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Dec 312012

Kitchen Aid dishwashers are really good dishwashers. I own one and recommend them all the time to customers looking for a new dishwasher. However just like everything out there today they still have problems. You see no matter what brand dishwasher you buy it will eventually have an issue or two..

These newer Kitchen Aid dishwashers use an auxiliary drain motor to drain the water. So there is a main wash motor that sprays the water and cleans the dishes and a drain motor off to the side that drains the water. There are a couple different reasons why the dishwasher would stop draining.

1. Drain hose has obstruction: You can remove the drain hose where it connects to either the disposal or the standpipe and check for restrictions. Often times you will find a seed or some other object stopping the flow of water.2.Air gap Clogged: On most newer dishwasher you will have an air gap on the top of the sink. I can’t tell you how many service calls I have been on where all I had to do was clean the air gap to get the dishwasher to drain again. To check the air gap all you need to do is remove the housing and then twist the cap off and look down inside for a blockage. Very simple and straight forward.

3. Drain Hose Kinked: I have seen the drain hose on multiple brands not just Kitchen Aid become kinked. When this happens the water wont be able to travel past the kink in the line. You may have to pull the unit if the kink isn’t under the sink. I have seen where the hose will become kinked behind the dishwasher from installation issues.

4. Drain Motor Failed: Like I said above these units are pretty bullet proof but eventually they will have an issue. Now the motor could have an object blocking it or the motor itself could just simply be bad. You can check the drain motor pretty east from the bottom of the unit. There is a small tab that holds it in place.


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