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Dec 202012

Have a Bosch dishwasher that won’t drain? This could be a very common issue and also a very simply fix. If you press the second and fourth button at the same time, does the dishwasher drain the water? If not, you could have a pump, hose, or air gap issue.

On these particular dishwashers the engineers decided to use an auxiliary drain motor to drain the water. So these units have drain and wash motor. The drain motor is located on the left side of the sump.

The first thing I normally check is the air gap. It’s simple to do and often times is the issue why the dishwasher wont drain. Twist the cap off the air gap and check the funnel inside. If no debris is inside then move to where the hose connects to the disposal. Remove the drain hose and check for debris blocking the hose preventing the water from draining.  If that looks clear, the drain motor may be bad or blocked.

On these auxiliary drain motors you can actually clean them from the inside of the dishwasher. Bail as much water from the dishwasher with a cup then remove the sup. A t20 and t15 torx is the tool needed to get inside to check the impeller. Once inside you will see the impeller on most Bosch dishwasher the drain motor impeller is blue. Check and make sure the impeller can spin freely and nothing is stopping it from turning.

Not exactly sure how to do the above mentioned steps? It’s ok below is a video that explains how to do this in greater detail. If after watching the video below you still have questions, please feel free to ask your question in our DIY repair forum.

Bosch Dishwasher Won’t Drain


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  1. I removed the rack, filters and opened the sump, There is no debris, I have also checked the hose form the dishwasher to the sink to ensure it is not blocked by any debris. I can power on/off but it will not drain or run any cycles. All 4 lights are lit up red. I am now officially lost and ready to start kicking this thing. Please help.

  2. Hi, another 3 year old dishwasher that won’t drain. How can I check whether the pump works or not ( I already tried the impeller and the drain lines, all are clear) My model is SHE 43 P 06 UC 60. When I press the 2nd and 4th at the same time (power on or off) nothing happens. is that the indicator? Thanks

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