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Apr 142011

How to force a Samsung Refrigerator into a forced Defrost mode.  A service technician may need to do this in order to test the refrigerators defrost circuit.

Samsung uses a defrost heater around the evaporator.  One common issue on some of the first run Samsung refrigerators have a defrost heater issue.  The heater often fails creating a defrost problem, when this happens the temperature will start to warm up.

The diagram below explains how to force a Samsung refrigerator into defrost.

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  17 Responses to “Samsung RM255BARB Refrigerator Forced Defrost Mode How To”

  1. My Samsung RF26AEBP refrigerator water dispenser froze up. The unit was under warranty and the tech who showed up felt that the water pressure from the house line was insufficient to allow the dispenser to work. I fixed the water line problem, but the water dispenser still did not work until I pulled the plug and let the refrigerator stand with the doors open for 3 hours. At that point the dispenser worked ok. This leads me to believe that the dispenser can ice up. Can this condition be prevented?

  2. Hello,

    The reservoir in the refrigerator can freeze and cause this issue. Check the temps with a thermostat. Samsung refrigerators have a thermistor that regulates the refrigerators temperature.

    This issue can be prevented. It would require you to do some investigating, start with the temps. If the temps look good for the setting the refrigerator is on I would suspect an air flow issue.

  3. Hi, Samsung sent my fridge to Sears to be repaired. It was 3 years old and no longer cooled or froze. Sears fixed it after 6 weeks waiting for parts from Samsung. A leak in the liquid that causes a fridge to work was the issue but………it has not made ice since it was returned to me but there is cold water from the front area where ice comes from too. Any ideas??????
    Victoria Canada
    it is a great idea fridge when it works 4 areas to choose from……
    model rm255barb xac

  4. Hi,

    Sorry to hear about your Samsung refrigerator problem. Glad they stepped up and took care of you, doesn’t happen very often.

    Samsung refrigerators do have several common ice maker issues. I would suspect your is not a common one. If the refrigerator had sealed system work done, I suspect they removed the back panel and un plugged the ice maker. The evaporator is behind the back panel. There is a wire connection that the ice maker plugs into. Samsung uses a small plug and play type connection. I would check that first. Good luck with you Samsung Appliance Repair.

    Samsung Refrigerator Expert

  5. my Samsung freezer’s heater does not work, once its timer was changed, then it started working but after some days not months again it stops proper working, now i after every threee or four days i used to melt the ice on its evaporator. then for some days it work efficiently but after that duration against the ice covers the whole evaporator and stops cooling in upper as well as lower comparatments.

    plz help
    worry dil

    • Hi thanks for taking the time to ask you Samsung question here. The most common issue on your Samsung refrigerator is the actual defrost heater itself. When the heater fails the ice builds up. When the ice builds up the fan can not circulate the air correctly. I suspect you have an issue with the defrost heater itself. With a volt meter you could ohm the heater out. If you need further technical assistance post your question in our DIY repair forum.

      Repair Forum

      With the model number I may be able to provide a link where you could purchase the part.

  6. My Samsung Refrigerator will not make ice anymore. It is like it is froze up. Just makes a clicking sound. I have had to turn off the ice maker so it will quit clicking. It is a RFG297 series

  7. My samsung refrigerator RF267AERS is not working, the freezer works fine but the top (french doors) do not cool. Freezer temp is currently 0F however top part temp is 56F!!!
    Thank you in advance for your advice

  8. Hi,

    My Samsung model number is RM255BARB/XAC. I suspect I have a defrost heater problem, in reading the above posts. How do I go about repairing it?

  9. Buenas tardes , busco ayuda con Mi refrigerador RM255BARB, mi problema es que no congela el frezer y el área del refrigerador si , alguien sabe q puede ser.

  10. How to get back the normal mode after pushed the button to defrost it

  11. My ice maker has frozen up and ice has clogged up the venue where ice is made. Can you help

    • We are having the same issues! The entire icemaker unit is frosted, and a huge block of ice has everything clogged up!

  12. Hi, I followed the instructions to get ‘forced defrost’ [holding down Freezer and Fridge buttons for 12 sec], I got the blank screen but when I push ‘any’ button, the panel reverts to normal mode and I end up changing the temperature. I can’t seem to get to the Fd button. thanks.

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