge continued to blow cold air.

    I ran a self-diagnostic test as instructed above and error 12 (C-Fan Error) came up.

    Your help would be really appreciated!

    • Some further information:

      I opened up most of the fridge and checked the thermistors in both the fridge and freezer section, both of which seem to be working (showed normal impedance with a multimeter). Further
      evidence that they’re working is that when I unplug the fridge and plug it back in, the LED
      display seems to show the correct temperature inside both compartments (e.g. -19 for freezer,
      -2 for fridge).

      Somehow, after the interruption in power, the LED panel begins to register false values, telling me that the fridge is at 7 C when it actually remains -2 or -1 C inside the compartment.

      When I examined the evap coils in both compartments, they had some frost and ice build-up, but not a hugely significant amount. It all defrosted on its own in 20-30 mins.

      One thing I noticed today is that even when the fridge fan isn’t running, there is cold air “trickling” out of the fridge vents. Is there a damper between fridge and freezer, and if it was staying open could cold air from my freezer be bleeding into my fridge? If so, do you know where the damper is and what controls it?

      Thanks for any help you can give me!

  38. Our Samsung French Door is collecting water in the vegetable bins- I can’t see any drip paths that would account for this- My produce is getting soggy and sometimes frosty.
    Can you help?
    Thank you-

  39. Pass 4 months I have water pooling in and under the vegetable binds. I tried the diagnostics test and no led lights blinked. What can I do next.

  40. My Samsung refrigerator makes a chirping noise and is driving me crazy!
    Please help.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. I’ve seen this issue multiple times now. It’s usually the fan motor in the freezer or refrigerator section. The ones that I’ve seen usually are the freezer fan motor.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


  41. Well the fridge is fixed. In the end it needed a new control board. I guess you can erase my previous posts, or leave them up for others to see.

  42. My Samsung French door refrigerator’s ice maker makes noise like the ice is up there and being crushed but nothing is coming out. Even when the glass is removed from the depress lever the noise continues. We have unplugged the refrigerator to make it stop. Can you help?

  43. The controls both say off. How do I get them back on?

  44. I set the temperature on the freezer and fridge. Then they go right back to off.

  45. My Samsung fridge is flashing a1 E code on the control panel. The model number is RF4287HARS. This flashing started right after there was a period of power flickers, follow by a 4 hour power outage. Can you help on this issue?

  46. my Samsung refrigerator has started changing the temp of the fridge part. It makes the sound that it makes when you push the button to change the temp and the temp changes by 2 at a time but it does it all by itself over and over again randomly. please help

  47. fan making noise inside the fridge and developing ice, as you said in other comments fuse or defrost heater are possible problem, just want to know how can i repair and to get the parts, thanks

  48. Hi, my ice-water panel has a purple light on the far right side of the water side, never been there before, fridge less than a year old.

  49. Hi I have a Samsung RT25SL which 3 years old but it is not cooling either in fridge or freezer. Instead it is getting very hot on the sides outsides. What is the problem?

  50. The temperature of my fridge is 48 degrees Fahrenheit and it wont go down to 34 degrees. How do i fix this?

  51. We have an RS2630 Refrigerator and have been having ice form in the bottom of the freezer. Suggestions?

  52. I have a Samsung RF4287HABP and the LED lights work for a short time then stop working on the top part of the fridge all the other lights work fine. I can unplug the fridge and plug it back it and the lights work fine for a short time then stop again, any help would be great, thanks.

  53. I have a Samsung Refrigerator Mod # RF263BEAESR and ice maker is not working when I do the test it come backs a red light that looks like ice tray and that’s the only thing that is red

  54. My Samsung fridge model RF67DEPN1/XFA it’s making a hell of a noise mainly from the top frizzer a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! noise stops when I open the doors, prior to that fridge was forming alot of ice, what’s the problem please need your help

  55. Model RS267LBBP. Noticed the freezer wasn’t cold but the refrigerator side was fine. A couple days later, the refrigerator was cold either and the freezer was very warm. Emptied the unit and the next morning the panel was flashing and the inside was warmer than the temperature in the house. I unplugged the unit.
    I read the above comment that seemed similar but I cannot check for frost behind the crisper drawer since the unit is unplugged.

  56. I had a power outage yesterday and my Samsung Fridge RSG257 now shows an 88 and 88 on the control panel. I’ve tried holding the Power Freeze and Energy Saver buttons simultaneously as well as unplugging the unit and plugging back in. None of the control panel functions are working. What is wrong with the fridge? Do I need to call a professional to fix the problem? Thanks.

  57. Samsung RS267TDWP french door refrigerator cooling functions not working at all. Went away for a week and came home to find everything spoiled and humid. Front panel (leds) all working fine. Going to try the diagnosing method using the two buttons to see if there are any codes that show up. Checked the two boards and found no blown fuses. Kinda stumped. Any suggestions, this fridge is practically new even though it was built in 2011. Thanks in advance.

  58. Hi there, my samsung refrigerator is flashing 8 on the display screen and the freezer works but the refrigerator side does not. I seemed to have misplaced my manual so I’m not sure what I can do to fix this, please help!!

  59. We have a Samsung RS265TDRS that is about 2-3 years old. The freezer works fine but the refrigerator is not cooling. The temperature is staying at 50 degrees F. We tried lowering the temperature and trying the power cool to no avail.

  60. Fridge was working fine until yesterday, then just quit blowing. Don’t see anything in a LED code from the 8 second check; just lights up with amber thaw indicator, then goes out. We had cleaned out frost a year ago when it quit cooling, and it started cooling right away. No frost this time just not cooling. Fan problems?

  61. Samsung RF266ABPN The right upper door does not always activate interior light when opened. Works most of the time but goes for periods where it worked intermittently. I suppose there might be a switch making contact.

  62. Checked, both fans work and no drain blockage. Compressor clicks on for awhile then off, and then quickly repeats. Seem as if needs a recharge, can these be recharged?.

  63. My Samsung refrigerator is making the some noise most cars make when you leave the keys in the ignition please help it’s driving everybody crazy???

  64. Hi, freezer is not working everything defrosted and started leaking, fridge is a little cool but not working as usual, what could be the problem?

  65. The LCD panel on my French door model RF4287HA refrigerator is flashing 1 E. what does that indicate?

  66. I have model RB215LASH this is in our second home we may go up every 3 weeks or so and when we get there the power has been off at some time do not know how long or just a blink but the freezer is reading 51 on display and all food is thawed and ice has melted. fridge display is showing 40 once I reset manually the settings back to -2 on freezer and 36 on fridge its starts working.My question should you have to reset or don’t most refrigerators start refreezing when power comes back on.

  67. Hello ~
    Our 2 year old Samsung RF263 is flashing 88 on both freezer and refrigerator temp controls, and will not let us change it. Any suggestions? I don’t think it is running. We’ve tried unplugging, and holding buttons, but nothing changes it.

    Thank you!

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      It’s possible the refrigerator is in demo mode?

      Have you tried holding the top left and top right buttons in for ten seconds to see what error comed up?


  68. I have Model# RF268ABRS, this thing quit cooling/freezing after we lost power. I unpluged the unit. After about 2 hours the power came back on . I then pluged it back in and everything appeared to be working (lights, control panel, even the fan next to the compressor was on). The compressor does not come on and the refrigerant lines going to and from are at room temperature. I’m not sure I’m accessing the front control panel trouble codes properly. I press the upper left and middle right buttons for 8 seconds and the panel beeps then goes blank…no codes, no blinking LEDs, nothing. Is my comperssor locked up? Is there a circuit problem that tells the compressor to come on? What other components could be at fault (capacitors, relays, etc.)? One more thing, I removed the upper panel door where the circuit boards are and checked both glass fuses, they’re both good. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Steve

    • Hi Steve,
      I have same problem.
      Changed main card and not solved the problem. several time a day the compressor locked up and need to take out electricity plug and connect again. Then it works till the next time….
      How you solved it ?
      Kind Regards,

      • Hi, does your model have two board on the back? A large one and a smaller one? The smaller board is for the compressor. I’ve seen loose connections on the smaller board. There’s also a fuse on the smaller board.

  69. I have enjoyed reading your forum, thanks for taking the time to help us out. I have a Samsung RB 1955 SH date of manufacture is 06-2004. Fridge runs great, cools perfectly. The problem is that it never comes out of defrost. I unplug it and plug back in and it runs and cools perfectly, but again once it hits defrost it is stuck there. I have installed a new main control board and still the same problem. Do I need to replace the defrost sensor?????? Looking forward to your answer.



    • I have same problem and I have changed the main controller board. That didn’t help.

      I found so many users having same problem but haven’t come across a single post about solving it.

      Does any one know the fix..?

    • I had the same problem and had replaced the main controller board and relay. But nothing worked.
      The I checked the defrost heaters for resistance and voltages and found that the freezer evaporator thermal fuse was open and replacing it fixed the issue.

  70. Our Samsung refrigerator is not staying cold. The freezer is cold, but the fridge is not cold. It did this awhile ago (about 6 months) and my husband defrosted the fridge and it seemed to work then. He defrosted it today and is at 70.5 F after a few hours. The model is RS263TDBP and manufactured in 3/2011. I don’t understand why fridge keeps not getting cold. This about the 3rd or 4th time we have had to address this issue. Thanks for your advice!

  71. My fridge displays 88 88. The last 8 is partial only.
    None of the buttons work anymore

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    Thanks in advance for your timid

    Rods eric

  72. Hello we have a Samsung French Door RF266AA refridgerator and it’s running fine but it has been beeping and beeping then displays a code “LC ER” we tried unplugging it for 10 minutes then connected but then latter continued beeping and beeping. Please help in anyway…..thanks.

    PS: What is a URI?

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. This error code has to do with a defrost issue. You would need to check the element, defrost thermostat, and defrost cut-out. If they all tested good, the electronics would be bad.


  73. I have samsung rs261mdsp refrigerator. The temperature bar lights are continuously lit (they are steady and not blinking). The problem is None of the buttons on the control panel are working/ responding. Just temperature bars and the water icon are lit up. Unable to change anything.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      Have you put the unit into diagnostics yet? If so what if any error codes come up? The lights on the inside are on steady you say?

  74. Just bought a new french door refrigerator and the lights aren’t working in the fridge. Any suggestions?

    • Hi, thank you for taking the time to comment. Did you end up figuring out what was causing this? Is the unit in demo mode? Is the compressor and fans running?


  75. Thank you for your information. It was very helpful and I was able to repair my refrigerator.

  76. I have doubledoor refrigerator Frostfree not working Water accumulate inside refrigerator

  77. Hello. I have a Samsung Upper/Lower fridge model # rb215labp and the compressor runs and runs and is freezing things. We replaced the thermistors in the back/inside but it is still freezing things in the fridge. What should we check next? Thanks for your help! We did do the error code check and it said #12

    • Dave,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      The error code (12) indicates an issue with the small fan motor located on the rear of the unit by the compressor. I don’t think that fan would cause this issue. When that fan goes out the unit will start to warm up.

      If you replaced the thermistors, I would check the fan and frost pattern on the evaporator. If the air is not moving correctly, this could happen. Also are you sure you replaced the refrigerator thermistor and not the evaporator thermistor? If you have a part number I could make sure for you.



  78. My Samsung fridge has error code 4- fan malfunction, I cleared off the ice from the fan and back panel but I can’t get the fan to turn back on? Any suggestions?

  79. I have model rs267tdrs….get error code….Pc-er flashing…whenever you change from ice to water despenser….will new control board fix this

  80. We have a relatively new Samsung RSG5UUMH American-style fridge-freezer (8 months old). After dispensing ice today, the dispenser chute trap-door is opening and closing constantly. When the dispenser switch is depressed, the lights on the dispenser come on and the door stops its motion. As soon as the lights go out again, the chute door opens and closes constantly. We tried turning the appliance off (10 mins) and back on again. It didn’t help. Any suggestions?

  81. Samsung Mod. RFG298AARS freezer and fridge will not get cold, compressor doesn’t run, there is no power in the wires but there is power to the thermal switch all the controls light and in diagnostic mode all 4 of the 8s light. The fan beside the compressor runs. I can’t find any schematic on it and would appreciate any advice.

  82. The power in the house went out for about 20 seconds. When it came on the display screen flashes 5 and E Water dispenser works but ice dispenser doesn’t

  83. I have a Samsung Model RS2555SW. It’s got the double doors with Freezer on left and fridge on the right. I woke up this morning and noticed the temperature on both sides was dropping. I did the test and saw error code #1. I have held both power buttons down to get rid of what was flashing temperature numbers. That didn’t work so I unplugged it. When I plugged it back in the flashing was gone but now it’s not even getting cold. Please help and thank you.

  84. Hello. Mynew samsung which is less than 2 month just stop blowing cold air from the freezer compartment and both the fridge and the freezer is not cold

  85. Hi there! I have a Samsung refrigerator model RL40WGPS1/XFA. It’s been working great for the past two years but for the past week it’s not keeping anything cold in the refrigerator compartment but the freezer is working 100%. What can be the problem and how can I fix it. I’ve tried adjusting the temp control but with no luck. Please help! Thank you

  86. Hello, I just came back from vacation and all the food in the freezer is thawed. The display says the freezer is set to -2. My model number is RF4287HARS. I tried pressing both buttons as shown in the diagram above to troubleshoot, but it just caused the display to flash all lights a couple of times and then go black for about 15 seconds. Please advise. Thanks!

  87. We have a Samsung Model RS261MDWP. The problem is the freezer is not defrosting, causing the fan motor to make a lot of noise. How do I know if it’s the heater, the fan works; is making noise, we see the ice. How do I know what part I need once I take the back panel off?

    Thank you,

  88. Hello,
    I have a Samsung rb195acpn refrigerator. Some of the leds in the front display are out. So you can’t tell what the temperature is inside the refrigerator. I unplugged the unit and removed the front panel and unplugged the display board. I removed the board from the panel to get the part number so I could order a replacement.
    When I put everything back together. All I show on the display is a blinking led. The led blinking is on the fridge side and it’s the right digit top horizontal led. It just blinks slow and steady.
    Did I do something wrong. I checked the connector and all the pins are seated in the connector.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

  89. I came upon your website and I hope you are still helping people. I too had the issues with water leaking into and under the crisper drawer in my Samsung RF263BEAESR. Also, my refrigerator is way too warm, no matter what I set the temperature at on the control panel. The freezer is doing it’s job.

    Recently, I took all the shelves out, removed the back panel, and defrosted the compressor (only a little ice). There was ice buildup at the drain, which I assume was the reason I was getting water. After removing the block up, I installed a 6″ long piece of solid copper (12 gauge) wire in the shape of a “candy cane”, wrapped around the heater, and extending into the drain. This was a fix I found elsewhere on the internet in lieu of ordering the new clip you mentioned above.

    My issue now is the refrigerator is still not staying as cold as it should. I’m not sure if the fan just isn’t working, if the thermostor needs to be replaced, or it is some other issue. I don’t want to spend a bunch of money ordering parts I may not need.

    I tried your method of self-diagnosis mentioned above, and the error code I received was 22 E (obviously not on the list, as the numbers only go up to 13. If you can help enlighten me on what my problem may be, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  90. Our fairly new (2 years old) RF268ABWP French doors with bottom freezer is not cooling. neither the fridge or the freezer is cooling. I have fridge set at 34 degrees and won’t get cooler than 47 degrees. The freezer is set at negative 2 degrees but won’t get cooler than 4 degrees. Please help.

  91. Hi hoping you can help?? Just bought a shop display model RSH1NHMH got it home and let it stand. plugged it in (took it out of display mode) freezer not getting cold at all even though it displays -25. fridge got cold then displayed 3 degrees but when I opened the door it was not cold at all. Phoned Samsung and was advised to unplug for 15 min and then switch back on and set freezer to -20. still nothing gets cold?? It is defiantly out of display mode. Any ideas Thanks in advance Louise

  92. i have rsg5furs the freezer go to -25 but not cold like other i change the compressor and every thing is was ok for one week and after one week the same probles is back
    Any suggestions?

  93. My fridge and freezer have not got cold since I defrosted and cleaned it, the computer display just has a little dot with no temperature – please help

  94. I have a Samsung RFG298HDR French Door refrigerator. When you open the lower freezer door always seems to have condensation on it and after a week or two the door becomes hard to close. I have to break the one inch thick pieces of ice that form at the base of freezer and throw into sink. Door then closes until it happens again.

    Any thoughts ?

    • I too have Model RFG298 dual icemaker and the bottom freezer is totally iced up with HEAVY FROST. Now, I cannot pull out the bottom drawer in the refridgerator (I imagine it is stuck with ice). I have unloaded the bottom freezer and have it open to try to thaw. However, if I cannot find what is causing all the ice and frost I am sure it will do it again. Thanks for any help….

  95. My fridge is not working well. The freezer part is working very well but the refrigeration part makes the food iced and it leaks water and the water forms strings of ice inside. Samsung referred me to a company called MM all Electronic who charged me R450 to come and check but they told me they could not get the part so I must buy a new one. The technician showed me a part in the freezer compartment, it is blue in colour and sealed in a plastic. They told me that was the part which needed to be replaced. I want to know if you are able to get such a part and replace it because I cannot afford to replace my fridge. It is well looked after and I don’t think it should be replace just because of this part.

  96. Model RL38EBSM Refrigerator
    Serial Nu. 518741AF90050

    My fridge is not working well. The freezer part is working very well but the refrigeration part makes the food iced and it leaks water and the water forms strings of ice inside. Samsung referred me to a company called MM all Electronic who charged me R450 to come and check but they told me they could not get the part so I must buy a new one. The technician showed me a part in the freezer compartment, it is blue in colour and sealed in a plastic. They told me that was the part which needed to be replaced. I want to know if you are able to get such a part and replace it because I cannot afford to replace my fridge. It is well looked after and I don’t think it should be replace just because of this part.
    I will await your response
    012 3133643 (w/h)
    0833594147 (a/h)

  97. Hi.
    My Samsung French door refrigerator was work great. One morning I woke up and the display panel read “OF” on both double eights. I have held down the right and left top buttons and nothing is missing from the double eights. Model number RF4287HARS. Thank you

  98. Came home, and samsung fridge lights were all off on the outside and in. Doesn’t seem to be working.

    • Hi, check the outlet to make sure it has power. If the outlet has voltage, it sounds like the inverter or main board have shorted. I saw one today that had the exact same conditions and the inverter was bad.


  99. When I push the button’s on my Samsung Refrigerator Model # RF265AABPall I get is 88 88 is there something else I can do to find out why it is frosting up inside the freezer? The ice maker also stopped working
    Thank you

  100. Our Samsung refrigerator RF263AERS is driving us mad. It won’t stop chiming. Doors are closed and seals are clean. What’s up with that? Thanks!

  101. My samsung refrigerator, model # RF263BEAESR is making a loud vibrating sound when dispensing water or making ice.

  102. Samsung fridge temperature changes every timewe try to set it. Held the vacation and power freeze button to do a diagnostic test and a light on the fridge temp flashes and there is a loud noise.

  103. We have a Samsung refrigerator, model #RS261MDRS. Fan makes a loud noise and it seems as if the automatic defrost is not working. About a month ago, we took the back panel off and defrosted everything. All was good for a few weeks, but 2 days ago, the loud noise is back and it doesn’t seem to be making as much ice anymore. We also think there is ice build up again.

    Thank you.

    • Hi, thanks for the comment. The most common issue on this model is the defrost heater. The defrost thermostat can also cause this issue. If you have a volt meter, you can test both components. Both should have continuity.

  104. My side by side door Samsung refrigerator just stopped working altogether. We got up in the morning and noticed it wasn’t cooling stuff. Unplugged it and set temp on control panels, left for work and when arrived in the evening, everything in freezer had thawed! Went through a few steps with a Samsung rep on the phone but no luck. The motor/compressor isn’t even running! It’s only 3 years old! Please help!

    • Maribel, thanks for your comment. If nothing is running, it’s possibly the main board on the back is bad or one of the fuse on the main board or inverter board has shorted out. You can check the fuses with a volt meter.

  105. Hi, I have a samsung, 4 door. 2 french door fridge top, convertible drawer and freezer on bottom. Suddenly today the ice make stopped dispensing. there is ice in the bin, but when you hit the paddle for ice, nothing. not even a click. seems like a bad switch, but don’t know how to access it. any help is appreciated.

  106. We have a Samsung french door RF263BEAESR for about 2 years, I discovered water under the grocery drawer, it seems after searching on the web that the temperature sensor needs to be changed, the problem is I don’t know how to install it . Have you ever installed that kind of sensor on the same model I mean the RF263BEAESR.?? THANK YOU

  107. i can’t get my frig to keep from freezing. temp set at 46 this is the hightest setting but it stills freezes

  108. Refrigerator is cold, freezer is not…..I have a Samsung RF263BEAESR. Had water under deli trey and after awhile the temp was too high. I removed back panel and defrosted (will get new clip as suggested elsewhere in this forum). Now refrigerator section seems fine but freezer will not get cold. Help?

  109. Hi

    I have a Samsung RSG5DUMH American style fridge freezer. The compressor and main PCB have been changed a year or so ago. Its a very odd problem, when the fridge is cool, ie 1 to 5 degree and the freezer seems to get hotter, ie instead of -21 it usually 3 to 5 degrees… the only way I can get both sides back to normal temperature is to turn the power off then back on, this resolves the problem for about 24 hours then then problem again… any ideas?

    many thanks –

  110. I have a RF32FMQDBSR 4 door french door Samsung refrigerator that will not cool past 46 degrees. The freezer is cooling just fine and no other issues. I do not see any frost build up. Would this be the main board that went or could it be something else?

  111. While loading my Samsung RB1855SW (top refrigerator, bottom freezer) with a 2 week supply of groceries, both doors were opened and closed often and beeping. The beeping continued even when the doors were closed. I noticed the light was no longer working. I checked all items and shelves and there was nothing interfering with the closed doors. The digital numbers are 8 for the freezer and 53 for the refrigerator. What should they be? It’s been 6 hours and the beeping continues.

    I don’t know how to stop the beeping, or remove the plastic light cover to change the bulb.


  112. I am working on A samsung RF267aewp french door fridge. The first issue was the freezer fan not working so I replaced it. Now, the display is not working. There are only 3 lights lit, that is the energy saver, the water filter and the water icons. My boss had inadvertently put the fridge in demo mode by pressing the energy saver and freezer button at the same time. After I pressed the buttons again, the compressor and fans came on but thats when the displays stopped working. None of the buttons will respond now. The display for fridge and freezer temp remain blank and there is no response when pushing any button. The fridge is running and cooling, so I am thinking the display board needs replaced??

  113. My Samsung refrigerator Model #RF30HBEDBSR freezer was left open all night. It was closed in the morning but 10 hours later still not freezing?????

  114. Samsung refrigerator 2011, RS263TDBP. Freezer working properly fridge only cooling to 48 degrees. The coils have been cleaned, what’s the next step, help please, food going to spoil. Thx

  115. My Samsug Refrigerator lights are saying 5 flashing E what is that . side by side 2010

  116. Hi , my lights on the fridge panel are no longer lite and the ice dispenser is not working . It is a American style fried freezer in silver . I can not seem to find the model ;(
    Does anyone know why ?.

  117. Hi I can not get water from the dispenser. Ice is ok

  118. Hi my fridge is making loud noise did checked at its back panel theres no ice the fan stop working ehen i open the door the noise stop plz reply what should i do

  119. Hi,
    I have a Samsung Rf268 model. A couple weeks ago the fan was running very noisily. Now the Fridge will not get cooler then 48o When I ran the code it came back 9a, which is a sensor code. I am thinking it is more of a fan issue. Just wondering what your thoughts are this. Is a fan replacement something I can do myself? or should I call out a repairman?
    Thanks for your time.


  120. Hello! I have RT28SK samsung refrigetor. Last night, its sound and fan is stopped and completly doesn’t make cool, on the other hand the light is on when I open the door. Please tell me how can I repair its fan to make cool. I thank you for you helping.

  121. Hi,
    We had a power outage (app 2 hours), and now my Samsung RS265TDRS refrigerator is flashing an error code 5 E. Both the fridge and freezer seem to be working fine, but I can’t clear the code. Water works, but ice doesn’t. What to do?

  122. I conducted the diagnostics and received error codes 1 ice maker sensor and 7 R-Defrost error..

    Can you help ??? SAMSUNG MODEL RS2545SH


  123. I have a Samsung fridge but I don’t know the serial / model number. In the last few weeks the fridge has become louder when it “turns on” (it starts to hum for a bit). Normally I wouldn’t even notice it unless I was next to it when it turns on. Now I can hear it from my room. Currently I am timing the frequency of the hum and it seems to go for 15 minutes, switch off for 30 minutes and start again. Can you help?

    (It’s a single door fridge with a small freezer on top)

  124. self diagnosis reveals #5 IM Function error

  125. I have a Samsung RF261BEAEBC/AA french door refrigerator with bottom freezer. My fan is making noise and I know that this is a common issue caused by ice build-up. I want to manually defrost the refrigerator. I found out that I need to press the Power Freeze and Fridge buttons simultaneously for around 8 seconds, after which the display panel goes off. Then when I press any button, the panel toggles between “FF”, “OF”, “rd”, “fd”. Is ‘rd’ the selection to defrost the refrigerator? How long should the manual defrost cycle last? It only lasts around 20 minutes (there is beeping continuously), which seems short.

  126. My Samsung double door regrigerator’s temperature display shows that the fridge is getting very cold to around -2 degrees and the regrigerator keeps beeping all the time.

  127. I have samsung double door friedge which I bought last year and last week i was moving to the new place ,then it just makes a beep sound continuosley like it usually makes when open the door for few minutes.The inside left light is off , it only switch on when I unplug and plug the friedge again.

  128. Samsung Refrigerator is giving me code error e5 I like to know what that means and how to repair it.

  129. Hi there,

    We have a Samsung Fridge/Freezer on bottom. I came into work today and noticed the light wouldn’t come on when opening the doors and there was a foul smell indicating it had been off for a while. It’s model number is RF217ACBP. I switched the power outlet that it was connected to but that hasn’t done anything. I also noticed the degree lights are flashing “88” degrees. What can I do to fix this? I really don’t want to have to call out a technician.

  130. I own a Samsung fridge model RF197. The problem that I am now having with the freezer is that the temperature inside the freezer will swing 20 degress several times throughout a day. It will go from -9 to +9 and back again. I have checked for error codes and there are none displayed. I have the freezer set at -6F. The fridge section swings only 2 degrees between 36F and 38F. I have no idea what the problem might be other than to change out the control board. Can anyone shed some light on my problem?

  131. I have a Samsung double door (similar to Samsung SRS580DHLS). On the freezer side (right hand) it is not making cold but the fridge (left hand) is still working fine…. What can be the problem and what can I do?

  132. My display on the front of the fridge where the temperature is now says OF and is not cooling anymore any ideas?

  133. Hi the Freezer side of my Samsung fridge freezer had stopped working. Can you help me to try and fix it please?


  134. I have a double door RS261MDRS that the freeze has stopped working. The fan was making noise like Ice build up but now it has stopped and the freezer has defrosted. The fridge side has now stopped working. The light panel flashes all bars in a decending order. The service tech cannot make it out for 5 more days. Is there a way to get the fridge side working again??

    • Hi, have you removed the back panel to look at the evaporator? If the frost is thick, the fan will be stopped and so will the air circulation..


  135. I have a Samsung RSG5DUMH fridge freezer. After disconnecting the power the error 88 88 is displayed with the bit flashing that indicates RF-DEF-SENSOR. Where is this sensor on my model? I can find results for other models but not mine.



  136. Samsung refrigerator model #RS261MDWP stopped cooling adequately on both refrigerator and freezer side. Back panel of freezer side iced over. Removed everything and defrosted manually. Now, unit will not come out of “demo” mode. I press freezer and lighting “buttons” at same time but freezer and refrigerator blue bars continue to flash sequentially meaning that unit is still in “demo” mode. How do I correct this?

  137. Samsung Fridge # RF268ABRS. Ice maker in Freezer compartment not making ice. I defrosted the entire freezer, and pushed the self test button on the bottom of the ice maker, it did empty ice and fill with water… but after leaving it overnight, no ice.
    Also did the self test on the control panel, no blinking LEDs.
    Thank You in advance for your assistance.

  138. Hi our samsung rsg5dumh fridge freezer for months has plagued us with different issues no water and for some reason it seems to go off all by itself the temperature indicators don’t work properly. We have had a couple of different technicians sent by samsung still the problem persist only after searching the net i came across http//:www.agsrefrigeration.co.uk after exchanging a few emails we tracked the problem down to a faulty reed switch which controls the light and also activate the fans.

  139. I have a Samsung refrigerator model rf263aebp may of 2011. freezer works fine just the power cool keeps coming on the fridg side and temp goes do 23 f and don’t hold at 38 f. keeps dinging and power chill light comes on . is it the r-def sencer?

  140. I have an american samsung fridge freexer model number rsg5dusw and I have an error code of 88 88, I have switched the fridge freezer off and turned it on but this code still shows. I am unable to use the contral panel. Any suggestions?

  141. Have 4 door fridge model RF4287HARS. Just recently compressor started making noise then all of the sudden all lights turned off.I bypassed where the fuse goes ,all lights turned on. Compressor sounded like it wanted to start and it just didn’t. So i know it needs a new compressor for surethats no problem. Compressor fan isnt starting either. I put it in self diagnostics no error code comes up. I figure maybe the inverter board? Does it also control the comp. fan? Or what can I do to find out which board the compressor burned up?

  142. I have a Samsung RB215SLASH is not defrosting, in both the freezer and the refrigerator have tick block of ice gets build up on the condenser, and water is not draining it goes in the refrigerator compartment does not get could enough , in the freezer some items are frozen as a rock, others are just not frozen at all, I did the self diagnostics and it said # 12 C-FAN ERROR, # 13 F DEFROST ERROR, could you guide what could it be.

    Thank you

    • I too have the same error and problem Luis Vega.
      Did you fix the problem?
      What parts did you need for repair?

      Thanks Luis

  143. We have a Samsung RF268 series refrigerator. It is about 3 years old. We have noticed that we are getting about a 3/8 inch layer of ice under the deli tray drawer. We clean it out and this it comes back in about 30 days or so. Any suggestions on what might be causing this and how to fix it?
    Thank you

  144. I know you have probably answered this, but my freezer is making a loud noise. Pretty sure it is the fan but I do not know how to take the back panel off because there is a ice maker blocking it. I am afraid of breaking it. Any suggestions on how to get it off and do I need to take the styrofoam out too? Thanks

  145. Have a freezer on bottom refridge .The veggie drawer gets water in it . What’s the cause ?

  146. I have a samsung refrigerator, RS261MDPN/XAA.
    The front panel is displaying 1 flashing bar on the left side. The bar is 3rd from the bottom.
    I have replaced the main board (DA41-00669A) and the compressor and condenser fan run, inside cabinet lights operate but compressor and condenser fan run all the time and do not shut off. It was low on refrigerant, I recovered the charge and weighed in 7OZ of R134. Cools but blue bar continues to blink and there is no temperature control. I am a licensed HVAC tech but refrigeration (domestic) is a little different.
    I am unable to get support from samsung as you must have a registered service tech code to get through to tech support. If I can determine what the code signifies, I think I can take it from there.
    I would appreciate any help you could provide.

    Thx, Charles

  147. I have a Samsung model rs265tdrs the fridge side is warm. it reads 34 and is flashing. I hit the error buttons and it comes up E 22. this happened once before and they fixed it by defrosting the fan motor in the fridge section it was covered by ice and stopped working. also the ice maker is not working. so is the E 22 for the fridge or the icemaker ? how do I fix both problems ?
    Thank You

  148. hi, I just bought a samsung RT29FAREDSA refrigerator, it worked fine for the first 3 hours, later the freezer compartment continues to cool just fine but the fridge compartment doesnt cool properly even when I increased its setting to coldest, the fridge is hardly a day old, what can I do, thanks.

  149. I have A RF4287HABP the ice make is stuck on crushed

  150. How do I safety defrost the ice that is builing up behind the panel in the Samsung model #RF263 refrig? Fan just started to make a loud noise. This is in the refrig compartment.

  151. We Have a Samsung model number rs267tdrs. Our freezer is fine but the refrigerator seems warm inside I think it’s recirculating fan it is set for 36° but it does not feel that way I can hear it running but don’t know if it’s the freezer fan or the refrigerator fan

  152. Model # RS267TDHS, it stopped cooling everything early this morning, I tried unplugging it but nothing. Freezer seems OK for now but worried its just a matter of time before everything starts unthawing. Maybe the filter or any other suggestions would help. Thanks

  153. My RSG257 is not making ice at all. The water still comes out but didn’t want to call a repairman if it was a quick fix. Any thoughts? Thanks

  154. My Samsung RS267TDRS HAS “OF” where the numbers on the panel are supposed to be. What wrong with it?

  155. Samsung model rfg298. Freezer quit working. Have unplugged to reset. Still not working. No codes are showing when holding buttons down like recommended. help..


  157. i have a samsung rs267tdrs/xaa the display lights up and small fan at rear of fridge works but thats about it the freezer and fridge will not get cold. swapped out compressor harness no results any suggestions ?

  158. My sparkling water light is flashing “off” and all the sparkling water leaked Into the inside of the fridge. I held the two buttons like in the diagram for 8 seconds and everything blinks after that.

  159. Have a samsung RS263TDRS temperature light flashing continuously and the other buttons does not work while in that state.

  160. I have a Samsung RF266AEPN/XAA. I recently had an icying problem that prevented the fresh food evaporator fan motor from turning. I defrosted the refrigerator, removed the back cover, and replaced the heater, sensor, and bi-metal components. The refrigerator appears to be working properly as far as temperatures are concerned, but the evaporator fan motor does not shut off when I open the door. In the past, this motor would always stop when the door was opened and a strange noise would follow shortly thereafter. The people at Samsung have told me that the fan motor is supposed to shut off when the door is opened, but they won’t provide any reason why my fan seems to run continuously. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  161. Have a freezer on bottom refridge .The veggie drawer gets water in it . What’s the cause ?

  162. My Samsung side by side fridge, the freezer is not working properly. I had a service person come out about six weeks ago. He thawed the ice build up and it worked fine. Until a few days ago. The ice build up is back. I have removed the screws but I can’t get the back panel off. How can I get the panel off without breaking it?

  163. I have a Samsung refrigerator, model #RB215LABP. It has worked great for the past 8 years or so but now I am having a problem. It will not hold a temperature. As soon as I change the freezer temperature to -2 or -4 or whatever, within seconds it reverts to a positive 7.

    I assume the control board is the likely culprit. anyone have any ideas?

  164. Hello,
    I have a Samsung RF197 french door refrigerator with one bottom freezer. I have removed the ice maker to make more room in the freezer as I have never hooked it up to a water line, but now I am getting constant error codes 1 and 5, which are related to the ice maker. I am wondering if there is any way to keep the ice maker out and stop the codes so that I can use the buttons again, or will I have to reinstall the ice maker?

    Thanks for you time.

    • Hi, you will have to put the ice maker back in. To my knowledge there is no way to remove the ice maker without getting the error codes. I’ve seen people do this before. It always causes the compressor to run longer and cause the evaporator to heavily frost over and start loosing temp.

      You’re most welcome. Happy to help.


  165. Hi, I have a french door Samsung refrigerator–RFG298HDRS. It kept getting ice build ups inside refrigerator covering vents in back. Then it started making a humming-buzzing noise & stopped. Then everything defrosted in the freezer and it stopped making ice. Now a 21 E is flashing on the control panel. It is only 4 years old!! past warranty of course. HELP

    • Hi, this usually means you have a defrost issue. It could be the heater, thermostat, or control. You need a meter to test the parts to see which one is the culprit. The frost built up so thick it hit/stopped the fan. That’s what the error code means and based on your complaint it’s a typical defrost issue.


  166. we have a Samsung Refrigerator model #rs261mdbp side by side. daily it makes hardly any ice, how can we get it to increase the frequency it drops ice. the ice bucket is never even half full. thanks.

    • Hi, the first thing to check would be the condenser coils. Make sure the coils are clean. They make a brush to that makes cleaning them easy. If the coils are clean, check the temperature. It needs to be roughly 0-15F before the thermostat inside the ice maker will harvest the batch of ice. If the temperature is good, I would suspect a faulty thermostat inside the ice maker.


  167. My fridge says 5 on the left and E and in the code reason it said I/M Error. What does that mean?

    • Hi, Samsung refrigerators use the 5E error code for a defrost sensor. The sensor is most likely going to be the culprit. It’s probably the most common issue on most of these refrigerators.


  168. Sorry the model# is Samsung refrigerator -Rf26beaesr and the other thing that kept blinking looks kind of like a waffle.

  169. Hi,

    I sent a message a month ago but never heard any reply. I have Samsung RFG298HDBP fridge and the bottom ice maker isn’t making ice anymore. The top one works fine and the test I ran from manual says ice makers work fine. We had a filter error at one point, does that have anything to do with it? Why would the top work and the bottom stop? Please help.

    Thank you

    • Hi, sorry we missed your previous message. The ice makers operate independently of one another. have you tried holding the test switch on the bottom of the ice maker in for 3-5 seconds. Does the ice maker advance if you do?


      • Sorry, but where is the test button on the bottom ice maker? If it doesn’t chime, then what?

      • Ok, I found the button on the bottom ice maker and pressed it like the top one, but there was no chime. What is the next step??

        Thank you

        • Hi, you have to hold the test button in for 3-5 seconds. The ice maker should start a manual harvest cycle. It should fill with water and come back to the freeze position. If the ice maker does not start a manual cycle, the ice maker or control board could be bad. I’ve seen it go both ways multiple times. You have to make a live voltage check at the ice maker molex connector or at the main PCB. You want to test and see if the control board is sending power to the ice maker. For some reason on these models the ice maker relay on the PCB fails fairly often. You can remove the ice maker and double check the connections. I’ve seen the ice maker timer heads fails on these. It’s by far more common than the control but you have to make tests to verify which component has actually failed.


  170. Hi I have a model RS2630SH. Noticed freezer isnt keeping things frozen. .and the outside panel and door is hot to the touch . unfortunately I have all new frozen items from grocery shopping today I don’t want everything g to the .should the refrigerator feel hot to the touch? Help thank you Judy

    • Judy, the refrigerator should not feel hot to the touch. When this happens it usually indicates an issue with the condenser fan motor on the back. Slide the refrigerator forward and remove the back panel. First unplug it. You’ll see a fan motor that should be running if the compressor is running. Based on your complaint I would start there.


  171. Our Samsung display keeps beeping and locking/unlocking the fridge…also turns ‘ice off’ function on and off…any ideas? Model…RF267AEWP

  172. My Samsung double door double drawer refrigerator water stopped working. Ice maker works fine. The other day, the water decided to start working on its own. Squirting qater all over the floor. Thank goodness we were home at the time. Any advice?

    • Hi, I would need a bit more info to give you a better response. Based on your complaint it sounds like the switches or control are sending power to the valve when they should not be. It could also be a stuck or shorted solenoid on the water valve. You would need to have a multimeter and know how to use it to fix this. I would suspect those things so I would check them first. Based on what I know about these Samsung units it might be a control issue. They seem to have a lot of control related problems.


  173. I have a Samsung fridge freezer the display on the front is saying freezer minus 25 and fridge temp is 11 this goes up and down throughout the day can you help to bring temp down cool and cool fridge freezer

    • Hi, it sounds like you have a thermistor issue. The thermistor is the thermostat basically. Do you have a volt/ohm meter you can use to test the thermistor?


  174. My Samsung (French style) freezer doors won’t open all the way. Neither the top, nor the bottom drawers open fully. They never have. We bought all new appliances, all Samsung in August of last year.

    • Hi, that’s very odd. Where exactly are the door binding at? Is sounds like something is not installed correctly that’s allowing the door/drawer to not open all the way? Is the track pushed back all the way? You’re my eyes and ears so tell me what you see.



  175. Samsung refridgerator model RF263BEAESR. I changed
    the water filter in the fridge section and now the water does not dispense.
    If I take out the filter, it works again. I have the filter in properly
    And have tried two brand new filters. Any suggestions?


    • Hi, that’s very strange. I would suspect an issue with the water filter housing. It’s really the only part that would cause this issue.


  176. It’s make too much noise at night, seems like the motor it’s loose.
    Have to move position all the time to keep it qiute. It’s ideal to tighten the bolts motor ???

    • Hi, sorry to hear about your Samsung refrigerator trouble. Do you have an idea where the noise is coming from? Is it a fan or the compressor?


  177. Hi,
    I have a Samsung fridge freezer with ice and water. It stopped working in there a built-in overload cause the ice maker may have jamed the feed shft? I have power to the fridge but dose not work.

    • Hi, did both water at the door and ice stop or just the ice maker? If you hold the test switch down, does the ice maker manually advance?



  178. The temperature on the refrigerator side of my Samsung model RF263BE continues to blink. I have unplugged the unit for 10 minutes in order to reset the unit but within a 24 hour period the blinking temperature returns. Also attempted the self diagnostics but no error message is returned.

    At this time the temperature appears to be stable but am concerned that the thermostat or other part(s) is about to fail. Any additional tests, cleaning, etc. that I can try before having to be serviced by a technician? The unit is less than two years old.

    Thank You in advance for any assistance or recommendations.

    • Hi, that’s very strange. When the display flashes are any of the segments missing? Are you sure it’s not flashing an error code when the refrigerator side blinks? It sounds like a glitch or software issue. Based on your complaint I would suspect an issue with the main board on the back.


  179. Hello,
    I have a Samsung RB215LASH that I have been having problems with for the last week. I had a service tech to come out, which by the way was no help. I found your page and it explained how to do the self diagnostics, which was the bottom segment of the 8 on the left side. This is interpret as 12 which is the Condenser Fan. Is there anything else I can do to make sure that it is this? The service tech is trying to make me buy another circuit board, where as I watched him and everything checked out good.

  180. hi Matt
    we have a 3-year old RF4267HARS and am trying to figure out what happened following a very brief power outtage this morning — so brief it couldn’t have lasted for more than a couple of seconds but seemed to impact the fridge.

    The refrigerator component is working fine. However the freezer stopped working this morning completely.

    When I first realized the problem, I noticed the temp for both fridge and freezer was in the 40s and the entire unit was not functioning. I unplugged the unit for a few minutes, then plugged it back in. The fridge side started working immediately.The freezer side, however, did not — even as the temperature went down to our setting of -8 degrees. It clearly was not working despite the temperature display acting as if it was!

    When I unplugged the unit AGAIN, the temperature displayed 46 on the freezer side upon starting it back up, so clearly something is off with that element, regardless of the fact it “thought” it was at the -8 temperature. BTW I did try to run the diagnostic, it didn’t seem to find anything — everything flashed for a couple of seconds then went back to the normal display.

    There is one other curious element as I write this — we left the unit for several hours, came back home and unplugged again. I noticed a glut of dust on one end of the back/bottom right hand corner, so I took a broom and cleaned it. After we plugged it back in, this time the freezer did seem to start turning on, and right now it’s at 25 and actually seems to be cooling for the first time since this morning. I can’t be certain right now it’s running right, but it actually seems to be.

    Do you have any idea what happened — also what can I do now (something I can clean/check/etc.), and also whether I ought to schedule a service call? I’m out of warranty. Thanks so much.

    • Matt I just wanted to follow up — the freezer is in fact working again. Is it possible the fact my wife unplugged it for a longer duration of time enabled the unit to reset itself fully? Prior to that, I only unplugged it for 1-2 minutes.

      Again, would like your recommendation as to what I can do myself for maintenance and what you think might’ve happened to cause this

      • Hi, that’s very odd. Glad it’s working though. It sounds like a control issue. It’s really the only thing that would allow this issue. You will need to clean the condenser coils every 6 months to a year. That’s really the only maintenance that needs to be done to these refrigerators.


  181. I have a Samsung RF26ABBP refrigerator. Last night the water dispensing light and alarm started going on and off by themselves. Also none of the buttons are working on the control panel. I unplugged the fridge for 30 seconds and when I plugged it back in in does the same thing. Do think it’s a problem with the main control board?

    • Hi, it does in fact sound like a control issue. Have you checked all the connection to make sure none are shorted or broken?


      • Hello again and thanks for the reply!!!

        Yes I took off the back cover panel and everything looked good. There are 2 electrical boards on the back. One I believe is the power converter panel which is on top and a larger panel on bottom. After researching the top board is the power converter panel which supplys 220V to the compressor so I’m thinking the other panel is the one that is going bad. The Samsung P/N that I’m seeing online is DA41-00413J. Is this the one that I should replace?

  182. I have a Samsung french door style fridge/freezer combo, with the freezer in the bottom drawer. I am having the issue of the entire unit losing power. This has happened 4 times now, with a repair tech coming out to replace various parts, but to no avail. I paid a lot for this fridge, and almost as much for all the food it has ruined. It seems to cycle on and off, keeping the fridge and freezer barely cold enough. When it goes out, all power is out, lights, control panel, compressor, everything. Tried different power outlets, and the circuit breakers, all with the exact same effect. Any help? Please??

    • Hi, what parts has the repair tech replaced? It sounds like a power issue or an electronic control issue. I would suspect an outlet or voltage issue. Try plugging it into a different outlet on a different breaker and see if it still happens?


  183. Refrigerator Model RF217ACBP making a sick humming sound and the freezer is starting to thaw. Temp reading inside has freezer set to -1. Any ideas? Fridge seems ok so far but if it is gradually losing temp it won’t show as quickly as the freeezer did.

    • Hi, any idea exactly where the humming noise is coming from? That sounds like maybe a fan hitting something inside the refrigerator or freezer maybe? Look on the back panel inside both sections. Do you see a thin layer of frost ice?


  184. My Samsung side by side with ice and water in the door is on the fritz again, will be 2 years old this summer. I have cold water but no ice. I hear it trying to dump ice, but the tray doesn’t dump, not sure if there is water in it. I tried the reset button, it chimed, but nothing happened. Tried it the next day, didn’t even chime. This happened once before and the repair guy just took off the bottom back panel and vacuumed out the back, and an hour later it made ice. We tried that, no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks very much.

    • Hi, this definitely sounds like a different issues than the one you had previous. Have you tried unplugging the refrigerator for 3-4 minutes? It may be related to the electronic control board. I’ve seen the boards on these refrigerators cause this issue and several others.


  185. From the information on your page, it sounds like my fan is bad. It was making noise earlier. Then the fridge would not cool. We unplugged it for a day to thaw and it started cooling again but it looks like the vents in the back are going to freeze over again. Can I fix the fan by myself? The repair people told me it would be $195 to come look at it and provide labor. Thanks for the help.

    • Hi, it sounds like the fan is stopping because of the ice. That’s most likely what the noise was. It sounds like you have a defrost issue or a clogged defrost drain line. Both are common on Samsung refrigerators.

      You would need to be extremely handy. If you’re handy, you could make the repair yourself.



  186. our Samsung fridge is say 88 88 on both displays and isn’t running tried turning it off for awhile and back on to no avail can you help please?

    • Hi, have you tried unplugging it for several minutes? Also, holding the top left and top right button in at the same time for 10 seconds may reset it?


  187. Our refrigerator is building up ice under the crisper drawers.

  188. Samsung RS267LASH flashing freezer temperature. Freezer has stopped working. Error code is 11 (F- Fan error) Can you provide fan troubleshooting guide?

  189. Have a Samsung model #74USSBF there is no power. Have checked plug in it is good breaker is good. Also notice prongs on plug in are very loose.

  190. Hi i just bought my samsung fridge, its a 4 door french door with sparkling water system. Its cooling and the fridge light wont come on anymore. imm not sure why! and also the fridge doesnt seem to be cooling down properly. I would rather fix it before i jug it back to the appliance store! Thanks you any help you can give me!

    • Hi, have you checked to make sure the light switch is not stuck? How about a loose connection on the bulbs?

  191. my samsung RB2055BB isn’t cooling or freezing…..I unplugged for 10 minutes & nothing happened……

    • Hi, sorry to hear about your Samsung refrigerator cooling issue. That’s really not enough information for me to help.


  192. Hi I have a Samsung Refrigerator Model RS2530BBP. It keeps the temps inside but it is very hot to the touch where the seal makes contact with the Refrigerator on both doors. There is no fan noise. Plus the ice maker isn’t consistent in keeping ice made.

    • Don, check the coils on the back. The coils are dirty or the fan has failed. Based on what I know about these Samsung refrigerators I would bet the condenser fan motor is going to be the culprit. The condenser fan motor on these refrigerators are known for failing. When they fail this is exactly what happens.


  193. Our Samsung fridge, model RS267LBRS, has quit cooling. The fridge degree is at 36 and is flashing. I have tried to push both buttons at the same time and do not get an error code. What should we check or do? Thanks.

    • Hi, sorry to hear about your Samsung refrigerator cooling problem. Sorry the troubleshooting steps are not helping. Have you checked to see if the compressor is running? Is the fan running? What does the frost pattern on the evaporator look like? Drop you have a volt meter?


  194. Hi – I have a Samsung Refrigerator Model 237ACRS ( 2 year old)- No longer producing ice. We had a repair man coming and we were told that the freezer temperature might be too cold consequently causing an ice blockage inside the line.We unthawed the appliance for 24 hours as directed but unfortunately that did not solve the issue. We verified the temperature of the freezer with a thermometer and even though the set point was -14F the reading shows -19F. Furthermore there is an odd sound coming from the ice maker like an owl type sound? Any suggestions? Thank you for your time

    • Hi, that’s way to cold. It should be set close to 0. You want the temp to be between 0-13 inside the freezer. Try adjusting the temp and see what happens? It sounds like the ice maker is either frozen solid or ice is stopping the mold from rotating?


  195. Hi,
    Samsung RF263AFRS, makes “grinding” noise while door closed.
    I read -common problem, -the ice buildup @ the back- contacts the fun.
    I unplugged for a night, plugged back in, sound is gone and working OK

    Behind “Cool Select Pantry, there is a “box w/ flap” was partially frozen,- remove- remove the ice
    while puting back might swing the flap wrong way – problem?

    I need to thaw -do this every few weeks now,
    How to fix permanently or for long time? Thank You for your help.

    • Hi, it sounds like you have a defrost issue or a clogged drain line. Both are very common issues on Samsung refrigerators. The ice is building up because a defrost component has failed or the defrost drain line is clogged.

  196. Hello, I have a RB194 Samsung fridge and I keep getting water in my veggie bins, any ideas?
    thanks, molly

  197. Samsung refrigerator RFG297AARS. Ice maker is still getting water, is filling the bin with water and is slowly freezing into a pool at bottom of bin. But it will not make ice cubes. We have tried resetting and this didn’t work. Any ideas? Can’t seem to find a repair person in our area.

  198. Hi Matthew! I have bought a house with a Samsung RB1855SW/XAA fridge. We live in the US, but apparently this is a European model. The light in the fridge went out–we tried to replace the bulb, which is apparently a European style (smaller socket I think). So, we got an adapter, tried that with the bulb–still no dice. The repair guy said we needed a new control board. Does that make any sense? I’m thinking socket might need to be replaced instead? Help, thanks!

  199. Hi, I was cleaning out the fridge due to a huge mess when the light went out and it stopped running. The freezer was fine, just the fridge. We have a model RF26VABBP. It didn’t turn back on until I unplugged it, is this normal? It was only open ten minutes or so.

    • Hi, inside is a bi-metal switch that will shut the lights off so they don’t melt the liner. Did the refrigerator start cooling down again? I would assume it did.


  200. My Samsung is beeping every 2 mins? The freezer temp stays 75 degrees but it’s working well and keeping everything frozen. Just want to know why is it beeping ?

  201. My refrigerator display say “LC EG” and has water under the drawer. What could be the cause?

  202. Hi.
    My Samsung refrigerator rm255barb cools, freezes and dispenses water and ice just fine. It just keeps beeping a melody all day long. No error codes. No open doors or cracked seals. It’s the main refrigerator section (top right) that displays temp variations on the screen when it sings it’s tunes.
    Any advice?


  203. My fridge keeps getting water under the crisper drawers. can you tell me why?
    It is a samsung Mod.# RB195ACBP

  204. Actually, I tested the thermal fuse and a continuity test read 0.09. Is that close enough to zero to mean that it is good? Or is it the problem?

    I tested both thermal sensors (the one at the top of the fridge and also the one that is part of the evaporator assembly) and they both seemed to be close to where I thought they should be (the one that is part of the evaporator assembly seemed to be reading a little low (according to the chart, around 80, but I think room temp in here is closer to 75).

    With the above being said, is the problem more likely to be the defrost heater itself?

  205. I have a samsung french door fridge. The evaporator keeps freezing up on it. I checked the resistance of the heater, and its at 36 ohms. I believe this is within the specifications. Can you lend a hand in this problem please,

    Matthew G

    • Hi, it sounds like the element has continuity then. Have you checked the small round thermal switch on the side of the evaporator for continuity?


  206. I have a Samsung rs2556 and have a problem with the ice maker. It seems the water is not filling the tray, but the ice maker try’s to empty the tray and the motor turns the try and flexes the tray but never returns the tray to the upright position. The motor just keeps flexing the try and never stops. I am not sure what controls the motor timing. When I press the reset button on the ice machine it works fine for one cycle. Then it goes back to never stopping the flex motion.

    • Sounds like the motor is bad. You can replace just the motor/timer on these. Make sure nothing is stoping the tray from going all the way and touching the other side.


  207. Hello Matthew!

    First off, thanks for all of your help here, it looks like you are definitely solving a lot of peoples’ problems! I had a question about my fridge as well and I was hoping you could answer it. I have a Samsung (Model # – RS2533SW). I read above how to complete the self-diagnosis and I attempted this. My fridge gave me the code -88 88. It has not been cooling down and the compressor has been getting hot, but its fan has been working fine. I can hear a clicking noise every 2-3 minutes coming from the relay that rests on the side of the compressor, where the electrical/power wires come in.

    If you could give me any advice, I would appreciate it! I hope to hear back from you as soon as possible!

    Thank you!

    • Hi, hope you were able to solve the samsung refrigerator problem you were having. It sounds like a faulty start device or a faulty compressor.


  208. I have Samsung model # rs26dbp it makes ice on the tray but it doesn’t dump it in bucket why

    • Hi, sounds like a frozen ice maker motor or possibly a faulty ice maker. You will need to test a few things to see which is faulty.

  209. I did check condenser fan and it runs most of the day, but sometimes stops for a break.

  210. Hi, we’ve had thisSamsung RF265AB fridge/freezer for at least 5 or more years and never a problem. All of the sudden the freezer isnt keeping things frozen. The thermostat is set to -2 but everything is soft. Its not completely broken b/c everything isnt completely melted. Last night we dropped the temp to -4 and everything is still the same. I checked and it seems like the door is closing completely. We do have an 18 month old who loves to hang near the fridge. But he wasnt up last night I can tell you that 🙂

    • Hi, I wish I could just guess and tell you what’s wrong with your Samsung refrigerator. You would actually need to take things apart and test components with a volt meter for me to be able to help you.


  211. Hello. My Samsung model RB217ABRS has the temp on the fridge and freezer showing 36 and 6 degrees, respectively, but everything in the freezer is melting and the fridge is not cold. Diagnostic check reads -88 on freezer side, 88 on fridge side. Motor is running. No iced coils. Some melted water under the coils. Thank you for your time

  212. Samsung RS261MDWP —Freezer is cold and fridge is warm. My refrigerator doesn’t have the 88 88 control panel, it has bars. The 3rd from the bottom on the freezer side is flashing. Paid for a tech and he did absolutly nothing. said the evap fan connector was loose. So far I replaced the motherboard. I took the back inside cover off in the freezer and it had a lot of ice and frost everywhere. Any thoughts?

    • Hi, that usually indicates an issue with the thermistor. Have you checked the actual temps inside both sections yet? I would suspect an evaporator thermistor issue.


  213. My side by side Samsung RS2630SH is cooling but not cold enough on the freezer side. I cleaned the condenser coil and the fan is running good. The evaporator coil is cold at the top, but not on the bottom. The Evaporator fan is running fine. The compressor runs and all fans work. No Ice and not cold enough. I have an older unit…It does not have a display to read.

  214. We have mountain home is a remote area and when I was last there, I noticed the items in our Model RB215LABP freezer were thawed and the stuff in the fridge was warm. The temps in the freezer was over 40 and the fridge in the high 50’s. I could see frost build up in the vents in the back of the freezer so I unplugged the unit and took out the drawers and the support that contains the lights,sensor etc. I then removed the vent cover and the next cover to expose the evaporator coil. After removing that cover, the evaporator coils were frozen over preventing any air flow from the fan so I took a hair dryer, defrosted the coils completely and re-assembled the unit. I turned the unit back on and the temps started dropping relatively fast. The freezer dropped to -2 and the fridge got down into the 40’s but then went up to 50 degrees where it has remained but the freezer continues to stay at -2. Please tell me what you think is the issue with the fridge staying at this level.

    • Hi, that’s very odd. I would need to be on scene or talking on the phone to help you with this issue.



  215. I have rs263tdrs. freezer works but fridge warm. Noisy fan when door closed. Probly due to ice build up. Already replaced heater assembly (part. no. DA47-00322J) but it still builds up ice then gets warm. Not sure what to look at now. Main board? Is there a defrost timer? Temp sensor? Now I have two blinking lights on display (type B with horizontal lines). any advice?

    • Hi, sounds like you have an air leak or a defrost issue. Possible door gasket or defrost thermostat.


  216. We have a Samsung RB1955VQ refrigerator. One day the power went out & the light in the refrigerator section stopped working. The light bulb appears to be undamaged (the filament is unbroken), but I replaced it anyway. The new bulb didn’t work either.

    Can you tell me what is wrong?

    Thank you.

    • Hi, that’s very odd. I would need more information to help you. I’m working on offering a phone call service where visitors can call in and ask questions for a small fee. That route will work best with this situation.


  217. The fridge display read OF and I was able to reset.y question is why did it enter exhibition mode in the first place? Thanks

    • Hi, it’s odd but I’ve seen it before. Sometimes a visitor presses the buttons when getting water/ice sometimes the control just has an electrical glitch. I’ve replaced board to fix this issue before.


  218. I have a samsung Cooltech Fridge its about 7 years old, it seems to keep switching off. I mean it cools to the required temperature and then switches the compressor off but fails to switch it back on. If i switch the fridge off then back on its starts up again and does the same thing.

    I would think its the thermo switch but you should know better

    Please advise

    Kind regards


  219. I have a Samsung refrigerator model RS265TDRS the refrigerator side doesn’t seem to be cooling. I pushed the too bottom to self diagnosis it said 22 E ? What does that mean anyone

    • Hi, do you hear a fan running in the refrigerator? Did you get the refrigerator fixed yet? Sorry I’ve been away. Thanks

  220. Hi. I recently bought a “Samsung RT36 Top Mount Freezer with Digital Inverter Technology” . The first time I turned it on the freezer part is working properly but the refrigerator part is not cooling adequately. And the refrigerator is running continuously (i.e. There is continuous noise of a running motor whereas my older fridge stops intermittently when the temperature is achieved ) have a got a defective unit or have I not set it up right ?

    Thank you

  221. My refigerator started beeping earlier and will not stop. More specifically the energy saver light keeps coming on and off with the beeping! What is causing it and how do i stop it?

  222. I have a RF4287HA and is getting the PC ER message. The lights are off and it seems cold inside the frig. I’m not sure if the frig is working properly. Can you please help? Should I call Samsung to schedule for service? is this something I can fix on my own? Thank you.

  223. I was just cleaning behind my Samsung fridge model # rs2555sl I normally take off the lower back panel and vacume the coils because I have pets and it gets very dusty I noticed the fan wasn’t working isn’t that fan supposed to run constantly?

    • Hi, that’s the condenser fan motor. That motor cools the compressor and condenser. If the compressor is running, the condenser fan motor next to it should be running as well. Thanks


  224. i have a samsung refrigerator model # RF323TEDBSR manufactured june of 2013 when I try to dispense water it will only run i have the button in a certain position if it is pushed all the way the light goes out and doesn’t dispense. The problem comes and goes what could be the problem.

    • Hi, thank you for taking the time to comment. Several different things could cause this issue. You will need to test a few things to verify. A phone call would probably work best.


  225. I have a Samsung side by side and my freezer section has been leaking. The coils are icing over and after I defrost it and remove the ice within a few days there is ice on the bottom of the freezer section under the bottom drawer. When I take the panel off to de-ice the freezer there is a ball looking part that is frosted over. My wife said this morning it was making a very loud noise and the temp on the front is blinking.

    • Hi, the evaporator has heavy frost/ice on it right? Have you tested the defrost components yet? Do you have a volt meter?


  226. I have a samsung model #RB215LASH the issue we are having is the refrigerator part is not cooling it stays around 55 to 60 degrees the freezer is working fine what do you think could be the problem ? Thanks Jeanna

  227. […] refrigerator troubleshooting water leak crisper draw. joe icying problem prevented fresh food. Samsung Refrigerator Troubleshooting Self Diagnostics …Engine tune performance: – swedishbricks, Vacuum leak [query:] idle surges ground wire […]

  228. Hi, I have a Samsung rsa1shpn fridge freezer. The freezer department is building up with ice and freezing up behind the panels. Days later it defrosts itself and ends up being -2 temp. This has happened a few times now. Can u tell me what u think is wrong

  229. My Samsung side by side refrigerator is 3 years old. About 3 months ago we had a power outage and the panel had the freezer/fridge levels rolling and the freezer/fridge had stopped working/cooling. We looked up online and found the steps to reset, hold the Lighting and Energy Saver buttons for 3-5 seconds to reset and it kicked back on and worked fine, unitl… This morning the same thing, the freezer/fridge level lights are rolling and the freezer/fridge is not cooling. We reset, it went right back to rolling after the reset. We unplugged, then reset, it went right back to rolling lights under the freezer/fridge levels again. The reset is not working. What else can I do or is it doomed?

  230. I just got the refrigerator. The temp for freezer is -4 and blinking. how do i reset

  231. Hi Matthew…happy I found this site and hoping you can correct my problem. I just got a Samsung RB215LABP. It isnt brand new but is it great shape. When I got it home, it plugged in fine and display is up and running. I set the fridge and freezer temps but after a couple hours the freezer says 53 and the fridge says 55. I hit power freeze on them both and left again for quite awhile. Temps never changed. The inside of the fridge now has some condensation formed as drips along the top and side sections of the perimeter. So in my case, it looks like both the fridge and freezer dont cool. I did take the back panel off and the fan aimed at the compressor is still running. There is no frost or anything formed anywhere. I read a little bit and know that it could be a telay switch, thermistor, the main control panel, etc. I also saw that if I hold both of the POWER FREEZES for 8 seconds it will display which error code the fridge is receiving. I tried that but when I hold them for 15 seconds the display changes, flashes, and then goes dark. To get the display back on I have to hold it again for another 15 seconds. Here’s hoping my situation is fairly common and that you may have a couple things for me to try or a part or two to order. Cant thank you enough. This is my first home so Im hoping to get off to a better start. Hahaha. Thanks. Amy

    • Hi Amy, this is a common issue on these models. Unfortunately, the freon has leaked out of the system or the compressor is insufficient. Usually a freon leak. Check the use and care guide. Some of these units had an extended warranty on the sealed system.

      Thank you


  232. I bought a new RL4014UBASL/SA – it has been on for 48 hours. I turned on the power freeze mode as put temps to minimum as described in set-up manual. The freezer is NOT freezing food i.e. bread etc is still soft. The temperature display appears to show what the temp is set on, but not what the actual temp is. Freezer is set to -23 and fridge to 3.

  233. Hi Matthew,

    I have a Samsung RM255LASH Quattro (about 9 years old). I started hearing a loud humming noise that shut off when the fridge door was opened. Based on some research on the internet, I thought it was the condenser fan in the back but all seems to be working fine including the compressor. I cleaned everything in the back including the coils and everything else. But, even before I cleaned the back, the loud hum went away and my top right refrigerator section is not cooling properly. However the freezer and the two bottom drawers seem to be working just fine. I am completely at a loss and could really use any suggestions and help you could give. Thanks in advance!

  234. We bought a Samsung from Lowes and it has broken 4 times in 4yrs we had extended warranty thank goodness to me we bought the wrong brand.Now they tell us we need defrost panel one thing after another would not recommend.Fridge goes from 45 to 55 will not go back to 38.

  235. My Sumsung side by side refrigerator is making noise which stops when the refrigerator door is opened and starts imidiately when door is closed. I suspect a fan problem, how do I get access to the fans?

  236. My 3-yo Samsung RS261MDRS side-by-side doesn’t have a digital display, so I don’t think I can check for any codes, but I’m having a problem with the icemaker and it won’t respond to the reset button.

    The unit will dispense ice (meaning, if hold a glass to the dispenser in the door, it will activate the auger and dispense any ice that’s in the bin). And it will dispense water just fine. The unit made ice, because the icemaking tray has nice full cubes in it. What it will not do is empty that ice tray into the bin.

    The unit is not responding to the reset button, and the “ice off” indicator light won’t work. It will chime up, and it will chime down, but the light doesn’t come on either way and I don’t know which chime means “ice off” function is activated and which means it’s inactive. Regardless, I’ve let the fridge sit for hours under both chime-up and chime-down conditions, and it still doesn’t change anything.

    All the repair wisdom I can find so far pretty much amounts to “hold the reset button for 3, 5, or 10 seconds” or “here’s how to replace the broken ice tray”, and mine isn’t broken. Samsung customer service recommended scheduling a repair call. Any sage advice is greatly appreciated.

  237. I have the Samsung Model rf266abpn. We bought it about 1 yr used and have had it for about 4 yrs. Never any trouble. We don’t have water or ice maker hooked up it is our spare fridge. The last few days noticed the display still says 34 degrees but things are slowly getting warm. At about 48 degrees Now freezer still works fine. We pulled away from wall cleaned the vent but it’s still not working right?

    • Hi, several different things it could be. Fan by the compressor running? Fan inside the freezer and refrigerator running with the doors closed? Lot’s of different things it could be. Maybe we can speak on the phone to speed things up. Thanks

  238. Hello! I have a Samsung dual cooling French door refrigerator with pull out beverage drawer that is 5 years old. About two month ago the freezer stopped working. Refrigerator section is fine. A&E factory techs have been out numerous times…replaced the mother board (didn’t fix it) replaced the celinoid in the valve switch that moves the freon from refrigerator coils to freezer coils (didn’t fix it). So I’m stumped as what they can do next! Any idea what it could be? Also no error codes showing on panel..fan and compressor appear to be operating normally.

    • Hello, that’s very odd. Wish I was closer so I could take a look for you. It sounds like a freon issue. It could be the freon is not making it into the freezer evaporator. The frost pattern on the evaporator will usually tell you the story..leak, restriction, insufficient compressor.

      Unfortunately, this is more of a hands on type of a thing it sounds like.



  239. Hi, I have a Samsung RL38ebms fridge. When switching the fridge on it works perfectly until it reaches temp. The compressor then cuts out like it should but does not come back on until its very hot inside the fridge again. I have changed the main PCB.

  240. Hi. We just purchased a brand new samsung french door refrigerator, and it was delivered yesterday. The freezer is working fine, but the refrigerator will only cool to 55 degrees. I have unplugged it, reset it, system diagnostics doesn’t show any codes. Any idea what it could be? After making a major purchase I cannot really afford to have a repair man out here. I can still return it, but I would rather not go through all the trouble if it can be easily fixed. Thank you so much for your time.

  241. Hi I have a Samsung side by side rs265tdrs and the freezer working fine but the temp on the fridge is 52 degrees I checked the coils and fan in the freezer and they are fine any suggestions ,is there a fan in the refrigerator side . Thanks

  242. Rear fan error I’m getting??

  243. Joanne I plugged the fridge fan into the freezer and it never came on and there was no ohm reading either.

  244. I have Samsung 2 door fridge unit bought 3 months back , model no RTT36DTBSP digital invertor . Since yesterday no cooling in freezer and refrigerator. the freezer temp is 16 and fridge temp is 3 on display and no error coe on display. No abnormal noise is coming from the back . I have unplugged it 6 times for 15 – 30 mins and plugged it again , but no progress. what could be the reason.

  245. My refrigerator started beeping earlier and will not stop. More specifically the energy saver light keeps coming on and off with the beeping! I have tried unplugging it as well as resetting the front panel. What is causing it and how do I stop it?

    • Hi, that usually indicates a shorted board. It could be giving you an error code though. Are any of the digital segments of the 88 88 displayed?


  246. Hi,

    I am having a problem with my Samsung RF267 Refrigerator. Basically the freezer compartment stays at ~ 23 degrees but the from panel say -2 to -8 depending on where I set it. When I power off the fridge for 30 seconds the front panel say 23 degrees but then slowly goes down to where the setting is but the actual freezer temp never changes??? Trying to figure out what to look for. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  247. i have a 6 yr old samsung fridge that the fridge part is not cooling but freezer is also when the doors are shut light stays on at all time its the 4 door kind were freezer is bottom and i put in a new fan motor

    • Hi April, which lights are staying on inside the refrigerator sections? The door switch sounds is where I would check first.


  248. Hi, my freezer has defrosted and the fridge has gone warm. I turned it off and then back on and there isn’t a freezer temperature light on at all and the fridge temperature is flashing?? Please help

  249. Hello,

    I had two codes come up on my Samsung fridge. 22E & 39E. What does this mean. What parts do I replace ??? My inside of the fridge is frozen up.

  250. Hello, your site is fantastic. It helped the first time, but now I think it is a more serious problem.
    I have a fridge freezer, it has started to beep when there is no one even in the room, then the temp on the fridge goes down to 0. I checked your site, and realised it was switching itself to DEMO. Did what you suggested, but when it happened again yesterday, (demo) I attempted to do it again but the top button on the left hand side just went in completely almost as if there is no contact. Is this a new panel job?
    thank you for answering

  251. After a brief power outage my french door refrigerator (RFG299AARS) has the following error code. Checkpoint: FF-Def sensor. Check the cooling room (freezing room) prolonged storage may damage the food. Can i fix this myself. If so, where is the sensor and where can i buy one?

  252. Hi. Wish I had found this site some time ago. Lot’s of good information. I have a RF263AEWP refrigerator. It’s had the problem with water leaking under the crisper drawer and freezing. I’ll see if I can get the new style clip tomorrow.
    The past few weeks the refrigerator has been freezing food. Temp is now set to 46 with no change. The lower area of the refrigerator section is definitely colder that the top shelf. Can you give me some ideas on where to start looking to fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

  253. Hi, I have a 4 year old Samsung RS265TDRS refrigerator that does not cool or freeze. At first, it showed “OF” on the display but after trying to figure out the problem and unplugging it, it displayed “5E” or “SE”. After I reset the error, it now only shows “OF” again on both the refrigerator and the freezer side where the temperature is normally displayed. Do you have any suggesting for troubleshooting and any remedies for repairing it?


  254. My refrigerator alarm keeps beeping and the light stay on and if I turn alarm ice and water still does not work.

  255. Hi, I hope you can help me…I have a Samsung side by side RSG309AARS and the display does not work. It stays lit and doesn’t sleep. None of the icons work. Please help. I’ve tried resetting it and nothing!

  256. rf32fmqdbsr samsung 4 door refrigerator
    Both freezer temperature are cooling correctly at the right temp but the top Refrigerator section is not cooling at is about 51 degrees F. What can be wrong ? Please help!

  257. code indicates c-fan error

  258. I have a SRF 579DLS and the display panel for adjusting the temperature keeps defaulting to 15 regardless of me setting it to 3, can you help me with this problem??

  259. Have a american fridge freezer rsa1wtmh1/xeu freezer only reaching 7 wont go any higher fridge fine.

  260. I have a Samsung 4 door that says pc ch then goes to 41 c any help? And also have a new Samsung 4 door door in door saying 84 c any help

  261. Model RF265ABWP started making an unpredictable loud beeping (NOT the door chime) a few weeks ago. Took a while to figure out it was the fridge, since it’s only 3–5 beeps and it stops as soon as you get close to it. I did the self diagnosis, and–hooray–the beeping happened so I know it’s the fridge! All LEDs light up, but only LED 1 was flashing. What now? Our ice maker is actually OFF at this time (has been for several months).

  262. our Samsung RFG297AARS freezer not cooling. Tried unplugging for 10 minutes and also tried vacuuming. Tried holding 2 buttons down on panel and got 88 88 message but nothing else. Any suggestions?

  263. Hi. I bought a 5yr old used Samsung French door fridge with ice maker, worked perfect for 3 weeks then it just stopped cooling overnight, compressor runs and cools great but fridge/freezer temp hardly changes. there are 2 fans behind freezer panel but both aren’t running is there a way to manually start an test them? .. thanks

  264. Hi,
    Where can I order paeta for my model RB193KABB
    The freezer fan hits some ice, so we defrost it. Than we’re good for a couple of months, provided I don’t put much in the freezer nor make ice. I figure the defrost component is not doing its job. Hubby actually had the back panel undone and had a guy come look. He says parts are hard to order and wouldn’t fix it.
    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  265. I have a Samsung RFG298AARS twin cooling plus French door refrigerator that is 7 years old. About one week ago the freezer stopped working. Refrigerator section is fine.
    When I power off the fridge for 30 seconds the front panel say 56 degrees for the freezer but then slowly goes down to where the default setting is(-2 degree F) but the actual freezer temperature is not -2. I have a cup of water in the compartment and it is not frozen. I do feel cold air in the compartment but no where near -2.
    I opened the back panel, there is no frost on the coils only condensation. I check the temperature sensor, the resistance changed as I warm it with my fingers. The evaporator fan seems to move freely.

    Thanks in advance for your reply/comments.

  266. HI Matthew,

    We have a Samsung RT72KAse model tbhat is not cooling. We have set the indicatiors to the lowest temp but its still not cooling. We vacuumed the back and the coils and we dont hear any noise or clicking sounds. Its a 6 year old Fridge that we transported from Singapore to Sydney, it was in storage for 6 months. It does power up but just not cooling. Please advise me of troubleshooting steps.

    thank you!

  267. I have a Samsung RF25HMEDBSR/AA fridge, lately when trying to get ice out of the dispenser, water always comes out first. What could the issue be?

  268. how to remove freezed stuck ice bucket from samsung refrigerator RSG309AARS,full of ice.

  269. okay gang- need some help please!
    Samsung RSG257 ice maker not working.
    I have:
    1. Tested water pressure
    2. Replaced the ice maker
    3. Replaced Water Valve
    4. Freezer temp is zero
    Every once in a blue moon a Christmas miracle happens and it makes ice just to mock me…rarely but sometimes.

    I tried to run a self diagnosis..when I do I get “88 89” The 9 flashes. Is that a freezer sensor and if so where the hell is it?

  270. Bad design on the ice maker in the Series RF266 Samsung refrigerator…I replaced the entire ice maker assembly just last year and now this one is dead. Seems as though the freezer is malfunctioning in that there is a good deal of “snow” all over the frozen foods. The ice maker does not work and may be frozen even though the temperature reads 6 degrees in the freezer section. Can you give me some advice? Thanks, Eduardo

  271. samsung refrigerator RFG293HABP 2 years old. Is chirping. Any ideas why?

  272. My grandfather has a Samsung fridge and the ice quit coming through the door. The ice maker has been replaced, and the board that is in the freezer door which is the display panel have also been replaced and bother were not cheap. We can still not get the light behind the display to work, but the sensor under the board is working, which means the display isn’t bad. We have held the top two buttons on the left side of the display for 3 seconds or long together. Not sure what to do any farther, wondering if you had any suggestions, or maybe someway to reset the fridge or the display. We have unplugged the fridge multiple times, but still nothing.

  273. Hello,
    I have an rb215 LASH model. It is a 2006 manufacture date. The freezer is only cooling to about 30 deg f
    The fridge is working fine. I defrosted it for 5 days, took the back panel off, cleaned out a load of dust and such from the coils, plugged back in, and it worked great for a couple weeks. Now it’s doing the same thing again. Fridge is still working great. The compressor is getting warm, and the fan is running in the back bottom. Not sure what the issue is. Do you have any advice?

  274. Hi- I live in Florida and we just had a hurricane. My power has been out for four days but now I have a big generator. My Samsung twin cooling fridge is working great but the freezer won’t get cooler than 65. I used the self diagnostic procedure described above & fridge said 88 not blinking, but freezer said 98 blinking with 88…do I have a bad sensor? Where is that located on the unit? Thanks so much for any assistance, there are so many people without power I’m afraid it’s going to be several more days and I’d love to get the freezer working again.

  275. Hello, I have BFG237 model, about two years old. Fridge started getting warm, water is accumulating at the butom. I can feel ice behind the back panel. Self diagnostic shows “R fan error”. Please advise. Thank you.

  276. We have a 2-3yr old Samsung rs261mdwp fridge that just quit working, no power, no lights, no panel display etc. Opened back cover just above mid body on rear of fridge and found a very small 2a fuse that was blown, replaced w/ a locally purchased 3a (all we could find) and it immediately blew also….thoughts?

  277. Hi freezers not working neither is the fridge done the self D and it says the freezer fans not working but both spin fast when I switch on the door switches so I know bother fans are fire its also had a new mother board.

    samsung rb193kasb

  278. My samsung bottom freezer does not work with on the power freeze setting. No error code is displayed. Just determined in freezes without power cool and fridge works fine. Thanks in advance

  279. Hi Matthew,
    We have a 6 year old Samsung rf268abpn French door fridge. From day 1 it made a lot of popping, cracking, ice dropping noises- but it worked fine. About 2 months ago the freezer began frosting over. We emptied, unplugged and defrosted it…plugged it in, waited for it to get cold and filled it back up. Still frosting over worse than ever. We realized that it is no longer noisy. I don’t know if that coincided with the frosting over because we just realized it’s now quiet. Since the defrost the upper ice making is not making ice. We can live without the upper ice maker, but would like to resolve the freezer issue.
    The ONLY tech in our area came out to look at it, scraped some ice from around the freezer door and said nothing is wrong with it.
    I’m thinking that it may be a faulty thermo couple not telling the freezer to shut off OR a sensor for the defrost heater….is there a way I can test these? I have a multi meter…and I’m handy.
    We’re already looking at other models to replace this piece of rubbish. Do you recommend any brands and models? Something that most techs will readily come out and look at if something happened. You call local techs and NONE OF THEM will work on Samsung…they just say good luck and hang up. We’d like to stick with french door…


  280. Any idea of how to replace the light on the bottom freezer of a Samsung French4 door fridge?
    The freezer on the bottoms light went out and I cannot figure out how to fix the light!

  281. Hello, I have Samsung Model #RF4287HABP/XAA. The temperature on the refrigerator side is in the mid 40’s, yet the display shows 34 degrees. I have tried unplugging the cord for a minute to no avail. Power cool brings the temperature down nicely. Please help

  282. Hi I have a Samsung American fridge freezer, the freezer part has stopped working.
    The fridge is absolutely fine, can you help me plz?

    Thank you

  283. I have a 3 year old Samsung refrigerator model RF263BEAEBC/AA. We have recently had a lightning strike which damaged some of our appliances. The refrigerator seemed to be ok. Later we started hearing a loud humming our buzzing coming from the refrigerator that stopped when opening the door to the fresh food section. After reading how to’s on Google I decided it was the evaporator fan causing the noise. The unit was not froze up when I removed the inside rear panel of covering the cooling coils. There was a burt spot on the rear wall of the refrigerator behind the fan so I just knew this was the problem. After the fan was replaced we still are hearing the noise. This noise is intermittent but always stops when the door is opened. It actually sounds as if it is coming from one of the three printed circuit boards in the back electrical panel. The refrigerator is operating properly but I’m sure it is going to go out soon if I don’t find the problem. Thanks in advance.


  284. I have a RS2534WW and the freezer temperature was blinking. The frig side seems to be cooling and working ok but not the freezer side. I checked the compressor and it’s not shorted out. How can I check the relay and the starter? or is there another problem? Thanks for the help in advance,

  285. Samsung model RF263BEAESR freezer works fine however refrigerator intermittently stops cooling typically when water line freezes once thawed out begins cooling fin again….what’s causing this

  286. I used the picture to find my error and it was #4. What do I have to do or replace to get it working again? My freezer is working just fine but the fridge part is staying at 66 degrees.

  287. Hi we have a Samsung manufacture date 2012
    Model #rf197acrs

    We get a build up of ice under both crisper draws and the drawers fill with water.
    Can someone help
    Thank you

  288. Hello Matt,

    You seem to have an answer for everyone, maybe you can find a solution for my problem. I have Samsung Model#RFG29PHDRS and there is ice forming at the back wall. There is lot of condensation. This fridge is roughly 2 1/2 yrs old. Any suggestions how to fix this problem will be very welcome. Thanks

  289. Hi Matthew,
    We have a Samsung French door bottom freezer RF26ABBP with 2 ice makers (one in the door and 1 in the freezer). The unit works fine with the ice makers are turned off. As soon as you turn either ice maker on the freezer temp drops about 20 degrees and the freezer begins frosting and icing over.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks you!

  290. Hello I have a Samsung model rs263tdpn the refrigerator part not cooling its 2011 model what is the problem please

  291. Hi I have a Samsung fridge it’s very noisy but lately when the motor turns off
    The fridge makes a pop noise ?

  292. Hi. I have a Samsung RS265TDRS side by side fridge that the ice maker stopped working again. I replaced the ice maker once and it lasted about 6 months. It’s stopped working again, but this time the “ice off” indicator is blinking. I tried resetting and unplugging. Neither has worked. I replaced the ice maker again today and it still does not work. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

  293. Hi I have just started renting a house, there is a samsung double door fridge with freezer at bottom the freezer portion is working fine but the the top is no longer staying cool. Any suggestions

  294. Hello,
    I have a Samsung RS21DCNS fridge freezer. I came home from holiday and the display was flashing at -20and -4 for the freezer and fridge.
    I switched it off at the wall and back on and now the thermo reads 18deg for both freezer and fridge and the unit is not cooling.
    All lights work and the display is fine…
    Any help is much appreciated
    Many thanks

  295. Hi my fridge freezer is staying at 12 and i feel like crying can anyone help me

  296. My frig is a RF268ABRS/43FGBBKA
    and it leaks water into my bottom drawer in the frig and water under the drawer..Also water gets into the bottom ice bin..Any suggestions

  297. Matt my Samsung fridge ice maker was frozen up so I cleaned it out. Now it is not making ice. How do I reset it?

  298. Hey Matthew,

    We have a Samsung Refrigerator Model # RB2055SL

    refrigerator was not cooling but freezer was, found out the hard way after family became ill.
    the digital temp reading displayed on the door was reading 38 degrees but after purchasing a hand thermometer at grocery store the actual reading inside fridge was 50 degrees.

    I purchased and installed a temperature sensor and it didn’t fix it.

    now I have a new problem, (or same one)
    I tried “rebooting” the outside digital temp display located on the door and now it is entirely dead,
    I mean completely blank no reading.
    inside the separate thermometer I purchased from grocery story
    says temp is still fluctuating between 38 and 48 degrees

    Please help, we’ve been eating out of a cooler for 3 weeks
    what do I need to do?

    Thank you for your help!

  299. Hello,
    My samsung refrigerator RFG299AARS keep restarting/resetting by it self constantly…please help

  300. Rb217abrs ice only dumps when test button is pushed

  301. Hi, I have RF268ABRS. I start working intermittently. When it stops working, I have unplug/ plug to make it to start working again in following 24 hrs.

    I will appreciate suggestions to fix it by myself

  302. Hi, I have RF268ABRS. It starts working intermittently. When it stops working, I have unplug/ plug to make it to start working again in following 24 hrs.

    I will appreciate suggestions to fix it by myself

  303. I have a Samsung model: SR-S2029CVW, BOM: SS20WH2/XEU
    It stops cooling when it reaches temperature and starts rising in both fridge and freezer.
    If I switch it off and on again it records the actual temperatures on the panel and starts the compressor etc to lower temperatures. When it reaches temperatures it stops and does not restart until I switch off and restart, up to 3 times a day. Any ideas?

  304. I have a Samsung model RF263BEAEBC/AA. French door, freezer on bottom.
    When I press buttons for diagnostic codes, the whole display flashes in unison, with -88 88 flashing with display.
    Fridge cooling fine, freezer not freezing. Coils on bottom cleaned, all coils inside defrosted.

  305. I have a Samsung RF28HFEDTBC/AA the freezer temp shows that it is at -2 but it will not actually freeze. It is cold but not freezing.

  306. I have a Samsung refrigerator RF25HMEDBSR/AA. The top refrigerator section is showing 51 degrees.
    The middle section is cold & the freezer works fine. Is there a way to fix? It’s only a year old

  307. I have a Samsung refrigerator(rb195bsbb) that every time you open the refrig door the alarm goes off shortly after closing. It will then heat up till around 55 degrees then alarm will stop, cool itself down then will repeat itself the next time someone opens the door.

  308. I have a samsung refrigerator model RF18. This was installed in my camper from the dealer and it keeps freezing up in the fridge. The freezer works great. I just recently turned it off again to defrost and now it will not cool at all. The fridge nor freezer are cooling. I have checked and all the fans are running both in and out. Please advise.

  309. I have a Samsung refer model rh30h9500sr/aa nothing works just dead displays a 41c code can’t find anything on the internet that states what this code means any ideas,

  310. I have a Samsung refer error code is 41c model number is RH30H9500SR/AA the FF and Fz not working can’t find what this error code means. This refer is dead. got any ideas Thanks

  311. I have a rf265aabp it not cooling at all but hear it running. According to your error code self diagnosis it’s I/M function error. What is that and how can I fix it

  312. From what year or for which models does this diagnostic test work? I have a RF2667ABR 2008/XAA. I tried this and got nothing. Or does that mean nothing = no problem?
    I have a low production ice maker. I replaced the ice maker because of a noise which has gone but get far less than Samsung claims it will make. I was contemplating the control board but it’s a lot of money for a few extra ice cubes.

  313. I have a Samsung RS2530 and it stopped cooling. I vacuumed off the condenser coils. The compressor and the condenser fan are both working.

    I took off the panels at the back of the freezer to check the freezer evaporator fan. It’s working. I haven’t taken the fridge compartment panels out yet. The coils in the freezer compartment feel cold to the touch, and the line going into them is cold enough to build up a thin layer of frost.

    Self-diagnostic mode shows no errors.

    Since the evaporator coils feel cold, I think this should exonerate the temperature control system?

    What else might the problem be? It’s Labor Day, so at least it’s a good time to buy a fridge, if it comes to that lol

  314. I have a RFG238 series that every few days totally thaws out before refreezing and all getting back down to temp. It will be fine for a few days then repeats this cycle

  315. I have a samsung refrigerator model rs261mdwp. Both Fridge and Freezer sides are working OK. But control panel is not working, it is found “Child lock” light is on, I tried to hold “Energy Saver” 3+ seconds several times but can’t turn off “Child lock” light. Following online recommendation, I also tried to hold both “Light” and “Energy Saver” 8+ seconds, but it still can’t turn off “Child lock” light. Is there any way to fix this issue? Thanks.

  316. We have a Samsung Model RF323TEDBSR/AA French Door Fridge / Freezer. The Fridge is cooling, however, the freezer is not keeping things frozen. It is not cooling at all.
    I did push the top right and top left buttons, they both blink, one -88 and the other 88. I’m not sure what this means? I have also unplugged for a couple minutes and plugged back in. Can you help me here Matt?

  317. Hi, I have Samsung RSG5DUMH
    I have just done the diagnostic and it comes up with error code 7 R-Defrost error. Can I fix this myself or do I need an engineer?

  318. Samsung Refrigerator RF260BEAESR Deli, Fresh, Chilled lights switch by themselves and beep. This is an intermittent problem.

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