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Dec 122013

When a Samsung washer leaks in Aqua Jet mode you will notice water on the floor. Usually from what I have seen the water is noticed on the left side of the washing machine. If your floor is not level, you could notice on the right or in the front.

In the last two months I have seen 4 or 5 issues with Samsung top loading washers leaking in Aqua Jet mode. On two of the four the Aqua Jet was the issue. On the other two I had to replace the actual tub seal to resolve the customer complaint.

You can check and make sure that the Aqua jet is not cracked and is pointing towards the inside of the drum. I have seen where the bracket breaks and causes the Aqua jet to spray water up and over the tub. When that happens the water will hit the side of the cabinet and run down onto the floor.

It didn’t take very long to figure out where the leak was on both. I had the rear access panel removed and was watching for a leak. As soon as the valve kicked in and sent water to the aqua jet I saw water spraying up and over the tub. I removed the top and investigated and found the Aqua Jet head broken. The fix was to order and replace a new Aqua jet head.

The top of the washer needs to slide back and tipped up to replace the jet. Take note of the small clear hose on the back when tipping the washer back. The metal edges are very sharp and will cut right through the hose. It’s best to remove the small metal piece that protects the wires when tipping the top back. Doing so will prevent extra stress on the control board wires and also prevent the pressure switch hose from being sliced in two.

If you found the Aqua jet in good shape, then the tub seal would be the next step. The tub seal sits in the blue splash shield located on the top of the outer basket. It’s a small thin gasket that is pressed into the blue splash shield.

I have simply ordered the splash shield on the two that I’ve seen leaking because the seal is already in place and I know that way I went mess up the installation of the gasket. It can roll or not seat right inside the splash shield. Alleviating any potential call back means I make more money.

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  1. What is a part number for a aqua jet head? I called a parts place and they said there is no such part.

  2. I have a Samsung Top Load washer, model WA456drhdsu/aa, that leaks in the aqua jet mode. What are the part numbers I need to purchase to fix problem.

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