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Dec 012012

Samsung refrigerators have one common issue across the line. Eventually they will stop cooling completely or one side will slowly lose it’s cool.

Samsung uses a dual evaporator but single compressor systems. This means that the freezer and refrigerator have there own cooling units but share a single compressor.

Samsung Refrigerator Forced Defrost

The most common issue that we have seen is a failed defrost heater. The defrost heater melts off the frost pattern on the evaporator every few hours so that it doesn’t build up to thick to prevent air flow. When the heater fails or other defrost system component fail the air flow ceases and the side it happened in slowly warms up.

The defrost heater wraps around the refrigerators evaporator and can be replaced without changing the whole evaporator but its a process. Samsung does not sell the defrost element by itself on some models these are the ones I’m referring to.

Need help troubleshooting or diagnosing a Samsung refrigerator not cooling? Please visit the forum at the top of this page or by simply clicking on the link below.

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  4 Responses to “Samsung Refrigerator Not Cooling DIY Diagnostics”

  1. I have a less than 3 year old Samsung RF217ACRS/XAA refrigerator. It has heavy ice build up on fridge evaporator coils. I tried the forced defrost mode three times but it only lasts for 80 minutes & I get error code #7 i.e. refrigerator defrost error. And forced manual defrost mode does not melt the ice.

    Does this mean I have a bad heater defrost element? Do I have to buy a new evaporator along with the heater defrost element?

    Thanks for the help!

    • Bill, thank you for taking the time to comment. It’s very possible the defrost element is bad. It’s fairly common on this model. You need to ohm the heater out. On this model it should have around 50-60 ohm’s or have continuity.

      Unfortunately, yes the only way to get the heater on these units is to order the evap assembly. If you are very careful you can take the element off and swap it out.

  2. my RF217ACRS main board makes a clicking sound there is no power to the fridge the compressor doesnt
    even try to start. will it work if i replace the main board

  3. Hi, i have a Samsung model rs261mdrs. It has no digital display for codes, only has buttons with lights.
    How to turn on force defrost? Thank you.

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