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Nov 282013

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Is your Samsung refrigerator not cooling? Is the freezer and or refrigerator warming? There are several things to check to determine what is causing the not cooling issue.

-Is the compressor running?

-Do you see frost on back wall of freezer or refrigerator?

-Is the center mullion warm or hot to the touch?

-Do you hear the fans inside running?

-Is the fan on the back by the compressor running?

One of the most common issues that stop these refrigerators from cooling is a bad fan motor. On most of the newer refrigerators they use fans in both the refrigerator and the freezer. There is also a fan on the back that helps cool the compressor. The fans inside the freezer and refrigerator will only run if the door/light switch is depressed. If you open the door and don’t hear the fan running, depress the light switch and wait 20 seconds the fan should kick on.

If the compressor is running the next step would be to check the frost pattern on the evaporators. To do this the back panel inside the freezer and refrigerator need to be removed. If the compressor is running the the freon is moving correctly, the evaporator should have a 1/16 frost pattern from top to bottom. If ice/frost is only on the top right or left side there is a restriction in the sealed system or the compressor is insufficient. If frost/ice is thick covering the entire evaporator you most likely have a defrost issue. If the frost is thick the fan wont be able to pull air across the evaporator. If you find a defrost issue, check the defrost components. Defrost heater, defrost bi-metal, defrost sensor. If all the defrost parts check good, the control may be bad not sending power to the defrost heater.

If you notice the temps inside are warming up, and the center part of the refrigerator is hot, the fan on the back is most likely bad. The condenser fan motor cools the compressor and condenser allowing the heat transfer of the refrigeration system. When the small DC fan motor fails it causes the center mullion to heat up and also causes the temps inside to warm. If the fan has failed and has not been working for a few weeks or longer the rubber grommets will harden and not come off. You will need to replace the grommets as well as the fan cause the grommets will harden and break when the trying to remove.

One thing to keep in mind is on Samsung refrigerators they use a dual evaporator system. This means there are two evaporators and one compressor. The freezer and refrigerator are independent of one another. On most conventional refrigerators the freezer cools the refrigerator. Samsung uses a by pass valve to switch the freon flow from one compartment to the other.

To aid in diagnosing your refrigerator Samsung uses the electronics to give error codes. If no error codes are present in the display, you can manually enter diagnostic mode. To enter diagnostic mode press the power freeze and power cool at the same time for 10 seconds. If done right you will see the error code in the display displayed as a segment of the 88. The link below shows how to enter diagnostic mode and also shows several error codes for these Samsung refrigerators.

Samsung Refrigerator Diagnostic/Error Codes

If you require further assistance, you can ask your Samsung Refrigerator not cooling question in our forum. A factory trained technician will assist you.

Samsung Refrigerator Not Cooling Forum

  14 Responses to “Samsung Refrigerator Not Cooling DIY Tips”

  1. Hello,
    I have a Samsung 4-door 31 cuft w the convertible Zone and as I have read, it’s like the above. Will not cool below57° but the bottom two are fine. I was still able to chill the cool room ( bottom right) and use the freezer. I also never hooked up the water supply until I done with my renovation but, by then, it started to not cool. I’ve never had puddles in or outside of the unit. Is it repairable?

  2. My icemaker not making ice there’s no water or sound I pushed the reset , nothing. The filter light is showing I have a code of 26 E after I held the two sides for display.

    • Hello, the error code means the ice maker is jammed or faulty. Make sure no ice is blocking the arm from rotating. Use a blow dryer to melt the ice if you see any.


      • I already tried using a bier dryer when I Terkel the reset nothing gappenedMy icemaker not making ice there’s no water or sound I pushed the reset , nothing. The filter light is showing I have a code of 26 E after I held the two sides for display.

      • Irene’s the hair dryer already there was some ice , and it stared to dispences but no water came into fill it

  3. I need to know what 2 buttons to hold down for 8 seconds for the code ’21’ on left and ‘E’ on right….?

  4. ASAP
    My fridge isn’t cooling temp is getting higher
    Can’t find the fuse and when you mean back of fridge is that inside or outside back of fridge plz help its only 1.5 yrs almost in june
    And I’m ready to kill my husband lol

  5. I held the 2 down got error message to fridge model RF260BEAESR error I finally figured is 22 E guessing fan
    We can’t seem to open the inside back panel, I am ready to kill hubby, freezer works but now is getting even colder, fridge part not cooling
    My hubby hates listening to me, can you help us for this removel of the inside back, we never hooked up the ice maker,
    I saw a fix for water leaking under deli tray, but I need the fridge, I had this fridge 16 month, and I never went for extended warranty, I could kick myself now, the first fridge I finally picked out new is crap

  6. Dear Matthwew,

    My samsung d/d fridge, fridge side temperature is 14, I try to set it to -2 and it keeps returning to 14, what could be the problem?

  7. I have a Samsung French door refrigerator #RF4287. my ice maker is making ice however when I press the lever on the door to try to get ice I only get water.

  8. Matt,
    Hello I have a Samsung 4 door fridge model RF32FMQDBSR. The main fridge is not cooling. The Temperature reads 50 to 57 at different times thought the day. I have no frost buildup. I replaced both the temp sensor and the evap sensor. I also replaced the main board. Nothing changed. I don’t think the circulation fan inside the fridge is working. I have no codes Showing and I tryed to reset the fridge as you mention in other posts following that the temperature on the door read the set temperature but a stand alone fridge thermostat reads 50. I am guessing at this point, can you give me an idea what I should try next.
    Thanks for the help

  9. I have a Samsung model Rfg297aars and the freezer isn’t cooling past about 25degrees even though the fridge says it’s at -4 degrees. Fan (maybe condenser) seems to run a lot and the diagnostic code blinks the display 4 times which refers to “motor locked” and “compressor locking”
    Do I need a new compressor?

  10. I have an Rs265tdrs Samsung and the fridge side won’t cool. Flashes 36 degrees. Also if I do the diagnostic thing it says 22e but both fans have been seen to work. Please help. I have already replaced the sensor on the fridge coils and the main panel on the back.

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