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May 122011


Thanks for taking the time to stop by our blog.  If you find one of our reviews or how to articles helpful drop us a line and let us know.  Fisher Paykel dryers have several common issues.  When the dryer stops heating it is more than likely due to a clogged dryer vent.  There is a safety fuse inside fisher paykel dryers that will trip.  When this safety fuse trips the dryer will start run but not heat.  If you and your fisher paykel dryer are in this situation the fuse is resettable.

To gain access to this fuse the top and front of the dryer need to be lifted and removed.  The process is simple and I have provided a link below that is a video that we have made that explains how to open and where the fuse is.

Fisher Paykel Dryer Repair Video Link

The fuse has a small button on the front that needs to be pushed into to reset.  If you have a volt meter check the heating element and make sure it is not grounded.  On some of these dryers the element will sag and touch.  When this happens the element can stay on and cause a over heat condition.  Check the dryers venting if the element is not grounded out.  We know these dryer very well and can assist you with any fisher paykel dryer repair question you may have.  Post your question in our fisher paykel repair forums using the link below.

Fisher Paykel Dryer Repair Forum

  15 Responses to “Fisher Paykel Dryer Not Heating Fisher Paykel Dryer Forum”

  1. In my case, I have to set the reset button (safety fuse) to get the dryer to heat after each load of clothes. What is the issued?

  2. Does the dryer have to be plugged in to reset it? Where is the heating element located ?

  3. I have a 2 year old fisher and paykel front loading dryer, we recently had to change the belt and then we had too change the heating panel, the dryer works fine to begin with but after a few minutes the heater stops working? Dont know what else to do really hoping you have some ideas. Thanks

    • Hi, does the high limit switch trip? Do you have to press the button on the canister to get it to heat again? That’s really odd. Does it do the same thing with the vent hose connected? Let me know.



  4. fisher paykel top load dryer two of the heating elements stay on constantly is this the grounding problem and if so what is the solution thanks

  5. never mind fixed it one coil was grounding out thanks

  6. I have an Aero Smart top loading electric dryer. I have tested all three breakers including the resettable one, replaced both elements and the control module, still takes forever to dry clothes, have to set to high heat and heavy load to get a load to dry and it still takes like 2 or 3 hours. Can you help me? Thank You

  7. I have a aero smart top load gas dryer. It stop heating. I replace the manual resettable thermostat.
    Clean the vent lines and the lint catch. What else can I check.

  8. Hello!
    I have the fisher-paykel top loading dryer. It stopped heating and I ran across a good tutorial on YouTube on disassembly and testing. As it turned out, the front resettable fuse with the red button had tripped. As recommended in the tutorial, before resetting, I checked for continuity to be sure it was really tripped. No sound. I pressed the button…lo and behold, continuity!
    As recommended, while disassembled, I checked the continuity of all the other connections. All OK except the smaller heating element…no beep!
    I ordered 2 replacements and no sound with either of the small elements, but sound with both large ones. Am I missing something or did I just get 2 bad elements? Help!

  9. I have a Fisher and Paykel top load dryer that is not heating. I press the reset button and it clicks and i can smell the heat but then when i turn the dryer on it is like it trips again and doesnt heat at all. What could be the issue

  10. I have a Fisher Paykel smart load dryer, how do I access the heating element?

  11. My top loader Patel stopped heating but still runs where is the heating element located?

  12. I have a fisher Paykel top load dryer. It stopped heating so we tried the reset button. Did nothing. Cleaned vent. Nothing. Finally just ordered all new heating element and new thermostat button. Dryer runs. Won’t hear and dry clothes though. We’ve done everything. What is the problem??

  13. I have used my drier 5 times. It runs but it won’t heat

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