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Dec 132013

Edit: April 13th 2015

I hope you find this post helpful. It’s gained in popularity over the last few months. We have been inundated with a flood of questions and emails recently. Sorry for the late and tardy replies.

I wanted to update this post with the part number and a link where the drain clip to fix this issue can be purchased. The most popular question by far is what is the part number for the Samsung refrigerator defrost drain clip. Click here for Drain Clip


Is your Samsung refrigerator leaking into the crisper drawers or onto the floor?

Samsung Refrigerator Repair – Portland – Oregon

This is becoming more and more common on Samsung french door refrigerators and bottom mount freezers.

In this post the pictures are from a Samsung french door refrigerator. The same principals apply for Samsung bottom mount freezer and SXS refrigerators.

If you see water in the crisper drawers or leaking from the floor of the refrigerator onto the floor, the defrost drain line is most likely blocked. The defrost drain line is below the evaporator. To get inside to clear the defrost drain line, the back panel needs to come out. Once you have all the shelves out of the refrigerator it will look like the picture below.

Samsung Refrigerator French Door Model

Samsung Refrigerator French Door Model










On this particular model the back panel is secured to the back of the refrigerator with three screws and several small plastic clips. The two screws on the bottom which are visible and the one behind the small box shaped plug. The small plug pulls directly out and one screw is hidden behind it. Once the three screws are out the panel will pull out. On this model the panel has three plastic clips on both sides. Once the panel is out you will need to disconnect a couple wires. The wires that need to be disconnected are pictured below.

Accessing Samsung Refrigerator Evaporator Panel

Accessing Samsung Refrigerator Evaporator Panel

Now that you have all the shelves and back panel out of the refrigerator you will see the Evaporator and the defrost drain line that is below it. You will see ice build up in the small tray. This is the root of your Samsung refrigerator leaking problem. The 120v heater comes on and melts the frost of the evaporator every 8-10 hours. The water should go down the drain line but it’s not because it’s iced over. Below is what you will see if your refrigerator is leaking from the defrost drain line.

Blocked Samsung Refrigerator Drain Line

Blocked Samsung Refrigerator Drain Line







The defrost drain line should have a defrost drain clip already installed. If the defrost drain clip is installed already, it’s most likely the old style. The new style is about 3 inches longer and goes down the hole a bit farther to prevent the line from freezing over and water coming out into the crisper or onto the floor.

The best way to clear the line is hot water. A turkey baster works great to apply pressure to a small area. Once the drain line is clear, the old drain clip needs to be removed and the new clip installed. It’s actually very straight forward.

The clip goes on the defrost heater. Remove the old clip and position the new clip in it’s place. Make sure you bend the ends of the clip so that the clip is tight around the heater. Doing so will allow the heat transfer to happen properly which will prevent the drain line from freezing again. Once the defrost drain clip is installed correctly, it should look like the picture to the right.

Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Drain Clip

Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Drain Clip


Was this article helpful? Do you still need help? I’d love the opportunity to help you fix your Samsung Refrigerator leaking issue. If you need more technical help, please use the comment form below, or better yet sign up to our free appliance repair forum by clicking the link below.

Samsung Refrigerator Troubleshooting Forum



  189 Responses to “Samsung Refrigerator Leaking Into Crisper Drawer/Floor”

  1. Want to thank you so much for saving me $230+. Your step-by-step made this easy and I didn’t break anything in the process, lol. I should have read all the way through before starting this project; I didn’t realize I would need to install a new clip. No biggie though, the drain is pretty backed up so will probably need to thaw for the night and I guess I’ll run to Sears in the a.m. see if I can get one off of them (unless you have another suggestion). Thanks again!

    • Hi, Lisa, thanks so much for taking the time to leave your nice comment:) I’m glad you found the article helpful!

      Hope they were able to get you the new drain clip.


      • I have installed a new 3″ long clip and used boiling hot water to unblock the drain using a turkey baster and even used stiff copper wire to unblock the drain but cannot clear the blockage.
        The wire goes down about 6 inches an then will not go further. Any suggestion?my model an RF26XAEPN and has worked well for 6 years till now. Samsung advise to call in a service tech…..

        • Slide the unit forward unplug it remove the lower back panel. Take the grey tube off and remove the duck bill inside of it. Pour water down the hole and from the top to ensure it’s clear. Clear the duck bill all will be well.

      • Matthew
        Thanks, I have fixed the water leaks on my RB194abrs/xac, but I have another problem I’m having some ice behind the right vegetables tray, would you be able to help me on that Please ?


    • I have water leaking from the vent at the bottom of the fridge behind the bottom drawer. I read all the comments and instructions above, however my model is a side by side Samsung and NOT a french door. My model # is RS267LBUS/XAC. Could you offer instructions for my model? Thanks in advance.

      • Nancy, it sounds like you have the same issue but with a different model. The drain line also gets clogged on these models as well. Have you checked out where the water is coming from by removing the back panel behind the drawers yet?


    • Matthew,
      Thanks a ton for this information. The only thing that threw me was how to remove the old clip. It was riveted in place, luckily I have a small metal drill bit and then it just tore off. Easy. And btw, how on earth did the manufacture think that tiny old clip would conduct enough heat to keep the drain thawed.
      Thanks again,

      • Eric, you’re most welcome Sir. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it. Glad you’re back up and running. Good work.


    • Thanks Lisa for mentioning the fix clip in your post. I missed it when I was reading the solution to fixing the problem. Did you end up buying it and did it fix your problem permanently?

    • I’ve just repaired my Samsung fridge freezer after months of changing out towels under the bottom drawer of the fridge. Using your advice with a slight modification due to being a different model I found the problem and fixed with no issues.
      I just wanted to say thanks and encourage anyone else with this problem to give it a go.

      Very happy wife and a happy man.

      Thanks again.

    • I have the ice up issue in my Samsung fridge. I ordered the new drain clip, installed it and cleared the ice blockage with hot water. Have also cleared duck bill. I still have the ice return within a week of defrosting it. It doesn’t seem to be the drain clip because there is a small amount of water around the clip from when the heat cycle comes on, so it works. But there is ice everywhere else inside the panel. Do you have any other suggestions ?



  2. where can I buy the replacement clip thanks Dana

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      You can buy the part from any authorized Samsung parts center. Sears, Marcone, or reliable parts.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


  3. I called Sears and they said they don’t sell the clip by itself that I would have to buy the whole part that comes with it for $130. If anyone has the part number or knows where I can just get the drain clip I would be forever grateful.

    • Hi, you can get just the clip. You don’t need the evaporator to fix this issue. If you ordered the evaporator you would get the old clip on it.

  4. Thanks for the drain tip. Mine is stopped up now and I have to get the new clip to fix it. My other problem is the freezer on the bottom is frosting over almost like snow. Are these problems related?

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment. You’re very welcome.

      The “snow” problem has something to do with the seal or door being left open. If warm air gets inside and hits the cold air it creates condensation. Check the door seal if the door is getting shut.


      • They may be related. If the leak causes ice to build up in the bottom of the freezer, it can make the freezer drawer not close completely.

  5. Thanks for the info. I removed all (3) screws from the back panel but it does not fully pull away from the back. It is pretty tightly secured at the top near the circular TWIN COOLING section. It also feels like Styrofoam is breaking as I pull away the lower sections of the panel, as well. Any suggestions?

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      There is a hidden screw up near the top. You have to remove the small square plug and you will see one screw behind it. Once that is off the panel will come off. If the styrofoam is still feeling like its going to break try heating the back up with a blow dryer. You could also unplug it for a couple hours to let it thaw out so the ice melts off of it.

  6. The refrigerator crisper is got water and under them fills with water and it freezes what do I do

    • Hi, did you read the post above? I explained how to fix this issue in the post. After you read it let me know if you have more questions.


  7. My samsung bottom freezer leaks water in the crisper and under it and it freezes a solid sheet of ice on the bottom of the frig help its freezinf all my produce

  8. I have the same leaking problem with my Samsung French door refrigerator. We followed the instructions and photos (thanks-they were so helpful! We love the “how to” videos!)). However, I do want to get the new clip so that we do not continue to have this problem. What is the part number? We have a Sears near us so I will try to get it there. Thanks. Cathy

    • Cathy, thank you for taking the time to leave your comment. I appreciate it. I’m not at the shop right now. When I get back this week I will get the part number and post it here or write a new article and link that article here in your comment.


  9. Matthew, we’re in Texas and having the SAME problem. We will be anxious to know the part number for the clip, as well, when you have time to post it. This was SO helpful and so much appreciated! We have the RF267AASH model. Same problem. Glacier had formed under the crisper drawers. Thanks again.

  10. Thank you so much for the instructions on how to fix the fridge. I was ready to buy a new one. Could you please post the part number for the new clip?



  11. This article just got in my Top 5 of all time “Must Read” list! Thanks!

  12. thanks!!!! gave ,the information and made it very easy, thanks again

  13. Hi, Like the rest, I am very grateful for your expertise and assistance on helping us all with our Samsung problems. I am also having the “leak” going into the crisper. I was wondering if you were back in your shop and had the new clip part number? The closest Sears is about two hours drive so I would like to get the clip before I take the refrigerator apart.

    Many thanks,

  14. I have the same problem, water accumulating in both crisper drawers. Looking for the clip pn for model RF217ACWP

  15. Hi Matthew, +1 for part number please. De-icing would means a temporary fix. Another post also talked about sensor, so if you can also get the part number for it that would be great.


  16. The drain tube on my Samsung RS265 is totally plugged up and a repair man said no matter what he did, he could not unplug it and that I have to buy a new refrigerator. Seriously? There have to be other options to try!

    • Hey Jill,
      Did you ever get this fixed? I have a Samsung RS265TDRS which is a Side by Side and I noticed that water had leaked onto the bottom of the freezer and froze. The other day I noticed water coming out of the bottom of the fridge. I suspect there is a back up in the defrost tube but I am not sure how to take off the back panel. Any suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated!
      Thanks, Jon

  17. I’m so happy I found this forum! I’ve been having this problem with water pooling under the crisper drawers for a month or so and I just keep soaking up the water when it gets too much… Hopefully this fix will help! This might be a dumb question but do I need to unplug my fridge to do this fix? I don’t want to lose the stuff in the freezer.

  18. Hi,
    I have the same issue with my Samsung bottom mount freezer fridge and am about to tackle this issue this weekend. I was just wondering if I should unplug the fridge while doing this? It seems like it might take more than just a couple of minutes so I’m not sure what harm this might do to the motor?


  19. Just purchased a Samsung French door refrigerator from Home Depot 3 weeks ago (RS25H111SR) and I am having this problem. Most of the tape is still inside the refrigerator (SMH). My assumption is that this is under warranty and should be repaired at no cost to me.

    • Heather, thank you for taking the time to comment. Yes, the unit has a one year in home parts and labor warranty. You would need to have an authorized Samsung tech come out and make the repair for you.


  20. Thank’s Matthew, it is sad you pay for some thing to work and only works for 10 months before this water problem happens, thank’s again for the help in explaining how to fix it.

  21. Hi, I have a guestion about my side by side Samsung fridge, it’s two years old this month, the motor started running very loud about a month ago and now it’s leaking water onto the floor, can these two problems be related and will fixing the leak fix the noise problem, thanks

    • Hi, it’s very possible the two are related. You would need to get inside and have a look to verify. Sometimes the ice can get so thick it will build up and hit the fan causing some noise. You’re welcome.

  22. I have had the same water build up problem for months. I had a repair guy come in and he replaced the temperature sensor and the fan motor. Still got ice build up. Then I ordered the new “clip” part, defrosted the fridge again to get the drain working, installed the new clip. 4 weeks later the water is building up again. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I have the fridge temp at 38. I have only had this fridge for three years!! Help!

  23. Great write up! I just fixed my leaking samsung refrigerator with your help. I’d like to buy you a beer. Where’s the tip jar at?

  24. Thank’s Matthew,we ordered the part and installed it and the problem has been solved. However, shortly after my wife started to notice a foul smell in the refrigerator. She checked all the food containers and found nothing.

    Has anyone reported any similar issues after installing the extended drain clip? Any ideas on where else to look to find the source?

    Go Buckeyes – 2014 NCAA Football National Champions!

    • Hi, you’re very welcome. Glad that the write up helped you fix you Samsung refrigerator leaking problem. I’ve never heard or seen such an issue after installing the part. The part would’t cause a smell issue.


  25. Hi there, same issue with water build up. I don’t see the part number posted, can you please repost? Much thanks.

  26. Have the problem of water dripping into the crisper basket. Followed directions from above and took panel off. The hole under the clip in the refrigerator section is totally covered by a foam flap 1/8 of an inch thick. The freezer drain hole does not have this foam. Should the foam be there covering the drain hole? Should I remove the foam? The foam does allow water to go through, but remains wet.

  27. I have water leaking under my crisper drawers. Would this work for my Samsung side by side refrigerator? Any help you could give me would be great. Thanks!

  28. Matthew
    I never saw a part number for the new clip to solve the water issue in the crisper. Could you please post it or send me an email?



  29. Hello, Thank you so much for this forum!! I am hoping after trying this my fridge will no longer leak. I read through the comments and did not see the part number posted for the clip. I called Sears and they said they do not carry a “drain clip”. Can you please provide me the part number? Thank you in advance 🙂

  30. I have a similar problem with my French door bottom freezer . Full sheet of I ce built up under the freezer drawer and leaking water on to my floor on the left side of the refrigerator and can’t hardly open or close freezer door. Also building up frost inside of freezer. Are these symptoms of the same problem as the clip needing to be replaced ??

  31. Could I get part number for clip please .

  32. This was it! The back panel had frozen to the back of the fridge and there was some double sided tape used to adhere the insulation foam to the panel. The result was sore finger tips due to the huge pull required to separate the panel from the back of the fridge.
    No damage done, just some cracked foam. Now all I need is a new clip and another 10 minutes on the actual fix.

    Many Thanks…

    • Awesome. You’re most welcome. Glad this post helped you fix your Samsung Refrigerator Leaking issue. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It’s appreciated.


  33. hello
    I’m glad that this sounds like a simple fix, thanks for the info, but I am having a hard time finding the part as well. If you’re still there, please post the part # or what it is actually called

    • Hi, we added a link at the top of this post with the defrost drain clip. See the “Click Here” for link to the samsung defrost drain clip.


      • I have Samsung RFG298 series and have a leak in cooling select pantry tray. You have posted how to fix it but everyone is asking where to find new clip and part# and I never see a response. Can you tell me where to find clip. Thank You!

  34. I have gotten all of the ice melted away and replaced the panel. Thought the issue was over until the fridge will not cool below 70. I have ordered a couple replacement parts but thought I’d check to see if anyone might know what could be going on now. My thought is the ice burned something out.

    • Hi, the first thing I would look at is the fan. If the fan motor burned out, this would happen. Keep us updated.


  35. I have the same issue with Samsung model RF260BEAESR.
    The clip reference in the article says it is not compatible with this model.
    Is there an alternative part?

    I am getting water in the RH crisper drawer and under the drawer.

    • HI, thank you for taking the time to comment. This clip is the only clip that I’m aware of.


  36. Kindly email the new clip part number.

    Thank you.

    • Paul, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. At the top of the page there is a link to the part number. Click on the “Click Here” at the top of the post to see and purchase the drain clip.


  37. Thank you sooooo much for this post. My husband and I followed your instructions, ordered the part and were able to fix the problem. I am grateful for people like you that help like that.

    Again thank you.

    • You’re most welcome. Happy to help. Glad you guys got it fixed. Good work. Thank you for leaving such an awesome comment.


  38. Hi Matt,

    I just want to verify that I’m diagnosing the right problem. I have a Samsung french door fridge model rf267abrs. The water is pooling at the bottom of the fridge under the cool select pantry drawer but we can’t see exactly where the water is coming from. We do know its coming from the back left side on the back wall of the fridge. We didn’t even know we had a leak until it started to spill out onto the floor. The post above stated the water was in the crisper.

    • Hi, you’re on the right track. The water can be inside the crisper or under the drawers. Once you have the panel apart you’ll see right away the problem looks just like described/pictured above.



    My Samsung refrigerator (Model # RF217ACPN) came with the house I bought two years ago. Everyone always commented about the great appliances that came with the house. Until about 2 months ago, the refrigerator worked beautifully … then I started seeing water in and under the vegetable drawers. I thought the source was the 2.5 gal bottled water jugs with spigots (sometime leak) that I always keep on one of the shelves but I soon learned the leak had nothing to do with these jugs.

    I spent a great deal of time online researching the water leak problem in my Samsung refrigerator.

    Your post is the only post or YouTube video that addresses the actual problem.

    Thank you so much for this information. I ordered the inexpensive clip through your link and it took only a few days to arrive.

    After unplugging the fridge, I just replaced the clip without any problem … although I did not disconnect the wires under the panel as I propped up the panel on an appropriately sized block.

    Finally, during my research I learned that there are >1400 complaints about these refrigerators on the Consumer Affairs website. A good lesson learned … do your research before purchasing anything!

    • Hi, I’m glad the information in the article was useful/helpful to you. That’s awesome you were able to use the information contained in the post and fix your Samsung refrigerator leaking problem. Thank you for taking the time to leave such an awesome comment. I appreciate it.



      • I have the same problem with water under the crisper and need the part number of the defrost drain clip.

        Thank you for your help with this problem.

    • I have this same fridge and problem. What is the clip part # and where did you buy? Thanks

      • Hi, at the top of this page is a link to the drain clip.


        • I did the clip replacement/upgrade a cpl of months ago & was happy that the problem was solved – but bam, it has reoccured – water back collecting in the right hand crisper drawer. What now I wonder?

          • Hello, that’s very odd. I would inspect the original area for leaks. The water tanks on these are known for freezing and cracking also which would cause the water to pool in the bottom under the crispers..


  40. I am waiting for my Samsung repairer as I sit here reading your comments, same issue as everyone else. Our Fridge was bought in 2012, we bought a new for old replacement warranty so we will see what they say. I would wonder seeing this is such a common issue why Samsung isn’t not making an upgrade to their clips on these fridges.

    • Hi, sorry to hear about your Samsung refrigerator trouble:( Yes, this is a very common appliance repair on these refrigerators. They have a new style clips that is longer. They say it fixes this leaking refrigerator issue. I hope the appliance repair guy was able to fix your refrigerator. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it.



      • Thanks, the repairer actually didn’t turn up, and we also heard the ACCC is also involved with Samsung. We are not getting it repaired unless they can give us written proof this will never happen again, as we have a replacement warranty and if we repair it we loose our replacement option. No more Samsung fridges for us.

        • Hi, you’re most welcome. Happy to help. I totally understand what you’re saying. Good luck with your Samsung refrigerator repair.



    My Samsung refrigerator (Model # RF217ACPN) has this problem and I scoured the internet to learn how to fix the problem and your post is the only actual fix I found. Thank you so much for this information! I ordered the inexpensive new clip and it arrived in just a few days. I easily installed the clip today and so far so good! In addition, the refrigerator isn’t making all the noise it typically makes!

    BTW, on the Consumer Affairs website there are >1400 complaints about these refrigerators! Do your research before purchase!

    • Hi, You’re most welcome. Happy to help. Glad you found the information in the post helpful. Thank you for taking the time to leave such an awesome comment. I appreciate it.


  42. I have the fridge as well and same problem occurred. Your post is really helpful and I will use this information to fix it as well. Just curious though if it is a problem with all of them wouldn’t Samsung fix this issue or do a compensation to cover someone to come fix it? Thank you!!

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I’m not honestly sure how it would/will work. You’re most welcome. Happy to help.


  43. Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving us a lot of money… We have a Samsung RB195BSSW, and while your advice was mainly for other models, the same worked for us (with different plastic parts in places). Cleaned the drainage tubes in the back, deconstructed the bottom freezer to defrost the insides, dried it out, hooked it up, and it’s running beautifully.

    We are very grateful… We will keep your page bookmarked!

    • Hi, you’re most welcome. Happy to help:) Glad you found the information in this post helpful. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it.


  44. Great post, you’re a stud. Installed the new clip, kept draining into the crisper. So we removed food, shelves, back panel (inside), unplugged fridge, doors open. It seems thoroughly defrosted now, but water is still pooled up in the pan where the clip is. Is this a plugged drain tube? Thoughts/suggestions?

    • LOL! Thanks. Sounds like the defrost drain line did not get defrosted all the way. Did you pour hot water down the line until it was clear? If not, do so to clear it. Sometimes you have to slide the refrigerator forward and remove the small drain tube on the back and clean it out. The very end of it gets clogged with debris.


      • OK Matt, that was it! About 6″ up from the drain pan at the bottom is a fitting with 1″ of tube crimped to a V shape but perforated with two holes. It comes right off, simple stuff. These small holes were clogged with a TINY amount of mold/scum. Clearing that caused immediate draining of the upper pan. My girlfriend thinks I’m a hero, thanks for the help a keep up the good work!

        • Awesome!! Glad you got it fixed “Hero”! Glad you got it handled boss. Thanks for the update.


        • Mike,

          Thanks for your follow-up post. We too were getting water collecting in the bottom of the refrigerator. Ice build up appeared to be minimal, but all the articles and videos pointed to the the evaporator drain line ‘icing-up’. So following the procedure I’d poured tons of hot water in and sucked it out to no avail.

          Many articles spoke to running a copper wire from the heating element down into the drain hole to keep the drain hole from freezing. So I had my copper wire ready. After an hour of running hot water down the drain hole I tried sliding the wire down, and could easily get 18″ of wire down into the hole.

          I knew it had to be something further down, but no posts out there tell you where the hell the water goes once it goes down the evaporator drain hole. With your help, I popped the back off, and too found the right side drain fitting was clogged up with shit.

          So to clarify for others. On the back of the refrigerator, you want to removed the lower panel. There are two soft, vertical drain hoses that pull off easily. At the top of these drain hoses is a white, rubber fitting. It’s that rubber fitting that is shaped like a V, with the two holes that get clogged up.

          For reference, I have an RF266AEWP (French doors up top, freezer below).

          Many, many thanks!

  45. Thanks Matt, this was great info! Wish I had looked at this before I called the service guy out, cost me $134, but he wanted another $135 to install this little clip, which my husband just did after reading your article. Here is my question to you and everyone out there who has had this problem (it sounds like a lot) has anyone called Samsung and tried to get them to pay for this? First thing tomorrow morning I am calling and I’m going to try and get my $135 back! This should have been a recall! This should not be at our expense or even our time! Please let me know if anyone has gotten anywhere with Samsung. Thanks again Matt!

    • Hi, you’re most welcome. Happy to help. I honestly do not know. I just fix appliances I do not get into the politics. Glad your refrigerator is back up and running. Thanks for taking the time to say thanks. I appreciate it.


  46. I have water in the refrigerator and in the freezer and the floor. Followed the directions and looked for ice build up around the evaporator and there was none. Put hot water down drain hole just a few ounces and it went down easily. Will leave it unplugged for 12 hours before turning back on. Is there something else to check while its pulled out and open. Thanks for your help!

    • Hi, the only other thing I can think of is the water tank. The tank could have a small crack/hole?


  47. Thanks for this! I’ve had this fridge for only 2.5 years and have already had multiple problems with it, whereas I never had any problems with my Kenmores in the previous 15 years. I will NEVER buy a Samsung fridge again!

  48. Hi, I just Bought a Samsung RF197ACRS from a Best Buy Appliance warehouse sale- good deal or so i thought at $ 800 for the Fridge, but realize i should have done my research first. The Fridge only has the standard 1 year manufacturers warranty, wondering if there has been any recent design changes to address the leaking, and if not can I call Samsung to get them to replace the drain clip and sensor before problems start? any advice would be really appreciated.

  49. Thank you for the tutorial. I think even I will be able to follow it. My problem is finding the part number for the drain clip. When I went to the link for the part number, it said that it is not compatible with my fridge model which is RS267LBSH/XAA-000. It shows me a diagram for my model but I can’t find the part. Could you help me out? Thanks, Karen

  50. This is a great tutorial. Easily put in the new clip. Fingers crossed!

  51. Thank you so much for your information on how to fix this problem. We have a Samsung french door refrigerator RF267 that we purchased in November of 2010 and have recently begun to have water collect then freeze under the deli drawer and leak into the freezer drawer creating ice on the right side of the drawer. I called Samsung to report the problem and see if they might possibly help due to the numerous similar complaints by other customers, but they were of no assistance…other than encouraging me to buy an extended warranty. Yeah, right!!! We will be ordering the clip you recommended and hope this fixes our problem. (Live and learn—we replaced our 30 year-old Kenmore refrigerator with this one thinking it would be a good buy. Next time we’ll go back to Kenmore.)

  52. I’m am so glad I stumbled upon this article. Thank you so much for posting it. We had this problem fixed before while under warranty, but the serviceman told us it was an insulation problem around the evaporator. This job took all of 20 minutes with a philips head screw driver and a set of needle nose pliers and a turkey baster. It was exactly as described, the drain hole was iced over. After a few minutes of warm water squeezed into the drain, it cleared right out. A quick cleaning and popping the new clip on, and problem solved. Great, detailed “how to” article. Thanks again for the posting.

  53. Hi,

    Thank you for the explanation. The only thing (until now): where do you find the third screw. I can see a small box shaped plug that I can pull out but when you open it, the manufacturer put some kind of foam. When I remove this, I can see something that looks like ice, but I can’t really scrape it.

    Also, is it normal that the manufacturer put isomo behind the back panel? Or should I remove it?

    Thank you for your urgent reply (it’s getting hot in here and I all of the products are out of the fridge).

    Kind regards,
    Sonja Van Hoof

    • Yes, I had the same problem. The screw is there it is just iced over. Just throw some hot water at it and it will appear

  54. Matt———you’re the Guru of Samsung Fridges!

    Your fix was the only one I could find that had the complete story
    After squirting hot water into the drain hole a few times, the blockage was still there.
    So——-I went back to all your answers——–and there it was———–the drain tube at the back could be blocked!
    I took the back grill off and checked the tube———yep, it was clogged with crap.
    Cleaned that out and got it all back together again.

    The only change I made was to knock a thick copper wire flat and clamp that tightly onto the heater element. I made it quite a bit longer referring to your posts. Seeing that copper is a really good conductor of heat, it should work, don’t you think?
    The Samsung dealer here knew nothing about a new clip!

    Thank you so much for spending a chunk of your time resolving all the problems for us old strugglers!

    With appreciation & gratitude,

    Bonnie Doon
    South Africa

    • You’re most welcome. Glad you found the information useful. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a nice comment.



  55. Thanks for the advice on how to fix the problem. Rather than purchasing the replacement part I just made my own so hopefully it does the trick.

    I also noticed the water drained away but didn’t make it all of the way down to the tray where it is evaporated away. The pipes that feed into the tray were all scummy and blocked.

    Thank you again for the help. It was spot on and hopefully I can get another couple years before I need to do it all over again. Its not ideal but its a good motivator to clean the fridge and throw out all of those expired condiments.

    • You’re most welcome. Happy to help. Good working making your own and getting it installed. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.


  56. Hi Matt! I read your post and all the comments. I am having the exact same problem with water leaking into my left hand side vegetable drawer and under both drawers where the water build up usually freezes. I checked the link you posted re part no. and there is a space where is says to key in my model number to see if that part is compatible with my fridge…it says it is not. Any suggestions? My fridge is model #RF197ACRS, date of manufacture Feb 2013 and we have had it less than 2 years. Or, should I just go ahead and order the part you are suggesting and then get my husband to follow your detailed instructions (which are fabulous by the way). Thanks in advance!! Maureen (Toronto)

    • Hi, sorry for such a tardy reply. You have a bottom mount freezer french door yet right? The clip works on bottom mount french door refrigerators. Did you guys go ahead and order/install the clip already?



  57. Hi. I have defrosted my fridge/drain before and it worked for about 2 weeks. I just read through every one of these posts and obviously I need to get that new drain clip. I didn’t ever see the part number. Could you please email me that? I’m so frustrated with having to put towels in my fridge drawers!

    Thank you!


  58. Hi Matt,

    I had this problem before and had it serviced (I have an extended warranty) last year and I just noticed that this issue is happening again this evening. Is it possible that they replaced the drain line with the older model, hence the leaking happening once again? I have to call them out a second time for another problem and I’m wondering if I should find out what part they are using to replace it. Is there a specific part designator I can use to make sure they’re using the new 3″ clip instead of the smaller one?

    Thank you,

    J. Jones

    • Hi, thank you for talking the time to comment. I honestly have no idea what they did or used so I can not say. They could have just cleaned the hole and not replaced any parts. That’s what a lot of techs did before the part came out.


  59. Hi, I have a Samsung RF267 Series French Door Refrigerator which is leaking water under the deli tray. I can’t seem to locate the actual model number. Can you help me with a part number? We’ve been putting up with the problem for probably 2 years, defrosting it every 6 months or so. We love the french door concept and don’t want to purchase another refrigerator at this time.

  60. I have the same problem (vege drawers filling with water) but with a Kenmore 592659230 bottom freezer model. Can I assume its the same problem and I need to replace the drain clip?? Many thanks!

  61. I have a Samsung RF267ABRS french door bottom freezer refridge that needed the clip replaced, and your fix worked great!! I found that the hair dryer routine to be helpfull and patience a virtue while allowing the ice behind the back wall to thaw.The foam insulation is a bit sticky when frozen.
    Your pictures were spot on and I thank you very much for your complete and detailed instructions.
    I did go one step further in that I installed 2 clips,there was plenty of room, and I don’t want to have to do that again.
    Thanks so much,
    J Franke

    • Awesome! Glad you also took the information and used it to your advantage. Good work. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.


  62. Dear Matthew. Since the day we purchased our Samsung French Door refrigerator it has accumulated water under the crisper drawers. This water then turned to ice and had to be chipped up and soaked up with towels about every other day. Food was freezing and I ended up throwing away so many vegetables it was disgusting. I finally took out the crisper drawers and used plastic bins with towels on the bottom to help keep food from freezing. I cursed out Samsung daily.
    I searched the internet frequently for the reason and a fix, to no real avail other than spending hundreds of dollars for a possible fix by a repair man.
    hen last week I found this forum.
    We ordered the new clip and my husband followed your directions exactly. For the first time since we bought this fridge (3 or 4 years ago) the bottom is dry and there is no ice.
    I can honestly say, Matthew, that there are no words to thank you as this two and half dollar clip will save hundreds of dollars in frozen/rotten vegetables over the coming years.
    As an aside, I could not believe how small the original clip was – you would think their engineers would know the damage it would do.
    Thank you, again, and may God Bless You for eliminating so much of my daily frustration.

    • AWESOME COMMENT! You just made my day. I’m happy to help. I’m happy you guys took the information and used it to your advantage. You did save several hundred by making the repair yourself as well. Again thank you for taking the time to leave such an awesome comment.

      I would like to email you and ask a few questions about the site from a visitors standpoint. Would that be alright? If you’d rather not, no worries.



  63. Hi Matthew, I have been reading the instructions on fixing the leak in the crisper drawer, do you think the drain clip you have linked would also work for a Samsung RSH1NBRS1 as I seem be have the same problem, which started after an engineer fixed the freezer side, which had stopped freezing.

    Thank you

  64. Hi Matt,

    Great Instructions & Thank You for helping me to fix this fridge!

    I have the removing the Samasung RF323TEDBSR/AA and I have a question about removing the Cool Select Pantry. Do I need to remove the entire water filter assembly & Cool Select Pantry to access the center screw on the back panel?

    I took oout the glass shelf above the Cool Select Pantry and was able to unscrew the other two bottom screws, but I’m worried about breaking something getting to the middle one. Any suggestions?

    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. You’re most welcome. Happy to help. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been on vacation:) Hope you figured it out.


  65. Hi Matthew,

    same symptoms – water in deli drawer and underneath with model rfg298hdrs. Found the plugged drain tube in the back, cleaned out the plugged part and reassembled yesterday, thinking that I was free and clear. But, this morning there is again a little puddle of water in and underneath the drawer (yett he drain works fine). What’s the next thing to try?

    Thanks for helping us all out – you’re a saint.


    • Jens, thank you for taking the time to comment. It sounds like the line was not cleared all the way? Did you clean the duck bill in the rubber tube on the back yet? That might be worth a shot. You may need the new defrost drain clip to fix this issue though.


  66. Hi Matt, thank-you for the insight on the water leaking problem.For a mere $4.97 and about 30min of work I was able to solve this problem but now what is happening is our vegetables are freezing, we don’t have the drawer loaded up and were following the settings from the manual, so my ? is ,Has anybody on this forum have this problem occur to them…haven’t found any solution yet.

    Thanks Patrick

  67. Hi Matthew,

    Your instructions and advise are a godsend. The instructions were very easy to follow and I ordered the part in advice; $4.00. The total time to replace was approximately 10 minutes. The only thing I suggest others to do is have a very small drill bit to remove the old defrost clip. You can not remove it with a phillips screwdriver. Until I replaced the clip, I stopped using the crispers because my vegatables and fruit would be runied.

    Thank you very much!!!!!!!


  68. Same problem with our Samsung. Purchased in 2011 with extended warranty. They have come out four times. We are getting our money back and need to purchase another fridge. Love Samsung but I’m afraid to purchase another one. Was this problem remedied on newer models. Thinking about Whirlpool or Kitchen Aide. Thoughts ??


  69. Do you think that I should replace the defrost sensor while I have it torn down. I have seen other YouTube videos and they are replacing the sensor not the clip . My is a RF268ABRS and i have seen the water leaking. Please let me know. Thank for your help and a excellent website.

  70. Hi Matt,

    Your information seems like it should help us out with the problem we’ve been facing with our refrigerator. Before we dive in, do you happen to know if this clip is compatible with model RF26HFENDSR?

    Thanks for your help!

  71. […] The defrost drain line defrost drain clip installed. defrost drain clip installed , ’ style.. Samsung Refrigerator Leaking Into Crisper Drawer/Floor …Amana | frequently asked questions, Use directions type refrigerator. note: refrigerator types. type […]

  72. You are awesome. you saved me money and aggravation and I thank you for that.
    as a continuation of your post, I was wondering after fixing my fridge if something similar can happen in the bottom freezer.
    Thank you

  73. Hi, same problem with the water leaking onto floor and under drawer and freezing.
    Would this also be the cause of my water dispenser suddenly not working anymore?
    Thanks for any advice.

  74. This repair was easy enough to do . The only trouble I experienced was pulling the cover off . The top screw hole was frozen solid . Had to defrost the screw hole to get to the screw . Cover appeared to be stuck , hopefully in ice . Got the cover off , cut the old clip , installed new one, and replaced the cover . Used Vaseline on the screw in case it gets frozen in again . Now it’s wait and see if the problem is solved .

  75. Thanks so much Matthew, this totally worked and I was able to remove all the ice. I also didn’t read all the way through and haven’t replaced the clip. Do you think I’ll definitely need it?

    Also, do you know where the drain runs too? I’m curious because we don’t have the fridge hooked up to a water pipe. When we bought our house we didn’t realize the previous owner had it set up like this. Wondering if I’m going to need to get a plumber in here to hook it up to a water supply.

    Thanks again. Very helpful!!!



  76. Hi I would like to thank you for this article as I was ready to buy a new fridge. I made a new clip myself by cutting one from an old tin. The fridge has not leaked a drop or missed a beat, fixed it 2 months ago.
    Thanks again.

  77. Hello Matt! Thanks for write up. My Samsung refrigerator model # RFG237 series is accumulating water under the crisper drawer, just like you described and many home owners had indicated the same. It is certainly Samsung’s extremely poor quality design to have a 4 year old refrigerator leak like this.

    I am experiencing a variant of this leak since I don’t find the condensation drain having any ice build up to block it. Poring water on top of the drain line, I can hear water making it all the way to the bottom tray collector. When I pulled the foam panel out, there are water marks on it that are indicating that water is leaking through it as if the condensation is not making it to the drain clip. Is is possible that replacing the drain clip or defrost sensor has anything to do with it? I am at the loss as to what can be causing the leak in the first place. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  78. We have the french door style fridge. rfg298aars We are not having any problems with the fridge freezing up or veggie bin water – our problem is only under the fridge – which makes us believe that it is the freezer. To follow these directions for the freezer, do we still remove the back panel in the fridge portion? Or follow these directions in the freezer? Thank you!

  79. Hi,
    I’ve defrosted my fridge but I can’t get the styrofoam off. It looks like they taped it in. I got all 3 screws out but can’t get the styrofoam out without potentially breaking it. It looks like it’s double sided taped in. Any suggestions? I saw someone had this problem…

    • It’s stuck because it’s frozen to the evaporator. I put the fridge in demo mode and used a blow dryer on cool for a couple of hours to thaw it out enough to get it out. Once thawed, the cover and Styrofoam comes right out. I found I could pull the plastic cover away enough to get the end of the blow dryer between the cover and the back of the fridge. This really helped. Also, shut the fridge doors and the cabinet will warm up faster too. Good luck.

  80. Thanks for the help , one question , my fridge ( 850gldi) has a gauze over the hole , can I remove this ?
    Is seems to slow the water right down from draining
    Cheers Wayne

  81. Thanks for your detailed informative information. Your information seems like it should help us out with the problem we’ve been facing with our daughter’s refrigerator. Before we dive in, do you happen to know if this clip is compatible with model #RF 197ACRS.
    Many thanks!

  82. Hello – we were having the same issue with our year old french door refrigerator and bought your drain clip and followed the directions and it fixed the problem … however two months later the issue is back! Any tips how to fix it permanently? We love the style of the fridge (with the freezer on the bottom) but have been extremely disappointed that this brand has such an inconvenient defect.

    • Hello. I just ordered the drain clip and plan to install it. Did you try anything else as a permanent fix?

      • We haven’t tried anything else permanently at this point.

        The drain clip (offered on this site) works great. But you do need to wait a while for the back panel to thaw before you can remove it and get to the inside where the clip is. The idea is the longer clip conducts enough heat to keep the system running (and not freezing up). Unfortunately, since ours still froze up (and dripped water into the crisper) after only 2 months after installing the clip, we are concerned that the defrost system itself is also faulty. So frustrating! We basically just defrosted the fridge at this time and will keep a close eye on it. The clip was still in place after we opened it up this second time, so that’s why we are also questioning the defrost line. And I read in my warranty that Samsung won’t honor the parts warranty if the panel has been tampered with — so of course they seem to have covered the bases in leaving their customers on their own to deal with their poorly functioning appliance. 🙁

  83. This has been so helpful. I have everything ready however I cannot figure out how to remove the old drain clip. Looks like it is bolted on there and isn’t user accessible. Does anyone know how I can remove the clip?

    • Hi Sarah, I believe my husband wasn’t able to get the old one off either but he was able to push it to the side and install the new one in its place. Good luck!

  84. Maybe it goes without saying, but order the part and make sure it is delivered before you start taking apart the fridge. We struggled with removing the shelf immediately above the crisper drawers, but we finally figured out that there are plastic pressure clips on either side of the front middle support towards the top and if you depress those simultaneously and pull the whole shelf forward, it pops out. Also,we needed some kind of bolt cutter or wire cutter to cut the old clip off. The new one can be wrapped on with your fingers, but a needle-nose pliers was handily on stand-by. The whole process took us about 6 hours, but most of that was waiting for it to defrost. Thank you to Matthew and all the previous comment posters for your advice. We aren’t particularly handy people, but with your help we completed the job. As soon as the beer is cold, we’ll crack them open and toast you all.
    P.S. As with many amateurs, we had pieces left over and couldn’t figure out where to put them. They were a pair of small white square plastic clips, and since they broke, we just figured to leave them out and hope that it doesn’t matter. Hopefully they were cosmetic…

    • Hi, Thanks for taking the time to leave such an awesome comment! I really appreciate it..it means a lot. Crack that beer and have the second one for me..


  85. Can I just unplug the fridge to let it defrost on the fridge side of the Samsung rf217acrs

  86. Hi, I have a similar problem with my Samsung fridge. I removed the evaporator plate, but did not see any ice. I tried pouring some water down the drain and it seemed to flow with no problem or blockages. The leak persists and seems to almost be coming from between the metal and plastic of the evaporator plate that was removed (or water is missing the drain). Does that make sense? It seems some old aluminum tape on the inside of the evaporator plate is quite worn and ripped, plus there is obvious rust.

    Thanks for your help! Cheers, Kyle

  87. Thank you very much for posting this. This will be the forth time we will have taken our fridge apart to “defrost” it. It does fix the issue for about 6 months to a year. This time we have now ordered the new drain clip so we won’t have to do it again! Much appreciated.

  88. I ordered the part from Sears (took 4 days to get) and had the new clip in place in about an hour. I did have to drill out the rivet which held the old clip in place. In addition to the hot water and turkey baster I blew hot air from a hairdryer into the hole, and it unfroze after about 15 minutes of fooling with it. So hopefully the new clip will do the job. Thank you very much Matthew!!

  89. Awesome instructions. I knew this little clip was the problem as soon as I finished reading the post and was able to get the part from amazon in just a few days for about $5.00. Appreciate the clarity of the instructions and the pictures, very helpful. Took me longer to empty the fridge and clean it than the repair took. Please keep this post up to help others

  90. I had an EC 50 message in my Sub-Zero 611 so I cleaned the condenser. The temp is running high – fluctuating between 43 – 50. The freezer is fine, the fan is running, and the door seal is tight. I don’t see any frost so I’m at a loss as to what the problem is. Any help is appreciated!

  91. Great information; I have a Samsung model 26tABBP with the similar frost line problem. Ordered new clip (per the p/n you gave out). Just did the installation and all is well. THANK YOU.

  92. Ok. Defrosted but drain won’t drain. Feels like there is a disconnect about 4-6 inches up fromduckbill. I can run wire down from evaporator all the way to there then it stops and same from below.
    What gives (gave)?

  93. My Samsung refrigerator had the same problem. Had the extended warranty and the factory authorized repairman didn’t remove the old drain line clip. Instead he fit the new longer clip over the old one and folded the two ears over the heater element. He also replaced the defrost sensor saying something about an updated unit. The refrigerator has worked fine ever since.

  94. My bad. Forgot I’d already contributed a comment on May 1, 2016 at 3:35 pm. Please delete.

  95. I am having a problem with water under the bottom drawers, I read your fix for the problem, good advice.
    I am curious, when the water drains where dos it go? I have looked at the back and do not see a drain. Hope you can help me, Or am I missing something that should be obvious.

  96. we removed back panel of refrigerator and cleaned the drain tube and duck bill valve and miracle of miracle, the problem of water in our crispers was solved. We had no problem with ice build up just water draining

  97. Where do I get a clip for model# RF217ACPN from dorene bell thank you. This problem is really bugging me as my fridge is only three years old this shouldn’t happen

  98. Samgsung RFG296HDRS french door style with same prob as above. Replaced defrost clip with the longer one. Drains freely from there through the duck bill at back, bottom. Leak persists, although to a lesser degree. Noticed a 2nd drain tube with duckbill in the back a few inches from the 1st, but don’t know what it drains.

  99. I have a RF266AEWP/XAA Samsung refrigerator that is having the exact problem of water leaking that you are describing. Will this part work for my refrigerator?
    Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you =)

    – Denise

  100. Does the new clip need to be fasten anywhere since the old clip was riveted?

  101. Hi i`ve had the problem with are frig. Thanks for your helpful tips , was easy to replace the part.. lets see how well it works.

  102. I could see the ice build up coming out of the vents. I followed the above instructions and back to normal. Thank you! Saved me a ton of money!

  103. I only seem to get water in my crisper tray after I change my filter

  104. Hi Matt,
    I cannot thank you enough for the money you just saved me. My son was able to fix the Samsung. You are so wonderful. I’m single and did not have the money to call a technician. The new pin was only 7.00 dollars. We installed a week ago, and I just checked – no leaks !!!! I am so so happy. I can’t believe my son was able to fix, he is 37 ,
    as we dont know much about appliances. Thank you for the time you spent to help so many people. I cannot thank you enough. God bless you Matt !!!!!
    Have a great day, Mary Wiggins

    • Hi Mary, Thank you for leaving such a kind comment. I really appreciate it. Glad I was able to help you fix that samsung refrigerator and save a few bucks at the same time.

      All the best,


      • Hi Matt, it’s Mary again. Now I have frost building up in the air holes on the back wall. What could be causing that. I checked all I could , moved the refrigerator out from the wall. Not sure what’s causing this, please help again. Thank you !!@

  105. Thanks – I have an apt. building with three of these fridges. 1st floor had the worst symptoms, 3rd floor had no symptoms and middle floor and some symptoms.

    Had repair guy fix 1st floor – as I was out of town. I fixed 2nd floor as per your guidance – and I wanted to say THANKS!

    Seems like a class action issue.

  106. Dear Matt,
    Thanks so much for sharing your expertise! I’m yet another grateful viewer who was able to fix my fridge for just the cost of the new clip and a couple hours of my time…well, OK, my *and* my husband’s time. It was easier with two of us–we couldn’t get the wires disconnected, so one of us held up the back panel (still attached just by the wires) while the other worked on the clip. So far, so good…24 hours later and there’s no mini glacier under our crisper drawers like before.

  107. Hi Matt,

    Thank you for your detailed description. Part sent was cheep, the install was thrilling, and a first. Almost gave up, as foam behind the 3 screws was a bit stubborn. But I prevailed with renewed strength, after re reading your steady instructions.
    I am so proud of myself, and of you, of coarse. Blessings to you and your family~

  108. Awesome help – thank you to Matt and also to the commenters who gave additional context! I wanted to pass along a few more tips:

    – A medicine dropper/syringe worked GREAT in a pinch to blast out the drain area with hot water – I didn’t have a baster but I do have two kids so tons of these children’s Tylenol droppers around.

    – A pair of long steel circular knitting needles heated up for a few minutes by the blow dryer worked PERFECTLY to clear the drain line inside the fridge, which was all iced up.

    – You can pop off the old clip just by working a flathead screwdriver back and forth underneath the rivet.

    – The entire panel is attached to the styrofoam, so try to take it all off in one piece! I felt like I was going to ruin it but you just kind of have to coax it out.

    – Oh, and I took the advice of another poster and cleaned out the duck bills and the two white hoses in the back panel of the fridge (take off the back panel and pull out the white hoses). That drain tray was GROSS, and also helped diagnose where the blockage was, as the bottom drain hoses were dry as a bone.

    I feel like a super star for doing this myself – yay!!!

  109. Just finished putting it all back together. It appears that all is good. Did have to take the lower back panel off as duck bill was plugged. I’m guessing that’s what started all this but who knows. Thanks for the help!

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