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Nov 292012

Samsung refrigerators have a factory demo mode setting.

This enables the store you bought the Samsung refrigerator from to run all functions but the cooling part.

On these refrigerators it’s actually fairly simple to get out of demo mode. Samsung makes several different refrigerators the bottom mount freezer, side by side, and french door two drawer model. On all these models demo mode is basically the same.

Two get the refrigerator out of demo mode simply press the button on the top left and the button directly below it at the same time and hold for 3 seconds.

On most models the two buttons that need to be pressed to get the unit out of this mode are “ENERGY SAVER” & “FREEZER” on other models it can be “LIGHTING” & “FREEZER” remember the two buttons on the left. The very top and one directly below it are always the two buttons to hold at the same time to get your Samsung refrigerator out of demo mode.

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  30 Responses to “Samsung Refrigerator Stuck In Demo Mode”

  1. […] multiple attempts to clear this error code by putting the unit into diagnostic mode, demo mode, and pressing random buttons, I figured out the main controller on the back was the […]

  2. The fridge is not freezig and ice is melting. How can I fix it?

    • Hi, I would need a little more information to help you out.

      Is the compressor and fan next to the compressor running? Are the fans inside the freezer and refrigerator running?

      What does the frost pattern on the evaporators look like? Are they heavily frosted over or do they have 1/16 inch frost from top to bottom?


  3. Hello I pressed the buttons to take off demo mode and on the screen it shows zeros, then it goes back to off. I even unplugged my fridge and it still shows off. So what should I do?

  4. we have a side to side its been 3 days since both sides are warm nd resetting it doesnt seem to work. not sure what else to do nd how long is the setting suppose to take bcos iv been doing it for hrs nd switching it off takes back to high temperatures food messed up.

  5. I love you people. You have made my summer. I have been living out of coolers after throwing my food out
    3 year old fridge been off for 8 days. Tried the unplugging trick recommended on another site, but didn’t work. I found this site and my beautiful refrigerator that i was beginning to hate is now cooling. God bless
    you. Many thanks.

    • You’re most welcome. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.


    • what site?
      RFG298 AARS freezer does not cool and now fridge not dropping below 48.
      System is only 5 years old. Evap fan in freezer was changed out today…no change.

  6. my sumsung french door fridge displays O FF on front display. on all the information I have read it says that it is in demo mode if it says OF OF. I tried taking it off demo mode like was suggested but nothing changes after the chime. I am wondering if O FF means something diffenent then demo mode?

  7. Thank you, this site was very helpful.

  8. After pouring through the Samsung manual when I got the “0 FF” on the display…and finding NOTHING about this issue, I found this site. Within 30 seconds, I had the fridge out of demo mode and it’s cooling back down now. I noticed the water/ice dispenser was dripping water and I discovered the ice was melting. THANK YOU! It’s too bad Samsung isn’t as efficient as you. 🙂

  9. Thank you! My refrigerator was in OF. mode after a party.this was very helpful!

  10. After 18 months we woke-up one day to thawing food in the freezer and warm items in the fridge. Spent an hour doing web searches until we realized that the “0” and “FF” on the door display actually meant “OFF”, meaning the Demo Mode was on! What causes this to begin automatically???? How can we prevent it in the future???

    • Hello, I’ve seen where some of these would do this. The only way we could solve the issue was by replacing the main board and the dispenser board at the same time…


  11. My Samsung RF268ABRS control panel has been blinging and displaying the freezer temps fluctuating from -17 to 4 degrees, while the power freeze icon pops on/off. What is causing this and how do I fix ?

  12. Hi,

    We purchased a second hand samsung fridge the other day (only two years old) and while the fridge side is working perfectly, the freezer side won’t freeze… having read through the comments I don’t think it’s on demo mode but will defs try the suggestions tonight!! It won’t go below 5 degrees so all our food is thawing and having just moved and done a huge shop when we got the fridge/freezer, it’s such a waste of money….. Please help!

  13. Hi
    I am having the same problem as Christina, where the fridge side is working but the freezer is warm.

  14. my samsung fridge is not cooling, I had a problem and diassemble to thaw and now I cannot get temp back down

  15. The freezer and fridge are both displaying OF. I have tried holding both left buttons down several times and nothing changes. What next?

  16. Our frrezer doesnt chill is it ok to keep regrigerator on?

  17. Neither side is cooling Display is dark no message. tried holding buttons down and bot sides now show OF…

  18. Hi I have Samsung RSA1WTMH. The fridge light went out then the fridge starting beeping as if the door was not shut property. Now the temp is rising, currently up to 12, and the alarm is beepkellieing intermittently/ Tried turning it off and on but makes no difference.

  19. Thanks Matthew….we were 2 minutes away from trowing the fridge on the dumpster….the only thing wrong with it was the stupid demo mode and we didn’t know it
    Thanks again!!!!

  20. Thank You!! Someone was over to the house today and was leaning up
    against the control panel… noticed the O FF. Didn’t think much about it until
    system was warming. Did the upper left button trick; cooling like a champ!
    Thanks again!!

  21. My Samsung RS267 LASH shows the freezer at 60 degrees and the fridge section at 38 degrees. I see a lot of complaints with these numbers switched where the fridge side is warm. So any ideas for my situation?
    Thanks !

  22. My Samsung rf4287habp fridge display panel is unresponsive without any error displayed.
    I cut power to fridge, reset freezer & fridge temps and it works for while then problem returns constantly.

  23. Thanks Mathew on it is out of Demo mode.

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