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Dec 022013

Always Disconnect Power Before Servicing

Whirlpool makes several different models of front load washers and dryers. One of the most common washing machines is the Duet. The Duet washer has been around for nearly 8 years now. Most of the kinks have been worked out. The new 2013/2014 Duet washers still have one common issue. These washers will eventually stop draining. If your Whirlpool washer stops draining the drain pump is likely clogged up with some sort of debris.

When these washers stop draining the control panel will normally give you an error code. The error code is normally F02. This means the drain pump is trying to run but the water is not draining.

If the washing machine does not drain, then it will not spin. If you notice that you’re Duet stopped spinning check and make sure that it is draining.

These washers use a small 110v drain pump located in the front middle of the unit. To gain access to the drain pump and filter you will need either a 1/4 nutdriver/socket or torx screw bit depending on the serial break.

Looking at the front of the washer you will notice about a foot up there is a line across the front of the machine. When I say line I mean a break in the metal all the way across. If you tip the unit back or lay on the floor and look on the bottom front lip of the washer you will see three small screws. Removing the screws will allow the front panel to drop down giving access to the filter.

Keep in mind if the washer is full of water when you pull the filter out all the water in the machine will come running out. Get a bunch of towels or bucket to catch the water.

With the lower front removed you will see the white pump filter head. Turning the filter head counter clockwise will allow the filter to slide out of the machine. With the filter removed you will see the  debris in the catch. Clean is out and make sure there is nothing else inside the pump and hose. If it’s clear put the filter and front back on and test.

99% of the time cleaning the filter out will clear the error code and get the machine back up and running normal again. Rarely do these pump and drain motors fail on these units but anything is possible.

I have seen where once you clean the filter and test the machine it still wont drain. This is either because the pump motor is bad or because more debris has slide down into the catch since there’s room for it after it’s been cleaned. Check filter and if this happens.

Whirlpool bought Maytag several years ago so some of the newer Maytag washers are basically just a Whirlpool Duet washer with Maytag’s name on it. If your Whirlpool Duet washer is not draining and you have questions, please feel free to register in our free Whirlpool Duet repair forum located at the top of this page.

  20 Responses to “How To Fix Whirlpool Duet Front Load Washer Not Draining 2013/2014”

  1. Unfortunately, my 2013 Whirlpool Duet washing machine has no front access panel to remove and access the drain pump. The front panel is one whole piece…surrounding the door. How do I access the drain pump? Thank you

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      The bottom 12′ of the panel comes off. There’s three small screws that hold that lower panel in place.


  2. Mine is the same. Only way to access drain trap is to remove top (screws top back, top panel slides off backwards) then remove topside front screws to remove control panel cover and then you can access the top frontside panel screws to take off front panel and get to the drain trap. Really ridiculous design. Be careful when removing front panel, the door latch electronics need to be unscrewed first (two silver hex screws) and the wire holding the baffle in place also has to be stretched free of the door. Like I said absolutely ridiculous design to access the drain trap. Considered trying to access from back, just need to remove back panel but quite a bit of water in trap and difficult to reach from this approach so though it’d make a big mess trying that but it is an option with far less disassembly involved.

    • Thank you Megan. My washer has the one front panel so, I have been struggling with the videos that show the lower half panels popping off so easily.

      I do like to attempt small repairs myself and usually have a good success rate but perhaps I will call a repair man after seeing how difficult it is to access. Good golly, it’s as if they designed the unit specifically to drum up business for repairmen. Thank you for reaching out and explaining it.

      • I too have one of these new models where you have to remove the control panel et al to get the whole front panel off. My experience in the past is that filter will have to be cleaned every 1-2 years. As such I am considering cutting a hole in the front panel of the washer and fabbing up a plastic cover so that it can be accessed without all the disassembly. Anyone try this? I got the idea because now some companies are making their washers with access doors so that it is super easy to clean that filter. Wish I had known that was an option, I would have purchased one of those instead.

        • Did you try cutting the hole option? I’m about to do the same thing.

          • thats what i just did – cut a hole to access the pump, yet i am still getting the e01 f09 error code after cleaning the pump and hose.

          • Hi, is the pump running? These pumps are known for overheating. I would suspect a pump issue if the filter is clean.


    • Thanks Megan, your instructions gave us the head start we needed. When we removed the top cover it gave us a view of the terrain inside. We agreed that accessing the drain through the top is ridiculous, so we leaned the entire machine on it’s back and found the access panel UNDER the machine. We removed the 2 kitty corner screws and maneuvered around 2 plastic plugs on the internal metal plate. There were also wires attached to the plate so we unplugged them as well (this is easier than it sounds). This gave us enough room to access the drain which is a ~3″ thick white pipe with a screw on lid. When we removed the lid, we found the cause of our drain stoppage. (eewww!) We reversed these steps to put it back together and the machine is functioning normally again. Phew!! The entire fix took ten minutes.

  3. My filter was clear but the pump is noisy and running hot. I removed the pump and bench tested it. It seems to spin OK but is noisy and quickly gets hot. Is there anything else that would keep water from getting to the filter/pump? I checked the under tub bellows and it is clear. Thank you, Bill

  4. This was very informative and helpful. DH and I read all the comments and ended up tipping our Whirlpool Duet Washer on it’s backside and unscrewing the access panel located on the bottom. We were able to easily remove the pump, the hose, and the coin case and found a nasty sock caught in there.
    So tempting to stop washing socks after this ordeal.

    **We’re in the process of double checking all the clamps since the washer began to leak once we started running it again. But (fingers crossed) I think we’ve got it. By Jove, I think we’ve got it!)

    • Have been having problems with leaking from under the machine since we did this. Three tries where we checked all the clamps and double checked the cap on the coin catcher thing and still leaking. Late here, hoping to try again in the AM with better results.

  5. I have F21 on duet sport hit model. I can’t locate the correct tool to get the 3 front lower screws out. They are not hex. What do I need to use to get the lower front panel off???

  6. Hello, I have a new problem. Washer fills, and then it tries to drain and it does not. I get the beeps and a single flash, then a single flash from the wash light. I tested the pump and it is ok. I am guesssing it is either the ccu or the mcu, but before dropping a load of cash for a control panel I would love to know if anyone has had this problem. Thanks

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