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Dec 102013

This error code is used on most newer washing machines. The error code F9 E1 will be displayed on most newer Maytag washers and Whirlpool washers.  If this error code has popped up on your washer then this article is for you.


A couple things to check first are.

1. Is the drain hose to far down the stand pipe? The drain hose should only be about a foot down the stand pipe in the wall. If the hose is farther then a foot, it can create a siphon. When this happens the washer will siphon the water out as it’s filling. Pretty common issue.


2. Are you using HE soap? Yes the error code F9 E1 can and will be displayed if the washer senses to many suds inside. Even if you are using HE soap, make sure you are using the appropriate amount. To much soap “HE” or not will cause this issue. Line one on HE soap is going to be plenty for just about any size load you are washing.


3. Is the drain hose kinked or clogged? If the black drain hose on the rear of the washer is kinked or clogged, then F9 E1 will be displayed. You can make a quick visual check of the drain hose for any kind of obstruction.

If the hoses are clear and you are using HE soap, then you most likely have a blocked or failed drain motor.


Unplug or disconnect power before attempting any appliance repair. 

The drain motor is located on the front of these washing machines. That’s a plus and means the washer will not have to be pulled out. There is a small access panel on the bottom of these newer Maytag and Whirlpool washers. Three small quarter inch screws hold the panel in place.


Once the screws are removed the panel will come off. The pump filter is directly in front of you at this point. The handle can be twisted counter clock wise and then pulled out. Most likely you will find some sort of debris inside. It can be an article of clothing, lint, backing from a rug, or change. I’ve seen it all believe me after ten years of appliance repair nothing surprises me anymore.


If nothing is inside the drain pump filter, then the pump motor could possible be bad. Check the pump and see if it is even trying to start. If it is trying to start and the filter is clear, then the motor is most likely bad.


When the filter is removed all the remaining water inside the washer will come rushing out. Try bailing the water out of the washer and then have a bucket or a handful of towels ready to absorb the remaining water.


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  1. Thank you so much. You saved me from a tech who said $25.00 to go check it out. . $75.00 to open the washer… $120.00 for O rings… $225.00 labor…

    • Mari, You’re most welcome. Happy to help. Glad it helped save you some bucks.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it.


      • Thank You for posting your information! We found a ladies pair of underwear in that drain. I’m not sure how they can get through to that screen but it’s now clear as well as the error message.

        • If you have the Maytag2000 series like i do….it is famous for it. That and standing water causing foul odor. They are under court ordered recall for it.

        • we found money, earrings, legos, beads, socks and other stuff in our drainage system seams that about every 2 to 3 years it gets clogged up since 2011/2012 when we purchased the washer and dryer set, for the smell i run washing machine cleaner or baking soda and vinager through a regular wash cycle and if you can leave the door open just enough to let air get into it and it should help with the smell

      • Thank you for this most helpful information. My husband and I are now calling ourselves the Opa and Oma washer repair duo. The missing $100 is now found – although in pieces. Forensics to the rescue. Also, various coins and a pencil. How they got there???? I aver to be more fastidious in checking those pockets!

  2. I just want to thank you Mathew for this very helpful information that I used to fix my washing machine problem. The advice and easily understood instructions and other information was very useful saving me so much money. Again thank you for your site and info!!!!!

    • Kim, You’re most welcome. Glad you found the post useful and easy to understand and follow. Glad you got your machine back up and running. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.


  3. Same here Matthew. Checked some other links I found online but yours was by far the best. Simple to follow and the info you provided was spot-on! Saved me a couple of hundred dollars on repairs after I followed your instructions and found most of the things that you mentioned inside the filter. Cleaned it out and the washer is working perfectly now! Much appreciated!!

    • Chris, You’re most welcome. Happy the post helped you fix it. It’s a fairly common issue. Thanks for taking the time to leave such an awesome comment. I appreciate it.


  4. Thank you for this, we found 3 socks in that darn filter. One thing for future readers though, if you could note when you instruct about how to remove the filter that water will come rushing out then rather than at the end of the article, we were not prepared with an extra few towels! 😉

  5. this fixed my problem too! found a big red wool sock, a tooney, a quarter, some screws, and some bobby pins!

  6. Thank you to posting this fix. It was EXACTLY the problem. We’ve had our washer for 8 years without a problem, then this f9e1 error. Followed the simple and easy instructions and VWA-LAH, a perfect running washer again!

  7. Thank you for the awesome information! My washer started acting up this morning. It started with a Suds warning, then it threw an F9E1 code. With your help, I opened up the drain filter and found one of my kids’ sock, about 37 cents in change, a breathe right nasal strip, and a fair bit of lint. It took 10 minutes in total to fix my problem. THANK YOU!

    • Hector, You’re most welcome. Good work getting inside and getting to the culprit. Glad you found the post useful. Thank you for taking the time to comment. We appreciate it.


  8. Thanks! Great advice. Also, our screws needed to be removed with a 1/4 inch socket. But that was easy too.

  9. Thank you and much appreciated. I followed your posted instructions to a TEE and found a bunch of stuff clogging the drain motor. Washer is back on line. Major dollars saved.

    Wayne S

    • Wayne S, You’re most welcome. Awesome to hear the post helped you get your washing machine back on line! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment to let us know it worked!


  10. I have to admit that I normally am very skeptical about these “easy fix ” posts but this one is right on. Took less than fifteen minutes. Thanks!

    • Cory, thanks for taking the time to comment. Glad the post helped you get your washing machine back up and running.

      You’re most welcome.


  11. My Maytag 2000 series is giving me the E1 F9 error code. What it is that Matt says to do?

  12. Thanka for the info, especially the bit about water flowing out. Easy fix and got back a sock and a number of coins

    • You’re most welcome. Happy to help. Glad you found the post useful. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.


  13. Thank you so much for this advice. Washer fixed after removing a pesky thong haha. Great walk through. I really appreciate all your help.

  14. Bryan, You’re most welcome. Yes, thongs are a normal thing.. Glad you found the post useful. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.


  15. I get the same code but different nuance that maybe you can help me with. I have removed minor debris from filter tray, cleared drain line but continue to get intermittent f1-e9 code. Weird thing is if I let the drain hose go into a big bucket it doesn’t seem to error. If I put it into the house drain pipe I get intermittent error. Only four inches into pipe and I have cleaned out pipe through access and no blockage. Is there some sort of sensor for the drain that could be off or can the pump function intermittently? If so why would the bucket work unless it is less pressure b/c less gravity to pump against? drain is only about 6 inches above back of washer. The model is whirlpool duet wfw9250ww01. Any help would be appreciated as I am pretty frustrated with this thing.

    • Hi, the most common issue on these models is a clogged drain pump filter. If the filter and lines are clear, I would suspect a faulty/failing drain pump motor. The drain pumps on these washing machines are known for causing this issue. They will overheat and shut down mid cycle. The motor has a thermal protector inside that will shut the pump down if it gets to hot. I suspect the added pressure on the impeller when the hose is installed in the standpipe is causing the motor to overheat. I’m not standing in front of it but based on your complaint that would be my educated guess.


  16. Thank you for posting this helpful info, I found a bobby pin jammed in the pump!

    • Awesome! You’re most welcome. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it. Glad you found the info helpful.


  17. Hi,
    I’m having the same error code with s Maytag 2000. I’ve cleaned the filter and the drain pipe is clear. The washer will throw the code with a full water load, then if we unplug the unit and try a new cycle it pumps out the water like normal. Strange….. It will occasionally run a good cycle, it seems to fail at the spin cycle the most, right before it’s about to run high speed. Any help is appreciated.

    • Hi, that’s very odd. Is the drain pump overheating? based on your complaint and what I know about these units I would suspect an overheating drain pump. I doubt the board stops sending voltage to the pump but it’s possible. I know these drain pumps have issues so I would start by monitoring it right before spin. Is the pump running or laboring or no noise at all? My inclination points me to the pump.

      Let me know what you find.



      • Hey Matt, thanks for your response. So I pulled all the hoses including the big one on the bottom of the tub housing. Everything was clear, albeit a little bit of sludge but hey it’s soap and water and dirty clothes so I figured this normal. I pulled the pump off the drain housing, it’s just the pump with the prop on it and took it out to my garage to plug in 120 volts to the two prongs, sure enough it runs strong but I noticed a sloshing sound. Turns out the entire yellowish plastic housing that holds the big long magnet with prop on the end was full of black sludgy water, I’m not totally sure but I’m guessing this is not a water cooled pump and that’s not a good thing? I’m hoping I can just buy the slide in unit for the pump but realize I may have to buy the whole unit, if in fact the water is not supposed to be in there. Have you ever seen this?

        • Hey buddy you bet. Happy to help out when I can.

          Yes, the soap in the big hose is normal on all machines. Use less soap and make sure its HE.

          The sludge should not be behind the housing like it is. The pump is not water cooled so it’s overheating for sure.

          I had an inclination the pump was overheating didn’t I?

          After some 40,000 service calls I guess I should stick with my gut.

          I wish you could get just impeller and seal kit. Unfortunately, you have to replace it as an assembly on these units.

          Thanks for the update. I appreciate it. Good work investigating the issue more. I wish I could say I’ve never seen a drain pump let alone this issue with one. I knew it was bad before it went bad… Haha. Good work and good luck out their.


          • Really appreciate all your help, good on you for taking the time to do this for folks. It’s rare to find straight forward advice and help without a catch nowadays. Your doing a good thing. Keep up the good work! I’d normally say “until next time” but I’m hoping the Maytag man really didn’t have much work like the commercials showed and my next service is a long ways off.

  18. Thank you for this information. Found a sock, necklace and 5 dollars and 68 worth of change in there. Washer is working perfectly!

    • Denise, You’re most welcome. Glad you found the F9 E1 error code info helpful. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it.


  19. Great info… I cleaned out the basket and checked the hose but I still have the same code halfway through the cycle. I hear the pump draining and I don’t have Any excess water. Do you think it’s the pump motor

    • Hi, you say there’s no water inside at all? How far down the stand pipe is the drain hose? More than 8″?


  20. Whirlpool front load showing f1e9 error. My old washer had the access panel as described in your article and easy to undo and clear debris. New machine doesn’t have that panel. How do I access the drain/filter in this machine? Front “panel” is all one piece, essentially the whole front of the washing machine. Help? Thanks!

    • Hi, they changed the design on these models. It looks better to the consumer to have a one piece front panel I guess. As far as servicing it goes it sucks. The entire units has to come apart to get to the pump that’s in the exact same place as the model with the access panel.


  21. Hi,
    I suspect I’m having the same issue with my maytag maxima mct as the error code is as above. The only thing is, with my washer, the front panel is one piece, connected to the door and gasket, and not just the bottom portion. I’m not sure how to access the drain pump. Any ideas?

    • Hi, this style is a bit more complicated to work on. I wish they did not make it a one piece front panel. The drain pump is actually in the same exact spot. The only way technicians can service the pump is by taking the washer completely apart. Once all that’s off the filter can be pulled out.


  22. It totally helped! There was LOTS of dirt in the filter, and some kind of bra cushion that clogged the filter. Not sure how it got there though! Now it works perfectly. Thank you so much!

    • Sweet! You’re most welcome.

      You’d be surprised the stuff we find inside these filters. It used to surprise me.. Glad you got the washing machine back up and running. Thank you for taking the time to comment.


  23. The project took 10 minutes, I found 43¢, 2 Allen wrenches, 3 screws and quite a bit of carpeting yarn for some reason. Fantastic advice that made me $$$ instead of losing it. Thanks!

    • Haha! Awesome!! Glad you found the post helpful. Good work fixing the washer. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it.


  24. Thank you!!! We bought our set used a few months ago, and this error popped up today. What a helpful, easy to follow set of instructions. We found a few socks, $1.37, bobby pins, a few little screws, a valve stem and some nasty lint type material. Thanks so much, you saved us a lot of money!!

    • Awesome! You’re most welcome. Happy to help. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it.


  25. I have a 2.5 yr old Whirlpool WFW94HEXW2 Washer and got the F1E9 error code for the pump motor. One piece front, and yes for the novice it was a PITA to access, even after several YouTube videos(none of which showed the one piece front). Removed the top, control panel, seal, front and finally accessed the pump filter which was clean. Took the pump motor off to visually check and blow through all tubes and drain lines, no clogs no debris. BTW drain line was correctly installed in the drain, 14″ into pipe, no kinks. Put it back together and got the same error again. Question: How do I test the pump motor or should I just buy one and R&R?
    Thanks, Jim

    • Jim, it’s not easy to get the one piece apart the first time. Now that you know how it comes off you could have it off in ten minutes huh? These are a PITA to work on. You can take the pump out and bench test it. You would have to put it back together with your meter leads connected to the pump wires to see if the pump is getting voltage.


  26. We did exactly as instructed and found a few socks and a handful of change! We are now having to do this almost every other load now. Any advice? This is getting frustrating! Thanks in advance!

  27. Worked like a charm!
    Thanks so much!

  28. Hi Matt, i have a 2 1/2 yr old front stackable loader washer and in addirion to e1 f 9 error codes and the handle is locked need to pull it out of cabinet to unplug. Also the pause light goes on when you power it on, it and now it will not fill w/h20!?! Thanks for you’re teckie wisdom!

    • Cedar, thank you for taking the time to comment. Do you happen to have the model number? Is this a separate washer and dryer just stacked or one unit?


  29. I just love all of this useful free information.. however my maytag 2000 series washer drains very slow and sometimes it will stop and display the F9 E1 code. Filter is clean. Removed motor/pump from housing and all looks ok. Turned shaft by hand and it seems to be moving in quadrants due to the magnetics. Is this normal? I also applied external power to it but I cant tell if its actually turning or just vibrating in place. Should it turn smoothly? Help Matthew!!!

  30. Wahoo! You can’t imagine how happy I am! Thank you for this rock solid advice. The only thing I would add is that is you have a wet-vac you will save yourself a big mess if you slowly remove the front of the filter in the counter-clockwise motion while simultaneously using the vac to suck up the water. Genius. Thank you so much!

  31. You truly are helping people, thank you for taking the time it’s people like you that help keep my faith in people

    • Thanks brother. Happy to help. Thanks for taking the time to leave such a nice comment. I appreciate it.


  32. I cleaned out the filter and restarted the washer it worked for about 30 minutes and then I got the error code again and it won’t drain, any ideas?

  33. Is this for front load as well??

  34. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What a blessing your instructions have been. It took all of 30 minutes and saved us hundreds of dollars. Please continue to provide these money saving tips to the masses. You ROCK!!

  35. Evening,
    Thanks for all of the help with this thread. I tried the same as Jim did on June 11, and even replaced the pump, but the pressure from that pump is really low (I pulled the hose and watched it pour into the house drain). Unfortunately, I still get this error code, and am wondering if there is something in the line between the pump and drain in the wall of our home. Would you recommend running anything through that line to clear it? Thanks!

    • Hi, you think the actual drain hose from the pump to the wall is blocked huh? You could take the hose completely off and try to clean it out. If you can not, a new one is roughly $20 at the parts house.


  36. do you happen to know how to access the drain filter on a maytag maxima x? I tried to remove the front panel but it goes all the way up to the controls. Am I supposed to remove the screws by the hinges? i already checked the hoses and everything appears to be ok. i am hoping its just the drain filter.

  37. thank you! I have now recovered one lost children underwear, 2.18 cents in change, one underwire from bra. woohoo I made money!

    • Haha!! Awesome! You’re most welcome. Glad you found the F9E1 error code info helpful. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.


  38. Thanks so much for your help, I had the f9 e1 error code about 6 months ago and cleared out the drain (found a few socks and some change) and it worked great! I got the same error message two days ago so I pulled out the panel and did the same thing… there wasn’t too much in there but I cleared it out anyways and tried giving it another go. This time I was getting a mixture of e1 f9 a SUD message. Looked that up and it said it meant too many suds. So I cleaned it out again. checked the filter. it runs for about 20 minutes and then gives me the same error. From what I have read above im guessing I need a new drain motor? because its over heating maybe?
    For a female id like to think im somewhat hands on, but I don’t think Id be able to do that on my own. How much does one typically charge to get this fixed?
    is there anything I can do on my end to make it go smoother?


    • Hi, you’re most welcome. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.

      If you can clean the pump, you can replace it. It’s a very straight forward repair. Remember to unplug it before attempting any repair.

      If you hire the job out, it will cost roughly $250-300.


  39. Hey Matt, I hope you are still answering questions here. My whirlpool duet wfw94heaw0 gives the error code F09 E01. I have checked everything I know how to check but I keep getting this error code and the washer will not drain. I am beginning that my CCU is bad. Here are the things I have done: 1) checked all hoses for blockage. 2) checked the pressure air trap and hoses for blockage. 3) checked for suds (there are none. 4) checked for proper drain hose instalation in pipe in wall. 5) I have removed the pump to check for items in pump filter catch. 5) I have made sure the pump is working. The propeller has no wobble, the pump ohms at 16 ohms and propeller spins properly when plugged in externally into a wall outlet. 6) I have checked that the harnesses have good continuity and are all seated properly. 7) I have diagnosed the lock mechanism also to assure that I am not getting false drain error codes because of a faulity lock mechamism. What else can I do? Do you think it is my computer? Also, when I check the voltage on the harness going to the pump and turn on the washer, I get 58 V ~ instead of the 120 V that I expect, then the voltage slowly drops off and goes down to zero. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Lance

    • Hi, it sounds like you’ve really checked everything. If you do not have 110v in drain, that’s a problem. I would suspect a broken wire or faulty CCU. Good work checking everything between out.


  40. Thank you so much for posting this! Washing my work clothes and this happened. Luckily your easy to understand instructions made it easier for me to do it myself! Found coins, paper, missing socks, and a ton of cat hair. Again, thank you for this post!

  41. Thank you so much for your post. This error occurred on a Sunday at a8:30 with a full load. Your instructions were easy to follow and saved us a lot of time and money.

  42. Thank you so much for your post. This error code came up with a full load of laundry. All I could see was dollar signs $$$$. Your instructions were easy to follow and in no time had the clog from the filter cleaned out and my washer was do it’s job again. Found a sock, coins, and lots of pet fur. Can’t tell you how grateful I am. Thanks again!!

    • Rhonda, You’re most welcome. I’m glad you found our site and the information you needed to fix your washing machine. Thank you for leaving such a nice comment. I really appreciate it.


  43. thank you so much I’m a parent of 9 kids and you save me a lot of money you given me a chance to look up the problem myself and now my washer is working it was just like you said the whole wasn’t fitted in right then moved around
    too much and now is washing thanks so much

    • Crystal, You’re most welcome. I’m glad you found the information useful. Thank you for taking the time to leave such an awesome comment. I appreciate it.


  44. Thanks for the good advice! I too was able to resolve the error code problem and found lots of change, a bobby pin, shorty sock, etc. in the filter. But honestly a lot of this drove me nuts. This job is something consumers should be able do easily. If the manufacturers made the bottom panel easier to access and provided instructions, this all-afternoon, tedious chore could have been done in 30 minutes.

  45. Thanks so much for the helpful info. We really like to be self sufficient wherever possible and this is the best site I found when searching for guidance on this issue. Our washer is working great now that the drain filter is cleaned out (it was packed full of debris, so no surprise we kept getting the error codes).

    Note to folks with a Maytag Maxima 7000 series washer with no access panel on the front. We did the following:
    1. slid the machine forward
    2. removed the top panel (3 screws on back of machine)
    3. Removed the control panel (2 screws on top of machine, far left and right, that you can see once the top panel is removed) plus 2 screws behind the detergent dispenser drawer; just remove the dispenser drawer fully but note the screws are the star shape with 6 points so you need the right driver for that. We did not disconnect any wires on the control panel; we just rested it on top of the machine while doing the rest of the job.
    4. Remove the 4 screws from the bottom of the front panel (had to lay on floor for this part).
    5. Remove spring loaded wire hoop from around the big gray rubber gasket where the gasket connects to the front panel. I never noticed the hoop until we tried to remove the gasket but then it became obvious.
    6. Take a photo of the electric connections on the front panel, right side and then disconnect them. There are 3 on our model and we disconnected them (they just snap out like a phone line in a phone jack) so we could completely remove the front panel.
    7. Now you can clean out the drain filter. We also removed the drain motor (required popping it out of the rubber base, disconnecting it from the 2 hose connections that are clamped on, flipping up a plastic lid on the motor assembly to disconnect the wire, and then pulling the motor out and removing 4 screws to get a good view of the impeller). We made sure the impeller was clear of any debris and spun freely. It turned out to be fine but we felt better confirming that before putting everything back together.
    8. Put everything back together by reversing the steps above.

    We also gave the gasket a thorough cleaning and peeled it back from where it connects to the inside of the machine. We reached in with mini curved pliers to grab accumulated debris. Again, it’s working great now and although the whole process took a few hours (we like to be slow and methodical, especially with an expensive machine) it was really worth doing ourselves.

  46. Thanks so much for your excellent directions and help! With your help I was able to (what it seems like so far)fix my washing machine myself. I found lots of change, lots of lint, some rocks, and paper tags in the drain filter. Cleared this out and it is working great so far!!

    However, I felt something inside the rubber hose (connected just above the drain filter) that felt like a ball. Is there supposed to be some type of floating ball inside that or should we try to take that off and clear it out? If so, is that something we can do or should we call a repair man?

    Thanks again for your help!

    • Awesome! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a wonderful comment. I appreciate that. Yes, inside the hose from the tub to the pump is a check ball. It’s roughly the same diameter as the hose.

      Thank you

  47. Thank you very much for the advice. Saved me countless time and money for a service technician. Thought it was the suds from the soap according to Maytags website. But after reading your recommendation and pulling out the filter it has been running great. Filter was clogged up pretty bad. Should be noted for everyone to do this as part of maintenece on there washing machines. Thanks again for the awesome advice.

  48. I found it useful to prop a couple of 2x4s under the washer. It made it a lot easier to access those tiny little screws. I netted $.56, a load of bobby pins, two collar stays and two socks.

    • Hi Stephan, that’s a good tip. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Sounds like you made out with a typical haul-away..:)


  49. Thank you Matt for saving out Thanksgiving break, many blessings to you and your family.

  50. Matt,
    First off, as all other replies, thank you for taking the time to help people!! I too had the same code, found a sock, a folded piece of paper, and alot of lint. I have 3 of these 2000 series maytags on my ship, just today one of them flashes a 1 in the timer screen and says add clothes… the door is locked and when you power it off/on or unplug/plug it still flashes 1. Any ideas where I could start? Thank you again!

    Kyle Wilson
    U.S. Coast Guard

    • Hi kyle, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Also,thank you for your service. I sincerely appreciate that. I’d be happy to help. What is the complete model number from one that works? The one that’s locked now does it have water inside of it? Is the drain pump running with the door being locked or just a locked door?

      Thank you,


  51. Hey Matt, thank you for your quick response!

    I have 3 Maytag Frontloader washer model number MHWE201YW00

    Absolutely nothing happens when powered up. And I found that it only flashes 1 when on the “rapid cycle” if I switch the knob to another cycle the number on the screen changes. Like maybe it is stuck at the end of the rapid wash cycle with a minute left…

    There appears to be NO water inside it. I took the cap of the pump strainer/filter just to check, it was clear and no water came out, and the pump is not energizing at any time.

    I have a spare washer that has a bad heating element and temp sensor that I am using for parts. So I have a nearly complete washer to salvage… Thanks again for your help.


    • You’re most welcome. Happy to help. Have you tried to put the machine into diagnostic mode yet? If not, try the sequence below.

      1.Close the door.

      2. Select any three different keys (except POWER).
      Individually press these in a sequence of 1, 2, 3 and then
      repeat this sequence two more times. This sequence must
      be completed within 8 seconds of the first key press.
      These three keys are referred to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd keys,
      based on the order pressed.

      It might take a couple times but when you get it all the lights should come on. If any errors are stored, they’ll be flashing upon entry.

      Let me know what happens if anything..

      Thanks boss

  52. Sweet deal, I love maintenance tricks!

    Got it into diagnostic mode F6 E1 came up, from a bit of googleing I see that it’s a serial communication error? Not sure what that means, maybe the MCU and CCU are not talking? I’d sure appreciate your input on this. Thanks again Matt.


  53. I see you’ve said the Maytag Maxima mct is hard to remove the front panel to access the drain. I’m wondering if it’s possible to do this on your own or not?

    It’s my last resort….I’ve tried everything else. I live in Canada’s Arctic and there are no repairmen around to help. I want to attempt to try this but don’t want to if I’ll not get to the problem.


  54. Thank you for your easy to follow directions! It was a very quick & easy process and it saved me a $75 service call!

    Golly, what a major clog I found! Lots of fuzz and lint and critter hair, a weird piece of green fabric that I have never seen before, and a penny.

    I will definitely do re-check on the filter a couple of times a year.

  55. I have the F9E1 error code.
    The washer is not progressing to the drain and spin cycle.
    I checked for blockage in the hose and filter, but there was nothing.

    If I unplug the machine for a minute and do a lid reset (open and close six times) it will drain, so it seems the pump is working.

    Is this an issue with the timer or some other control?


  56. Thank you for trying to help us. I have a question about my Whirlpool Duet front load washer. I also had F1 E9 error. I have cleaned filter on pump. One nickel and one dime is all I found. As well as checking drain hose and stand pipe drain in wall. No blockages there. After these steps reconnect power and the only light that is on is door lock light and washer starts filling with water. The idea of washer filling with water and possibly still not draining made me hesitant to let it fill.So I just disconnected power again and thought I might get a little more info from you. Trying to deal with a washer full of water didn’t seem like a lot of fun. Question is….can you tell me if it should fill with water and then drain or once the filter is clean should it immediately try to spin and drain. Anything you can tell me would be appreciated. Thank you.

  57. Hahaha 5 baby socks(none matching), 3 bobby pins, a quarter and a nickel, lint and some long blonde hair is what jamming our filter. Surprised it lasted as long as it did. Your tips fixed us up no problem. Great post!!

  58. Thank you SO much for this extremely helpful article! Was just about to spend $800 on a new washer and thought “you know what I’m going to google the error code” and found this! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Found a sock torn to bits and a q-tip. Huge thank you.

  59. I have a Maytag 2000 series stacked unit. Washer on the bottom, dryer on the top. Getting an F1 error which does not allow the tub to spin and drain. With research it looks like there may be debris in the pump which looks like it’s something I can probably fix myself. The problem is I cannot get to the nut/bolts on the bottom of the front panel and when I do, it appears they are frozen. I think I need to take the dryer off of the washer to be able to access the bottom panel but I can’t take it off by myself. Unfortunately, the stacked combo is in a small closet so there isn’t much clearance around it and it’s also sitting on carpet. I’ve allowed the washer to completely dry out. I just need to figure out a reasonable way to get the dryer off the washer in such close quarters. Help!?

  60. Hi and thanks for the awesome advice. We’ve had the Maytag 2000 series front load washer for a few years and just a month ago got the F9 E1 error. I found this site, followed your instructions and got a bunch of stuff out of the filter.

    It was all good for about a month, then got the error again. I checked the filter and there was one sock, but it was totally shredded up. I have noticed over the last few months that sometimes clothes are getting shredded.

    So, couple questions:
    Any idea what would cause items in the wash to get literally shredded to a pulp? We have tried making our loads smaller and that seems to help some, but not completely.

    Any idea how to prevent or minimize small items like socks from getting sucked into the filter? Is there some other part or seal that can be adjusted or replaced? At this point, if I have to clean the filter once a month and lose a sock or two to shredding we may be forced to get a new machine, which seems crazy.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

    • Hello, thanks for taking the time to say thanks. I really appreciate it.

      Yes, overloading causes the tearing issue. Overloading pushes the clothing to the front of the tub and pinches them between the inner and outer tubs.

      Yes, use a garment bag on smaller items. That will keep them out of the pump and also keep the smaller undergarment type clothing from getting wedged into the small crack between the tubes.

      Thanks again for taking the time to say thanks. Hope your washer continues to work like it was designed to.


  61. Mathew,

    Thank you for the sound and clear instructions! Like most here, I pulled lint, money and clothing fiber among other things.

    Can you recommend a maintenance interval? What other things might we maintain to avoid nuisance codes?

    Again, thanks for everything!


  62. Hi Matt, I had the same error F9E1 error on my Maytag 2000 series and did open to access the pump and found coins and some sludge. However even after cleaning it out thoroughly and run a ‘Afresh’ cycle I am getting the same error but at the end when all of the water has been drained. Now this is a bit mind boggling. Is this an indication that the motor is giving out? I did replace about 3 months ago my main board which addressed the spin cycle issue at the time. Now I’m trying to figure out if it is the pump motor or the board once again.

    Again thank you for taking the time to explain on how to assess the code issue but I am really not impressed with my 4 year old Maytag. Doesn’t add up to the expected quality Maytag used to build.

    Thank again, Luc

  63. Hi Matthew, Thanks for these tips. It really helped me understand my issue with my Maytag washing machine. I did find some change in the filter. However, I’m noticing that the machine will do all of the cycles correctly for small loads but it is not the case for normal cycles. I’m still getting F9E1 errors. Would this be cause by the output end of the pump where sludge may of accumulated and is unable to flush out? I hope it’s not caused by the MCU as I replaced this about 5 months ago. From all of the comments that I see in your thread, I believe Maytag products quality is somewhat poor especially on my 4 year old machine.

    Thanks again, Luc

  64. Thank you so much for this!! We fixed it!!! Money in the drain instead of down the drain!! and now is working like a charm. We live in the country and when things like this break down it is near impossible to get it repaired. So grateful. Meegwetch!

  65. Hi Matt Thanks for helping us out on this issue…This site is certainly one of the better sites….I have a MHW6000XGO and followed all of your instructions above…..Long story short, Found many issues that could have potentially caused the issue and corrected them including replacing all of the pipes in the wall….Still received the E01 F09 code. Replaced the pump as a last resort but I am still getting the code. Not sure what to do at this point…..Any ideas would really be appreciated.

    • Jeff , check your water sensor. Take the lid off the top of the machine.mine was very small. I’ve researched and found different models have different looking sensors. There should be a small group of wires going to it from the acu. (That’s your control board). And there’s a small hose coming off of it. Pull the hose and blow into it make sure it’s clear. The technicians manual which should be under the lid gives a detailed procedure to test the sensor. You’ll need a multimeter to check for power. After a pover outage my machine kept running the pump for about 8 minutes then would throw up the f9 e1 code. I’d unplug and plug back in and it would do the same thing. Filter was clean. Ended up being that sensor. Paid $ 50 at a local dealer. Machine is fine. Also can buy them on line sears parts direct .Com for around $30 plus shipping ect. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  66. Thank you SOOOOO MUCH for facilitating this information. That filter was HORRENDOUS and was the root of the problem, now it has drained without a problem and I’m washing the same load again!! I wish that filter was more easily accessible and recommended as part of maintenance, I’m sure it would save the households a bunch of money in unneeded service calls!!


  67. This took care of our problem tonight!

  68. Matt!

    This simple informative post… AMAZING!
    My Kids think I’m some sort of super Mom now! Totally fixed it and found the beloved sparkley sock! and some doggie Hair!

    Thanks for saving us all time and money!

  69. Is this something one person could easily do? (ie mom with 2 small kids at home) Or might it be better to wait til the hubs gets home and can help/do it w/ my help?

  70. Our Drain filter was plugged and we remover debria from it, but now the wash machine will not stop filling with water. help what to do now???

  71. Thanks a ton. Got this code but i could see some water leaving the machine before. Opened the filter to find all the yhings you listed in there. You saved me tons.

  72. Thank you!! The hardest part of doing this was tracking down hubby’s socket wrench set to open the washer (he was at work and this momma had laundry to do!). It was a bit tricky to catch the geyser of water that shot out of the filter when I opened it, but I got the job done. The culprit was a three year old’s sock!

  73. Matthew- Thank you ! Stunning info. I fixed my washer myself! Way to empower us all!

  74. I want to say thanks for the advice. Being a woman that always wants to fix everything in the house, you helped alot. I forgot about front loader’s drainage system. Thanks again it’s up and running and my husband is happy and stress free.

  75. Had this error code and had pump replaced. It worked great for about a week and now the same error code is coming up. Sometimes you see the Suds code, but there are no visible suds in the washer. Sometimes it completes a cycle and the clothes are sopping wet. Water is draining as there isn’t standing water. I use a natural detergent, about a tablespoon. Any thoughts? The washer is 3 yrs. old.

  76. I found $2.75, bobby pins and maybe a part of a bra or swim suit. I’m hoping it works! It was making a grinding sound right before it came up with the error codes. We live in rural Alaska and it is costly to replace and takes a lot of time to get parts. Bristol Bay, Wild Salmon Capital of the World. Protectors of an amazing resource, No Pebble Mine!

  77. I have a Maxima X dispaying F9E1. As I have an extended warranty I called in the service provider but am not happy. I had washed a rug and the backing seems to have shed and clogged the drain filter and pump. They claim they need to take it into the shop to repair it. Based on the whole service experience and what I am reading on this site that seems excessive? Noted the machine and stackable dryer are in a tight laundry closet.

  78. thanks, had the same issue with the code flashing, took the cover and cleaned out that junk, and we are back to washing cloths again

  79. Thank you so much for this checklist. I was out of town when this happened. May tag couldn’t send out a guy for a while (had to work with my wife’s schedule while I was out). Got in town for a day and went through your checklist. It was only the drain filter. Equally exciting, I found my wife’s missing bra pad. While it isn’t usable anymore, it had apparently stumped her for a couple of weeks now. Again, thanks for everything.

  80. THANK YOU!! This post was a Godsend to us! Was afraid we would have to pay for a service call! Found a lot of nastiness and $1.35 in change!

  81. My Whirlpool Duet Wfw94hexw1 also has the f9 e1 suds error. I completely cleaned the filter, hoses and drain boot at bottom of the drum by removing them and thoroughly,cleaning. I still have the errors so then I began purchasing parts. I have now replaced the pump, replaced electric control unit and lastly the hose from pump to back of washer and get same errors. Ran water thru black drain hose and put black hose to drain into the toilet on other side of wall and still have the errors. What could I be missing?

  82. I don’t seem to have the access panel. Is there another way to check that motor?

  83. Thank you for taking the time to make this post, it is not often service guys will give away some of their trade secrets it is most appreciated. As for some of the junk in the filter there was the usual suspects of lint and animal hair and was also filled with a $5 bill,over $3 in change and surprisingly 5 BULLETS WTF to that.
    thanx for the info Jason

  84. Thank you!

  85. Hello. I’ve cleared the drain and checked the hoses. All good. Is it difficult to replace the drain pupmp?

  86. Hi yes we have tried everything you have suggested an washer still stops in last spin. Tried running through cycles with no clothes, have leveled machine, cleaned everything and it still has the F9 E1 error on, any suggestion

  87. I have a Maytag 2000 series. Received the F9E1 code. Followed instructions & cleared the yuk from the filter. There wasn’t much there. Put it all back together & ran an empty load – no soap either. Received the same error code toward the end. Is it possibly the drain pump? If so, how do I replace that? I’m still very new at making repairs around here since my husband passed so any help is greatly appreciated!

  88. Thank you for posting this great info! This was my first attempt at any appliance repair. Your instructions were easy to follow and I was able to get my washer up and running in less than an hour.

  89. Just wanted to say thanks for posting this. You saved us $200 not to mention me having to tell my husband our bran new washer wasn’t working! So you may have saved a marriage lol.

  90. Wow you just saved me change literally! Cleared out the filter and had about $1 in change haha. Thank you for this, definitely helped out a lot. On took 10-15 minutes!

  91. Worked for me 100%. Two house keys, a nickel, a hair pin and a baby cloth in mine.

  92. Thank you so much! I found a mangled sock in the drain. The washer is working well after this 5 minute fix. I now know where lost socks go to die.

  93. I just wanted to stop by and Thank you, Matt! I wish I would have found your post along time ago. It would have saved me a lot of headaches trying to figure out how to tear down my mhw7000AG0. There wasn’t a technical manual inside either, I had to figure it out the hard way, trial and error =) I have had my washer apart more times than I would like to admit. We are still in the process of elimination stages. I have emptied the trap, cleaned both drain hoses (inside clear and outside black), replaced the pump (it had low voltage), pressure switch, door lock assembly and inspected the wires (there are no visual breaks). We are down to what I believe are the last two possibilities. The mcu (motor control unit) and or the ccu (central control unit). I think at this point I could’ve bought a new washing machine for the all the parts I’ve put into this one, ha ha. But the experience has been well worth it! I just wanted to let you know that it is awesome that you have taken you time to explain these “easy” steps to so many! What a great way to share your knowledge and a truly selfless act! You are awesome!!!

  94. I have the f9 e1 code by but my door won’t unlock. I unplugged it and still won’t unlook. What to do. Message me ASAP.

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