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Dec 152012

Frigidaire dishwashers are well built machines. They do however have at least one common issue just like most other appliances. The Er error code on these Frigidaire dishwashers usually means a touch pad or key pad failure.

One of the first things I always do before I replace the touch pad is go to the breaker box and reset the dishwasher breaker. This will often times reset the machine and either temporarily fix the error code or permanently fix the error code. It’s not a cure all but it’s worth a shot since it works fairly often.

If the breaker reset trick did not or does not help, then you will most likely have to replace the actual keypad on the dishwasher. To do so you first need to go back to the breaker box and kill power to the dishwasher. Next you would need to remove the screws going around the control panel and door panel. Once the front of the control panel and door is removed, you will see the small plug and play type connections for the touch-pad/keypad assembly.

I have had decent luck taking an eraser and trying to softly clean the ribbon cable where it connects to the computer control board. Again it’s worth a shot because it’s free and only takes a few minutes times to get inside to try it. If it does not work, then unfortunately the keypad needs to be replaced. From the inside you can now see how simply it is to unscrew the remaining screws and take the panel off. All the connections are plug and play type so it’s very straight forward.

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