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Dec 022012

Samsung Washer error code Nd is a fairly common error code. If your washing machine error code is ND then the washer is likely full of water.  ND stands for no drain. There is a small auxiliary drain motor on these front load washers that drains the water out.

This small drain motor is located in the lower front of the machine. Most Samsung washers have a small access panel that hides this small drain motor. Using a small flat head screwdriver will help get the access panel open. Behind the panel there is a white handle that connects to the drain motor filter. Twisting this handle will let the filter pull out.

Most of the time when there is a ND error code the small filter behind the access panel is clogged with debris or cloths. Cleaning this filter most of the time will get the washer back up and running in tip top shape.

If after cleaning this small filter the machine still does not drain and the error code ND is still present the motor is likely bad and needs replaced.  These auxiliary drain motors are fairly easy to replace. There are only a few small screws that mount the motor in place and the connection is plug and play type.

If you need help cleaning this filter or replacing the motor we can help. If you need the part number to your Samsung washers drain motor we can help. Please either use the “Appliance Repair Forum” link at the top of this page or simply click on the forum link at the bottom of this page. Registering in our forum is easy and free. Factory trained technicians can and will assist you with your Samsung washer error code.

Samsung Washer Repair Forum

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